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Linfield Scenery

Organ Study

The organ
Alice Clement Memorial Organ

Organ activity at Linfield centers around the 48 rank Alice Clement Memorial Organ housed in Ice Auditorium (Casavant, 1969). Containing over 2300 pipes, this diverse, colorful instrument provides an effective performance venue for organ works spanning virtually all historical periods. Organ music plays an important role in campus life and is routinely heard at faculty and guest recitals, chapel services, ensemble concerts and other important college functions. In the spring of 2000, Linfield College acquired an additional, smaller organ, which is ideally suited for practice and intimate chamber and solo recitals. It is housed in Jonasson Hall.

Organ study at Linfield provides the opportunities of balanced study and exposure to literature of differing historical styles and techniques, recital and accompanying on the fine instruments, exposure and training in church music and touring of the works and shops of the many fine organ builders and instruments in the region. This program of study is ideally suited to the keyboard student considering graduate study, careers in church music, organ building or performance on what Mozart described as “The King of Instruments.”