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Program Outcomes

The graduate of Linfield-Good Samaritan School of Nursing:

  1. Builds a professional practice informed by the mission of Linfield College and the vision, mission, and philosophy of the School of Nursing as well as the standards and values of the nursing profession.
  2. Applies sound clinical reasoning, reflective practice, and evidence based practice in the provision of holistic nursing care.
  3. Communicates effectively and collaboratively in a professional practice.
  4. Uses a range of information and clinical technologies to achieve health care outcomes for clients.
  5. Provides effective nursing care that incorporates diverse values, cultures, perspectives and health practices.
  6. Engages in ethical reasoning and actions that demonstrate caring and commitment to social justice in the delivery of healthcare to clients in the community.
  7. Applies principles of stewardship and leadership skills to support quality and safety within complex organizational systems.
  8. Integrates knowledge of healthcare policy, populations, finance and regulatory environments that influence system level change within professional nursing practice.
  9. Incorporates a liberal arts based understanding of local and global healthcare issues to health promotion, risk reduction, disease and illness prevention and disease and health care management.