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Music Technology

The Music Technology/Music Education Lab at Linfield mirrors the type of facility used by today's music and audio recording professionals. It features new computers, up-to-date software, and high quality sound recording equipment, along with many applications and tools helpful to both music students and faculty.

The "Music and Technology" course allows students a hands-on opportunity to utilize the lab in individually designed projects and to consider the emerging impact of technological developments in today's artistic climate. Interested students will have the opportunity to continue their study on an individual level.

In addition, other avenues of performance and technology-based creation may be explored in the form of multi-media creation, performance art, digital recording and editing (to CD) and professional notation.

Opportunities in the study of music technology at Linfield offer the student a competitive edge in his/her developing professional career and a valuable resource through which to explore the continually expanding possibilities of sound.

Software: Digital Performer, Finale, Garage Band, Practica Musica, ProTools, Sibelius, Transcribe, Toast.

Hardware: Macintosh computers, StudioLogic SL-880 keyboard controller, Tascam DA20mkllDAT recorder, Mackie 1202 mixer, Lexicon MPX1 effects processor, Eventide H3000-d/sx UltraHarmonizer, KORG NX5r Synth Module, MIDI interfaces, various microphones and speakers.