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America's Best Big City - Portland

Green. Clean. Friendly. Vibrant. Maybe you've heard that Portland has been proclaimed as North America's "Best Big City," according to Money magazine. Travel & Leisure magazine raves about Portland, Oregon. Come get a first-hand look at the unmatched natural beauty and our bustling local scene -- all effortlessly accessed thanks to the justly-famous light-rail system.

Being green is exactly why so many people come here, year-round. Trees and parks dominate Portland's landscape. Often taking up huge chunks of prime downtown real estate, Portland's parks are as much a part of the quality of life as the ubiquitous coffeehouses, bookstores and raindrops. The nation's largest urban wilderness and the world's smallest dedicated park are found within Portland city limits - the nearly 5,000-acre Forest Park near campus, and 24 square inch Mill Ends Park downtown.


Portland is a pedestrian-friendly city with lots of gathering places. On warm days, locals and visitors alike congregate at Pioneer Courthouse Square, nicknamed "Portland's Living Room." The square features a fountain, Portland's official visitor information center, an amphitheater for musical performances and festivals, and a 25-foot weather machine that predicts the weather each day at noon amid a fanfare of trumpets.

And, oh yes – Portland hosts the nation’s largest variety of local microbrews. Wherever your interests lie, you'll find them in Portland.