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Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement

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Student Fellows

These fellows are nominated by Linfield faculty and approved by the PLACE Faculty Fellows. They collaborate with the faculty fellows to bring ideas, discussions, events, and speakers to campus, and function as ambassadors between these events and speakers, the students that attend, and the faculty that organize many of these visits.

Gabrielle Esparza

Gabrielle Esparza is from Bellevue, Washington. In the fall, she will be a sophomore, majoring in environmental science with a minor in mathematics. Her hobbies include going to concerts, trying to create zero waste, and learning about nature. She wanted to participate in PLACE because of her passion for the earth. Learning about human impacts on the planet sparks her curiosity and this experience involved in PLACE will guide her towards decisions on a future career!

Sabrina Rahiri

Sabrina Rahiri is returning to PLACE after a semester abroad at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. She is a Senior, majoring in Biology who aims to enter the world of winemaking after graduation. Her goals for the program include planning and executing fun and productive Student PLACE Talks, having cohesive and updated communication between all student and faculty fellows, and most importantly, creating an environment for students and the community to enjoy the wisdom that can be shared through PLACE.

<alemma Kamsem

Makenna Jansen is sophomore at Linfield with a double major in International Relations and Spanish, as well as a Music minor. She participates in many clubs and events on campus, and she is excited and incredibly honoured to be apart of the PLACE team. She is excited to work with the incoming freshman class and hopes that they too will develop a love and passion for the environment and the elements.

Karlee Olson

Karlee Olson is a returning 5th year student, and a 2nd year PLACE Student Fellow. Karlee is majoring in Philosophy, and Psychology, and minoring in Law, Rights, and Justice. "I am very excited about this years PLACE theme, and the continuation of this opportunity that I have been given. After Linfield I am hoping to work to help those who have suffered from domestic partner violence. I am a romantic at heart, and wish to reduce the violence that can be so easily overlooked."

Camille Weber

Camille Weber is a Senior, majoring in English with minors in both Political Science and Creative Writing. After graduation, Camille's goal is to continue her passion for archiving by applying to graduate school and eventually pursuing a career working in a museum or historical society. Her goals for PLACE include working with students to produce unique and inspiring Student PLACE Talks, encouraging the integration of the PLACE theme (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire: the Ancient Elements of a Changing Planets) in class discussions, and organizing other events that will promote safe and open discussions between students and faculty from varying academic backgrounds.