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Japanese Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning


Language in Motion: Linfield


Language in Motion: Linfield is part of Language in Motion in the Northwest consortium, led by Willamette University. Participating schools include Lewis & Clark College and Pacific University. With the generous support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, Language in Motion: Linfield was established in 2013. Language in Motion is an innovative and cooperative outreach program in which study-abroad returnees, international students, and advanced language students create language and cultural activities for presentation at local schools.

For more info, please visit Language in Motion: Linfield page.


Tour Guide Assistants

Linfield students have the opportunity to serve as tour language assistants for specialty tours in the Portland area.  The main role is to work with a tour guide as an interpreter for Japanese visitors participating in tours in the Portland area. Students receive some training and participate in a tour themselves prior to doing the translation work. These paid positions provide students interested in translation with a rare opportunity to interact with native speakers of the language of study and to translate in a real-life situation. 


Professional Experience Opportunities

Since Spring 2012, senior Japanese majors in the SeniorSeminar course participated in the Living Language Experience (LLE) kigyô hômon company visit program. This program, sponsored by Association of Teachers of Japanese in Oregon (ATJO) and the Shokokai (Japanese Business Alliance) of Portland, gave our students the chance to visit several Japanese companies in Portland. In Spring 2013, Linfield students visited a company in Salem, and in Spring 2012, Japanese majors visited two companies. Prior to the visits the students prepared business cards and resumes. While visiting the companies, they experienced interviews and were given tours of the companies. Afterwards, they wrote thank you letters to the companies. All stages of the process were conducted entirely in Japanese. The kigyô hômon program is just one example of valuable experiential learning opportunities that we attempt to provide for our students.


Conversation partners

Every fall semester, students in second- and third-year Japanese classes participate in the Conversation Partners language exchange program with students from Japan studying English as a Second Language at Linfield. The student pairs meet each week and practice their language skills with their native speaker partner. Moreover, students in the Japanese classes work with the Japanese exchange students on collaborative projects, which allow them to apply the language skills acquired in their classes in fun and creative ways.

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