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Political Science

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Political Science at Linfield

Aristotle described Political Science as the “master art” because it draws from so many other disciplines, is practical, and fundamentally concerned with noble action and the happiness of its citizens. Indeed, politics permeates all levels of society.

The study of politics, explores relationships between government and the governed, political processes and policy outcomes, the powerful and powerless, and identity and interests among many others.

At Linfield, The Political Science department affords students the opportunities to cultivate their personal interests in depth, while grounding them in a broader theoretical and empirical knowledge of the world around them. Recognized for its outstanding faculty and accomplishments of its graduates, the Political Science major aims to develop a practical skills set that enable its graduates to be different makers in a range of different professional settings.

We offer a major and a minor in Political Science. Our department also oversees majors and minors in International Relations and a minor in Law, Rights and Justice

Our goal is for students to leave Linfield equipped to excel in an increasingly competitive and interconnected workplace, civically engaged, and prepared to have a positive impact on the world around them.