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The Political Science major is, above all, designed to provide students with the written, critical thinking and research skills necessary to excel in any career path. The Political Science Department is dedicated to providing comprehensive academic advising and guidance through the internship process.  The following page provides tools for effective writing and interviewing and resources for internships, fellowships, and research in Political Science.

Shane Whitson

Shane is currently working on his senior thesis titled, A Whale of a Problem, which analyzes the legitimacy of the International Whaling Commission. He especially embraces environmentalism and believes that it should be emphasized in the study of political science.

Madeline Bergman

Madeline's senior thesis, Open for interpretation: Ambiguities in the Establishment and Free Exercise Clause, analyzes the nuances of the First Amendment to the Constitution. The three words she uses to describe her educational experience at Linfield are pertinent, heightened, and captivating. 

Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne has been working on her thesis titled Voting Behavior in State Judicial Elections, which explores how voters make decisions and evaluate candidates in state judicial elections. 

Ellie Forness

Ellie's honors thesis title is Cultivating Community Solutions in an Individualistic Society: Constitutionality and Morality in Parents Involved and the Enduring Fight to Diversify Public Schools which discusses the constitutionality and morality of voluntary race-based public school integration programs.

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