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School of Nursing Financial Aid


Q. What is the first step in the financial aid process after completing the FAFSA?

You must be admitted to Linfield College-Portland Campus to receive an offer by financial aid.

Q. What happens after I am admitted?

Read your Award Letter and Guide To Financial Aid carefully for next steps.

Q. How do I get a Direct Loan?

Return the Certificate of Award Acceptance form and be sure you have completed a Direct Loans Master Promissory Note (MPN), and entrance counseling. Both can be completed online at

Q. How do I get a PLUS Loan?

You and a parent must complete an application and a Master Promissory Note for a Direct PLUS loan for your parents. See Parent Loans section of this website.

Q. How do I get a private loan?

You must initiate the contact with a lender of your choice to complete an application and Promissory Note. Once credit has been approved and the Promissory Note received, the lender will contact us to verify your attendance and certify the eligible amount of funds you may receive. The maximum amount is the difference between your Cost of Attendance and the total amount of your other financial aid. See the Alternative Loans section on our website for more information.

Q. How do I apply for a Nursing Student Loan?

You cannot apply for this loan. Eligibility for this loan is determined by the Financial Aid Office in accordance with federal regulations. Those eligible will receive an offer in their Financial Aid Award Letter on a funds available basis.

Q. How does Campus Employment work?

If offered Campus Employment, you may contact departments on campus directly or check with the Financial Aid Office regarding job openings. The Financial Aid Office will also assisst students to fill out the required paperwork and direct you to the Accounting Office to be placed on the payroll. Jobs pay $9.25/hour and your award is approximately 10 hours a week. Be sure you do not count the Campus Employment amount on your Award Letter as part of the funds available to pay for tuition, books, or your dorm. You won't receive these funds until you earn them. Payday is the tenth of every month.

Q. How do I accept my financial aid award?

Accept or decline financial aid award by logging onto WebAdvisor

Q. Who's who in the campus financial department?

Julie Aalberg, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, (503) 413-6844. She will handle all aspects of your financial aid-all of the funds you expect to receive to help pay for your educational and living expenses.

Freddie Chew, Director of Business and Finance, (503) 413-8102. He supervises the Accounting Office. See him if you are having difficulty in arranging payment of your bill from the College or as a source of information if Julie or Susan are not available.

Susan Marek, (503) 413-7887. Susan will send your tuition bill each semester. Questions on how much you owe and when you owe it should go to the Accounting Office.

Q. When are refund checks available?

Refunds will be available as soon as possible after the start of each semester, generally 1 - 3 weeks after the beginning of classes.

Q. How do I renew my aid next year?

Submit a FAFSA application and complete a Linfield application for Financial Assistance form that will be distributed by the Financial Aid Office in February.

Q. What are the rules for keeping scholarships and grants given by Linfield?

You must register for and attend a minimum of 12 credits each semester and earn a minimum of 24 credits during an academic year.

Q. What if I elect to take less than 12 credits?

You will lose any Linfield institutional aid. You will be charged full tuition for 10 through 18 credits or at the hourly rate ($1,192/credit for 2015-2016).

Q. How do I find scholarships?

Monitor your email; the Financial Aid Office will publicize any information they receive about scholarships via email to the student body. Check the Financial Aid webpage for links to lenders with scholarship search engines and to the Oregon Student Assistance Commission.

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