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Program for Liberal Arts and Civic Engagement

Linfield Scenery

What is PLACE?


PLACE is a campus-wide mechanism to promote innovation in liberal arts education and civic engagement through the exploration of thematic connections among modes of thinking and inquiry.  It has several goals:

  1. To motivate experimentation in liberal education both inside and outside of the classroom.  
  2. To promote civic engagement and social enterprise, encouraging us to apply the knowledge and skills we are continually developing to the public domain, be it locally, nationally, or globally.
  3. To cultivate an intellectual, interdisciplinary community through the exploration of a theme from a variety of perspectives.
  4. To create feedback loops to share experiences from faculty, students, and community members and disseminate this information.
  5. To serve as a springboard for future curricular and extra-curricular development at Linfield and as a model that other higher learning institutions could follow.