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Peer Resource Network

Peer Resource Network (PRN) of Linfield College-Good Samaritan School of Nursing connects a community of past, present, and future nursing students in an effort to instill confidence and ease transitions by providing support, guidance, and inspiration while fostering the core values of nursing.

The Peer Resource Network (PRN) is a mentoring program that helps mentees better identify with the culture of nursing school including communicating with faculty, student involvement opportunities, and campus resources in order to have a successful first semester.

Meet Your Mentors

Sophie Butigan

I am a mentor because I know
firsthand how many questions
and worries new students have, and
I believe the whole Linfield community
has a responsibility to help each other

Ashley Desautel

I'm a mentor because I want to
assist my mentees in discovering
themselves as people, building
their character as students, and
maximizing their potential as

Emily Huber

I am a mentor because when
beginning a new journey, it's
always nice to have a friend to go
to when questions arise or when you
just need someone to talk to!

Araceli Martinez

I'm a mentor because as a
mentee, I appreciated having
an experienced student to lean on,
and I want to continue the tradition.

Ana Gutierrez

Ana’s introduction is
coming soon!

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