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Fall 2014

Nov. 7. 7pm. First Baptist Church 125 Cowls Street, McMinnville. Immigration Issues: Past and Present

This forum will feature voices from the Japanese/Asian and Latino community. Yosh Nakagawa, Herb Tsuchiya, Miriam Corona and Julie Braker will discuss being viewed as immigrants, and the challenges of fully participating in America, educationally, vocationally and legally.

Nov. 10. 7pm. Ice Auditorium. “The Legacy of Rachel Carson: Do Environmentalists Make Any Difference”

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Nov. 18. 6:30pm. Ice Auditorium. "Mindful Bodies"

The evening will begin with a short dance show as preamble to a discussion concerning the role of our bodies and movement in our lives as mindful and wise paths to richer experiences. When we live and experience our bodies mindfully, we holistically integrate intellect, emotion, and will in enriching ways. These open possibilities for spontaneous creative actions, deep interactions with others and our environment, and meaningful interpretations of our experiences.

Three of the panelists, Mark Johnson, Albert Johnstone, and Maxine Sheets-Johnstone, are world-renowned philosophers whose work shapes investigations into emotion, language, and knowledge. It also intersects with the arts (music, painting) and performing arts (dance), sport (parkour), and science (kinesiology). Emily Crocker is Linfield’s Dance Instructor, and will choreograph the dance performance, and Colton Wright, Linfield student, is one of the performers. The event capitalizes on their expertise as they discuss the how our animate bodies create meaning through movement.

Panelist Bios:

Mark Johnson Philip H. Knight Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences. University of Oregon. He co-authored a seminal book with George Lakoff entitled Philosophy in the Flesh: The Embodied Mind and its Challenge to Western Thought, in his latest book, The Meaning of the Body: Aesthetics of Human Understanding (Chicago, 2007) he delves even more deeply into aspects of embodied meaning and cognition that have traditionally been ignored or under-valued in mainstream philosophy. He was a past Powell Lecturer at Linfield (1998).

Albert Johnstone is a Courtesy Professor with Department of Philosophy at the University of Oregon, he is a phenomenologist who has published the book Rationalized Epistemology: taking solipsism seriously, and numerous papers, such as, Oneself as Oneself and Not as Another. Husserl Studies 13, Edmund Husserl in 20th Century Philosophy, The Need for Warrant Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 51 (3) or The Role of "Ich Kann" in Husserl's Answer to Humean Skepticism. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 46. His current research focuses on emotions, and is readying a book manuscript for publication.

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone is an interdisciplinary scholar affiliated with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oregon, and has held a Courtesy Professor appointment for the past ten years. She has lectured widely in Europe, particularly at the University of Aarhus, at Ghent University, and the University of Copenhagen at the Center for Subjectivity Research, the Department of Sport, and the Niels Bohr Institute. She has published eight acclaimed books, among them, The Roots of Morality, The Corporeal Turn: An Interdisciplinary Reader, The Primacy of Movement, The Roots of Thinking, and Illuminating Dance: Philosophical Explorations; The Phenomenology of Dance.