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Video Conference Facilities

There are video conference facilities on both the Portland and McMinnville campuses of Linfield College. They provide the means for small and medium-sized meetings and classes to be conducted together at both sites.

In McMinnville, Riley Hall room 201 is the preferred location for a video conference. A network connection for video conferencing is also available in Riley Hall room 210. Please contact EMS for additional McMinnville locations.

In Portland, classroom PH106 has a video conference system installed in it. The other common location for a video conference is the Peterson Hall Conference Room. Video conferences may also be scheduled into other classrooms and conference rooms.

Scheduling a video conference between the Portland and McMinnville campuses requires arranging rooms and video conferencing equipment on both campuses. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to contact the appropriate parties at both sites. Please see the contact information below.

Contact Information

Room Schedule Conference Services
Spencer Ellis x2448
Portland Room Reservations
Allison Horn x37189
Video Conference
Andy Lockhart x2264
Information Technology
Leitha Heine x36382
When calling from Portland to McMinnville, dial 864 plus the four-digit extension, e.g.864-2264
When calling from McMinnville to Portland, dial 3 plus the five-digit extension, e.g 3-36382