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Life after Linfield 

Ben Greenberg

I'm finishing up my third year at Boston College Law School, and will be graduating this May. This summer I will be studying and taking the WA state bar, and will begin working at a firm in Seattle in the fall.  

After graduating I went straight through to law school.  In my first year of law school (1L year, we call it), which is the toughest, I finished in the top 5% of my class. As a result, I graded onto the Boston College Law Review, which is the most prestigious scholastic award you can have the first year.  During the summer after my first year I interned at the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney's Office in Tacoma, WA.  My 2L (second year) I was co-president of the criminal justice law project.  Wrote a Note (meaning student written article for law journals) on the constitutionality of public policy czars, that was recommended for publication, but eventually they decided not to publish it.  The summer after my second year I worked in seattle as a summer associate for a law firm in seattle. First semester of this year I spent most my time working as a student attorney in a legal aid clinic (meaning a law office that provides free legal services to indigent clients), the Boston College Legal Assistance Bureau, where I was the lead attorney on 3 cases, including one landlord tenant dispute where I  was able to negotiate a settlement award for my client. This year I was also awarded a merit award/ scholarship, the Molly and Phil Weinstein Scholar Award.

My future career goals at this point I would say are unclear.  I am currently very interested in civil litigation, and as I mentioned above I will soon be working as an attorney at a firm in Seattle, which I'm very excited for. 

Professor Dawn Nowacki and Professor David Gutterman provided my letters of recommendation for law school, and Professor Nick Buccola and Professor Gutterman helped me put together my law school essays.  Unfortunately, since I'm across the country, I haven't been able to benefit from too many of the connections that others in the area may benefit from. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to cultivate some of the great relationships I had with my professors, now that I'm moving back to the NW. For a few internships I applied for following my first year, polisci professors served as references.  For law school, however,  the polisci department helped me build a very important skill set, that has helped me be successful in law school.  Namely, the ability to understand both sides of an issue and formulate coherent arguments for either one; the ability to quickly read, analyze, formulate critical thoughts and write intelligently, and in an organized fashion. I have found that although the exam styles are very different, the format of poli sci exams helped better prepare me for law school exams (which no one can really prepare for until they get there). Also, over the last few years I have emailed back and forth with professors when I have various questions. They have been very helpful.

Carly Kummerlowe

I am a first year law student at the University of Washington School of Law.  Other than my foremost interest (surviving L1 year) I am participating in a number of activities. My favorites so far have been mock trial, contract negotiation, and a trial advocacy training for african lawyers. 

I worked for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office after graduating and was able to assist the FBI with the Kyron Horman missing person case. Other than that - I got into the law school of my dreams - Go Dawgs!

I hope to pursue a career in litigation. As of now, my focus is criminal law but I am open to civil litigation as well. This summer I will be working in the Criminal Division of the Washington State Attorney General's Office in downtown Seattle. My focus will be civil commitment of predatory sex offenders. 

Being in law school, I am beginning to realize how valuable my Linfield and, in particular, Political Science education truly are. I am well prepared to speak in class and feel the challenges I faced at Linfield were essential in preparing me for graduate school. 

Brett Tolman

I am currently on a Fulbright Scholarship in Sri Lanka where I teach English at the University of Colombo and work at Sarvodaya, a buddhist reconstruction and development organization.  As of now, it is my goal to trek across Asia all on somebody elses dime. So far, its going pretty well.

Since Linfield I have been working mostly in education and environmental projects in Sri Lanka as well as doing a lot of policy writing. Luckily, the Political Science department equipped me with fantastic research and writing skills. And most importantly, an ability to figure things out even when I have absolutely no idea what is going on. Fake it till you make it should really be my life’s motto.

After my Fulbright Grant I would like to continue working on environmental and development causes in South Asia and I have begun applying for and interviewing for jobs with organizations throughout the region.

In all honesty, the Political Science department at Linfield has been so incredibly supportive and involved in helping me to map out my professional goals. Through their help and involvement, I have been able to go to Sri Lanka and create a map however vague, of what I would like to do with my life and the best possible means to get there. Dawn, Pat and Nick are simply wonderful people and Linfield is very lucky to have them.

Aila Wallace 

I am currently a first-year student at Lewis and Clark Law School, in Portland. I plan to earn my JD with a certificate in Criminal Law, so I can become a prosecutor after graduation. I hope to work on sexual abuse and domestic violence cases because of my interest in victims' rights.

After graduating from Linfield, I spent two months in India, teaching English in a slum school and traveling. Then I moved to Portland, got a job in a grocery store, and got settled in to start law school.

The Political Science department at Linfield is the reason why I'm in law school. To fulfill the internship requirement for the Poli-Sci major, I interned with a DDA in Yamhill County. There, I decided I wanted to be a prosecutor. The professors in the department have also been incredibly supportive, writing recommendation letters and giving advice whenever I ask. I can't talk up the department enough; they made my time at Linfield - and even the time after - incredibly worthwhile.