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Spanish Major and Minor Requirements

For a major in Spanish
40 credits in language courses numbered 202 and above, including:

  • MDLA 380
  • MDLA 483
  • MLSP 485. By departmental invitation, students may substitute MLSP 490 (Honor Thesis) for MDLA 483.
  • Study abroad: Spanish majors study in Ecuador as well as Spain. The two semesters of study abroad will yield no more than 20 of the 40 required credits. Candidates for the major who have spent a year abroad before coming to Linfield (as well as Spanish-English bilingual students) may need to study only one more semester in a foreign country. This depends on their proficiency level upon entering Linfield, to be determined by placement exam and oral proficiency interview. Because majors studying abroad take courses in the host language, they should complete course work up to and including the 302 level before undertaking foreign study.

For a minor in Spanish

  • 20 credits in courses numbered 202 and above
  • Study abroad: If, while studying in Mexico or Costa Rica, a student (with the approval of the Spanish faculty) decides to major in Spanish, the second semester must be done in Ecuador or Spain. Consultation must take place no later than the end of the second month while abroad, to ensure timely consideration in the second semester application process.
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