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Parents Council Leadership Team 2013-14

Julie and Bob Breshock

Student: Laura Breshock ’14; History Major, Art Minor. Laura is interested in cultures, traditions and languages. She uses, and advocates for, Learning Support Services and  is active in the Hawaiian Club. She enjoys travel, theatre and is looking forward to her study abroad program next year. 

Occupation(s): Julie is an at-home mom and part-time student, with prior work experience as a CPA/tax accountant for  Arthur Andersen and Quaker Oats. Bob is a managing director and principal with Parametric Portfolio Associates. 

Other volunteer activities: Julie has participated in medical mission work in Peru for ProPeru and supports “Amara,” a Seattle area foster family program. Bob is a trustee of the Fulcrum Foundation which provides tuition assistance and teacher support for the Seattle Archdiocese and is a member of Wabash College’s 1832 Society. 

Why did you join the PCLT (Parents Council Leadership Team)? "We both believe in the school's mission and vision;  liberal arts education,  the power of a small college and the impact of great teaching. By working with the team we can help shape our daughter’s college life and importantly help other parents find a fit for their child at  Linfield and have an enriching college experience."

Gregg and Lisa Carano

Student: Alyssa Carano ’15; Nursing major.  Alyssa is interested in photography. She is a member of the Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. 

Occupation(s): Gregg is vice-president for food and beverage for the Eldorado Hotel Casino in Reno. Lisa is the Food Department Coordinator for the same hotel casino.

Other volunteer activities: Lisa is on the Board of Trustees for KNPB public television in Reno. Gregg is involved n the Nevada Restaurant Association the Salvation Army and Washoe County School System's budget oversight committee.

Why did you join the PCLT (Parents Council Leadership Team)? "We have become involved in the Linfield Parent Council because we were so impressed with the way in which Alyssa was welcomed into the Linfield community. She is happy and energized by her studies. She enjoys her teachers and fellow students. You can truly see the 'Power of a Small College' and we wanted to be involved in her experience."

Jack and Jane Curtright

Student:  Cole Curtright '14.  He is undeclared but interested in theatre and political science. Cole is also involved with the Greenfield club and the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. He enjoys sailing, traveling, hiking, camping and snow skiing. 

Occupation: Jane is a retired elementary teacher who has been active though out their son's K-12 education. Jack is retired from secondary administration and is currently the Tribal Art Gallery owner. 

Other volunteer activities: Jane volunteers with the Olympia Bear Booster Club. She also works with the Nisqually Land Trust and the Capitol Forest Land Trust. Jack is a member of the Central Washington University Foundation and President of the Richard Fairbanks Foundation.

Why did they join the PCLT? "We have volunteered to work with the Linfield Parent Council because of our interest in being involved with our son's education.  We believe that it is important to not only give financial support but to participate and give our time to Linfield students. We are excited to be a part of  such a strong educational tradition."

Jeff and Susan Davis

Student:  Emily Davis '14.  She is undeclared but interested in music, education, and business.  She likes to spend time with her sisters, travel and music.

Occupation: Susan is a family physician, and Jeff is President of Tennmax America

Other volunteer activities: Susan's volunteer activities include medical director for the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington and clinical volunteer at New Heights Clinic.  She has been active with Vancouver School District and her local church. Jeff volunteers with the Free Clinic of Southwest Washington and Vancouver School District.

Why did they join the PCLT? "We are interested in the Parents Council Leadership Team because we are both Linfield grads and want to stay connected with the school.  We believe that small colleges give the highest quality education.   Now with Emily at Linfield we have an opportunity to be involved and connect with other Linfield families."

Ken Stuart and Julie McElrath

Student:  Ben Stuart '14.  Undeclared but interested in music, math, and business. He is physically active, social, plays guitar and likes to travel especially to the tropics.

Occupation: Julie is a physician scientist and a Senior Vice President and Co-Director of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Ken is a research scientist and founder and president of the Seattle BioMedical Research Institute.  Both Julie and Ken are also professors at the University of Washington.

Other volunteer activities: Julie and Ken volunteer time in giving lectures in the community about global health and reviewing research programs, projects, and grants and publications at various institutions. 

Why did they join the PCLT? "We are interested in learning as much as possible about Linfield which has such a great reputation and because we want to help it with its mission."

Want to get more involved?

The Linfield College Parents Council welcomes and involves parents of current and former students as vital members of the Linfield community.  The goal of the council is to enhance the Linfield experience for students and their families -- by helping parents connect with other parents, alumni, students, staff, faculty and administrators.  Parents Council members gather for and host events, advise Linfield leaders, contribute their support and serve as Linfield ambassadors and hosts.

The council is guided by members of the Parents Council Leadership Team. Contact Debbie Harmon, director of alumni and parent relations, for more information.