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Program Highlights

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Japanese Classroom
Chris Keaveney and Masa Itomitsu
At a Shrine
Second Year Japanese
Linfield Taiko
January Term in Japan
Kanto Gakuin University
Rikkyo University
Toyama Speech Contest
Great Buddha in Kamakura
Second Year Japanese
Japanese Conversation Table
Aoyama Gakuin University
Doshisha University
Japan is so crowded sometimes
Many people go to temples to pray
The group posing at the giant Buddha's feet
There are many gods and deities at shrines and temples
The group on our first trip to one of many shrines
Cosmo world was a fun place to go for shopping, entertainment, and a theme park
The entrance to China Town
Taking a break at a shrine
We spent the majority of out time with our buddies, who greeted us at the airport
Touring the Prime Minister's house
We loved hanging out together upstairs in the seminar house. It was a great place to have food parti


The Japanese Program at Linfield College offers studies in Japanese language and culture culminating in minors in Japanese and Asian Studies and a major in Japanese and Japanese Studies. An integral part of the Japanese Program here at Linfield is Study Abroad. Majors are required to study in Japan for an academic year, and minors for one semester. Students are encouraged to study at one of Linfield's exchange partner institutions, which include some of the most highly respected private universities in Japan. Please see the list of Partner Institutions.

 At Linfield, language study extends beyond the classroom. Students in the Japanese program are encouraged to use Japanese outside of the classroom in a variety of ways, including the Conversation Partners program, in which students in Japanese classes meet weekly with a Japanese exchange student for language exchange, the Japanese Language Table, the Linfield Taiko Japanese drum ensemble, and via internships for language majors and minors. Japanese majors and minors are also encouraged to request a Japanese roommate.

Japanese classes integrate oral/aural skills along with written skills and, as with other foreign languages offered at Linfield, are assessed by a variety of assessment tools, including ones that are based on the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines and on the universally recognized JLPT exam. In the Japanese section we employ a team-teaching approach, which allows us to effectively provide students with the Japanese language skills and familiarity with Japanese culture and society that will enable them to pursue graduate studies or careers involving Japanese. The two Japanese language instructors are assisted by a trained Japanese language assistant who comes to Linfield via the ALLEX program and assists for a period of two academic years.

Anyone interested in finding out more about Japanese Studies at Linfield College is encouraged to contact Christopher Keaveney.