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Philosophy Courses

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PHIL-150  Fundamentals Of Philosophy

Philosophic ideas and problems at the root of human culture. Major Western views of self, conduct, and meaning. 4 credits (UQ)

PHIL-180  Moral Problems

General introduction to Western ethical philosophy with a focus on the application of ethical theory to contemporary moral issues. Through an examination of classic and contemporary readings students will gain a working familiarity with central theories, issues, and moral dilemmas in ethics. Some comparative work in Non-western and/or divergent U.S. ethical traditions. Issues in both normative and metaethics will be examined, including: the problems of relativism and skepticism; the nature and limits of moral obligations to others; religion and ethics; and ethical analysis applied to social and political issues relevant to the 21st century in U.S. life. 4 credits (UQ or US)

PHIL-190  Logic

Introduction to categorical logic, truth-functional logic, quantificational logic, induction, and the classification of logical fallacies. Includes translation of arguments in ordinary language into their logical equivalents as well as some study of the properties of logical systems. Offered spring of odd-numbered years. 4 credits (QR)

PHIL-210  Sport, Philosophy and Society (also Listed As SOAN 210)

Examination of sport from philosophical and sociological perspectives. Topics may include metaphysics of sports and games, sports and technology, human embodiment and sports, issues of race, gender, and politics, unique ethical problems of sports (e.g. doping), sport and society, the connections between art, aesthetics, and sport, or the relation between sport, culture, and life. Readings from classical and contemporary sources. Offered fall of even-numbered years. 4 credits (UQ)

PHIL-320  Ethical Theory

Study of systematic approaches to moral philosophy from virtue ethics to deontology to utilitarianism to human rights theory. Considers both the normative conclusions of ethical theory and the metaphysical basis for those conclusions. Prerequisite: one previous philosophy course or consent of instructor. Offered fall of odd-numbered years. 4 credits (UQ)

PHIL-370  20th Century Philosophy

Historical survey of twentieth-century philosophy, including pragmatism, positivism, ordinary language philosophy, process philosophy, and post-modern philosophy. Offered fall of even-numbered years. 4 credits (UQ)

PHIL-398  Special Topics: Jan Term Travel

PHIL-490  Senior Research/thesis

Intensive research on a topic of special interest to the student, culminating in a senior thesis on an advanced topic in philosophy. Seminar includes course readings, discussions, and presentations, along with research guidance and collaborative writing support. Required of majors in their senior year. Minors may enroll with instructor's consent. Offered every fall. 4 credits (MWI)

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