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Audio-Visual Equipment

The IT department has audiovisual equipment that can be reserved for and delivered into classrooms on the Portland campus. Please click on the item below to see a calendar of availability. (See also the list of classroom-located resources.) Requesting help or room reservations: please email or click here for the automated form: Form

  • Data projectors. These can be hooked up to a computer.
  • Mobile Video Conferencing System. May be scheduled into any space with an Ethernet connection. This video conference system may be used in PH106. It, along with the permanent monitor installed in that classroom, provides a dual monitor video conference system.
  • Convener. The convener provides an audio-only link for a conference or meeting at a remote site. It may be used in the Peterson conference room.
  • Laptop computers. Both Windows and Mac laptop computers are available to be reserved.
  • iFlip Camcorders. Several camcorders are available for student projects and assignments and to record classes and guest speakers.
  • iClickers. We have one controller and 100 clickers that can be checked out by students or faculty.
  • Headphones. These are available if you need to listen to something on a computer in a public area.
  • 35mm slide projector. Wire-remote control available.
  • Portable stereo. This system can play cassette tapes and CD's.
  • Mobile TV. This has a DVD/VCR unit connected to it.
  • Portable public address system. Speakers and a microphone are available for events in the courtyard or the Foyer in Peterson Hall.
  • Overhead projector.
  • Computer Lab and Laptop Lounge. Portions or all of the Computer Lab in Loveridge may be scheduled for class use by emailing
  • Computer Classroom, Peterson Hall 108. Please schedule this classroom by emailing Louise Gillette or call extension 37163.

Request delivery of audio-visual equipment by sending an e-mail to Please try to make your request for resources at least a week ahead of time. Last-minute requests will be filled on a resources-available basis.


Questions regarding the current schedule or general questions about the A/V equipment

  • Contact the Student Technicians at x37614.

Last-minute problems or technical glitches:

  • First contact the Student Technicians at x37614
  • If the Student Technicians are unavailable, contact:

Leitha Heine
phone: (503) 413-6382
cell: 1-503-857-2903

Travis Dillard
phone: (503) 413-8421
cell: 1-503-857-5217

Kenneth Thompson
phone: (503) 413-7614
cell: 1-503-857-2899

Eric Huntsberger
hours: Monday - Friday, 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
phone: (503) 413-7253
ext. 3-7253