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The Matched College Savings Program

The Matched College Savings Program (MCSP) is a matched savings account (also known as an individual development account, or IDA) for Oregon’s current and future students to pursue post-secondary education. MCSP is offered at eleven of Oregon’s leading private, not-forprofit institutions through a formal partnership between The Alliance and CASA of Oregon. MCSP serves Oregon students from households with limited financial resources while also reaching under-served populations (e.g. students of color, first generation students and non-native English speakers).

“Financial support has guided my college career, and I especially thank the MCSP program for providing me with the necessary tools to become a financially literate and well-rounded college graduate. This is a fantastic, enriching program for anyone.”
Hilda Escalera
Linfield College Alumni
Intercultural Communication

A Valuable Asset

Education is a key economic asset that benefits an individual for a lifetime. MCSP is part of the solution to increasing college access and affordability based on the premise that individuals gain economic self-sufficiency through savings and investment.

23% of the undergraduate degrees earned by ethnic minority students in Oregon are awarded by private, not-for-profit institutions.

The accumulation of assets is the key to improving the economic condition of low-income households. MCSP strengthens families by providing them with the financial skills and tools to build wealth through habitual savings and financial education.

How MCSP Works

MCSP combines goal-setting, monthly savings and financial education to assist you in achieving your college dream.

60% of students attending a private college or university complete their undergraduate degree in four years.

Most importantly, for every $1 you save in MCSP, you earn $5, up to $11,000 total. MCSP can be used for tuition, books, fees or supplies.

Get Started

Once admitted to a college or university, contact the admissions or financial aid office to discuss how to get started and participate in MCSP.

92% of first time, first year students receive financial aid, with an average private grant and scholarship award of more than $17,000.

In addition to being from a household of limited financial resources (SEE IF YOU QUALIFY), you must:

1. Pay a $15 non-refundable application fee;
2. Be able to save at least $25 a month;
Complete a no-cost financial education course;
Produce an academic and a financial plan; and
5. Set up an appointment with Linfield's Financial Aid advisor Araceli Ortiz


The Alliance represents Oregon’s regionally accredited not-for-profit private higher education institutions. The Alliance institutions are a significant resource to the citizens, communities, and industries of Oregon. Together, the private not-for-profit sector offers degrees in 241 fields of study and delivers approximately 30% of all baccalaureate degrees and higher awarded in Oregon.