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Study Abroad

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Study abroad goes hand in hand with Linfield's liberal arts and sciences curriculum and provides students with the opportunity to supplement their academic endeavors with real-world experiences. These opportunities allow Linfield students to connect with different cultures, politics, and people all over the globe.  In addition to the numerous programs sponsored by the International Programs office, the Political Science department regularly sponsors January term courses, such as the following: 

POLS/HST 298 Travel Course.  Politics and the Past in Russia and Central Asia 
This course explores politics and identities related to nation and religion in contemporary Russia and Central Asia, with an emphasis on the political and cultural dislocations brought on by the disintegration of the Soviet Union. It examines the use of the past to consolidate a sense of national identity among three groups: Russians, Tatars, and Uzbeks. This course examines competing visions of the Russian and Central Asian past, present, and future elaborated since 1991. Cities to be visited include Moscow and Kazan’ in the Russian Federation and Tashkent, Bukhara, and Samarkand in Uzbekistan.

POLS 298 Travel Course.  From Colonialism to Globalism: War and Change in SE Asia from 1950 to the Present 
This course explores the evolution of security challenges in SE Asia from the end of colonialism in the 1950s to the present.  Topics include: the French-Indochina war, the Vietnam War, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and “globalization wars” such as human trafficking.  Most of the course will be taught abroad in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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Other recent examples include:

  • POL/REL -298  Religion and Politics in Turkey: From Constantine to Erdogan (January 2009)
  • POLS/THTR398 Politics and Tragedy in Ancient Greece
  • "Politics, Medicine and Health" in Hawaii

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