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Philosophy Courses

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PHIL-150  Fundamentals of Philosophy

Philosophic ideas and problems at the root of human culture. Major Western views of self, conduct, and meaning. Offered every year. 4 credits. (UQ)

PHIL-180  Moral Problems

General introduction to Western ethical philosophy with a focus on the application of ethical theory to contemporary moral issues. Examination of classic and contemporary readings to gain working familiarity with central theories, issues, and moral dilemmas in ethics. Some comparative work in Non-western and/or divergent U.S. ethical traditions. Examination of issues in both normative and metaethics, including: the problems of relativism and skepticism; the nature and limits of moral obligations to others; religion and ethics; and ethical analysis applied to social and political issues relevant to the 21st century in U.S. life. 4 credits. (UQ or US)

PHIL-230  Ancient Philosophy

Historical survey of ancient Western philosophy from Presocratics to the Neoplatonism of Plotinus (6th Century BCE to 6th Century CE). Study of selected primary source readings to examine foundational Western questions and conceptions about the nature of being, the nature and limits of knowledge, and the nature and origin of politics and morality. Offered in alternate years. 4 credits. (UQ)

PHIL-245  Aesthetics

Survey of aesthetic theories that engages issues such as definition of art, relationship between art and truth, role of expression, nature of aesthetic experience, artistic creation, relevance of beauty, autonomy of art, women and art, and non-Western conceptions of art. Selections from classical and contemporary aestheticians may include figures such as Plato, Kant, Hume, Nietzsche, Danto, Dewey, Margolis, Weitz, besides others. Offered in alternate years. 4 credits. (UQ or CS)

PHIL-398  Special Topics: Jan Term Travel


MORAL AND CIVIC LITERACY AND THE CULTIVATION OF SUSTAINABLE HAPPINESS - Comparative social philosophy course examining the concepts of moral and civic literacy in Bhutan and, by contrast, the U.S. Bhutan, known for its policy of Gross National Happiness, is a new democracy in pursuit of greater development while sustaining its unique cultural identity and its goal of sustainable happiness. Based on the campus of Royal Thimpu College, we will engage with texts, lectures from Bhutanese experts, seminars, site visits and treks to better understand the moral and civic worldview of this ancient culture and how it is adapting to the modern globalized world. Students will develop their own projects based upon their major interests, in relation to the general themes of the course. Prerequisite: IDST 098. 4 credits. (UQ or GP)

PHIL-430  Topics In Contemporary Philosophy

Senior-level seminar focusing on key issue(s), current topic(s), and/or exploring some school(s) of thought from the last forty years of philosophical scholarship. Topical content variable, according to discretion and expertise of instructor. May be repeated for credit with different content. Prerequisite: at least one lower level philosophy class or consent of instructor. Offered in alternate years. 4 credits. (UQ)

PHIL-439  Peer Instruction

Advanced study opportunity for outstanding students to assist faculty members in the class- room. Focus on course content and pedagogy. Prerequisites: Application and consent of instructor. 1-4 credits. (S/U) (EL)

PHIL-490  Research/thesis

Intensive research on a topic of special interest to the student, culminating in a senior thesis on an advanced topic in philosophy. Seminar includes course readings, discussions, and presentations, along with research guidance and collaborative writing support. Required of majors in their senior year. Minors may enroll with instructor consent. Offered every fall. 4 credits. (MWI)

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