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MLFR-030  French Conversation Practice

$5 per credit fee. 1 credit (EL)

MLFR-101  Elementary French I

Development of vocabulary, structures, andıspeaking/reading/writing strategies essential toıbasic language use. Students practice asking andıanswering questions; identifying, comparing, andıdescribing people and things; expressing wantsıand needs; and discussing plans. Preparation forıliving in a French-speaking culture. $5 perıcredit fee. Four class hours per week. ıACTFL target: Novice High.ıOffered fall.ı4 credits

MLFR-102  Elementary French II

Continuation of 101. Continued practice inıreading, writing, and talking about activities,ımaking plans and inquiries, expressing wants andıneeds. Some practice in narration of present,ıpast, and future events. Four class hours perıweek. $5 per credit fee. ACTFL target:ıIntermediate Low. Prerequisite: MLFR 101.ıOffered spring.ı4 credits

MLFR-105  Intensive Elementary French

An accelerated one-semester course that covers theımaterial of 101 and 102. Satisfies languageırequirement for BA degree. For students with someıprevious experience in the language but not enoughıto enroll in 201, and for students with superiorılanguage-learning ability. Five class hours perıweek. $5 per credit fee. ACTFL target:ıIntermediate Low. Offered fall.ı5 credits

MLFR-201  Intermediate French I

Review of skills and structures described in 101ıand 102. Emphasis on building a large practicalıvocabulary and on using it to describe andınarrate. Reading and aural exercises that includeıauthentic materials; writing exercises thatıinclude narration, exposition and dialogue.ıPreparation for living for an extended period inıa French-speaking culture. Four class hours perıweek. $5 per credit feel ACTFL target: ıIntermediate Mid. Prerequisite: a grade of C orıbetter in 102 or 105, or a placement test.ıOffered fall.ı4 credits

MLFR-202  French Culture & Free Expression

Continuation of 201, with strong emphasis onıFrench oral and written expression throughıexploration of a contemporary novel, the currentıpress, videos, and other materials selected fromıcoverage of recent events in France.ıACTFL target: Intermediate Mid.ıPrerequisite: a grade of C or better in 201 orıplacement test.ıOffered spring.ı4 credits

MLFR-211  Introduction To French Civilization I

Introduction to the history and civilization ofıFrance from the early Renaissance period (XIIthıcentury) to the fall of the Monarchy. History ofıthe constitution of a national identity throughıthe analysis of salient political and artisticımovements. Study of cultural achievements andıcontributions to the world; consideration ofıspecial questions inherent in dealing with otherıEuropean neighbors and the world beyond. Sourcesıinclude literature, historical and politicalıwriting. $5 per credit fee. Conducted in English.ıOffered in fall.ı3 credits

MLFR-212  Introduction To French Civilization II

Introduction to the recent history andıcivilization of the French-speaking countriesıfromıthe revolution of 1848 to the present. Emphasisıonıthe philosophical foundations of the FrenchıRepublic, its evolution during the XXth century,ıand the challanges that the Republican model hadıbegun to encounter during the latter part of thatıcentury. Study of cultural achievements, artisticıcontributions to the world; consideration ofıspecial questions inherent in dealing with otherıEuropean neighbors and the world beyondı(colonialsim); presentation of the francophoneıworld. Sources include literature, visual arts,ıand contemporary historical and politicalıwriting.ı$5 per credit fee. Conducted in English.ıOffered spring.ı3 credits (CS or VP or GP)

MLFR-215  Literature and Society: An African Perspective

Discussion, in a historical perspective, ofıissues of race, religion, and the human inıprecolonial, colonial, and postcolonial Africa.ıAnalysis of the categories of difference andıotherness in postcolonial African thought. ı$5 per credit fee. Conducted in English.ıOffered spring.ı3 credits (CS or IS)

MLFA-230  Introduction To African Studies

Interdisciplinary introduction to Africanıstudies.ıSurvey of main figures of African Studies with aıparticular attention to historical periods andıgeographic particularities, discussion of theırelations between Africa and the African diasporaıwith an emphasis on the necessity to understandı"Africans" in their proper human historical andıinternational contexts. $5 per credit fee.ı4 credits (CS or GP)

MLFA-240  Modern African Thought

Critical analysis of tradition, colonialıinfluences, and contemporary developments inımodern African thought. Examination of theıunique,ısophisticated, and original conceptions ofıknowledge in African thought. Discussion of theıparticular character of an Africanıphilosophical/religious worldview through oralıtraditions, literature, and philosophy with aıfocus on African metaphysics. Conducted inıEnglish. $5 per credit fee.ı4 credits (CS or GP)

MLFR-301  French Composition and Conversation I

Guided practice in expository and narrativeıwriting as well as in aural comprehension ofıFrancophone films and documentaries. Discussion ıof a variety of cultural topics based onıselections from various Francophone countries.ıSpeaking and writing practice involvingıdescribing, comparing, hypothesizing, supportingıopinions, and functioning in unfamiliarısituations. Review of grammar as a tool to ıimprove writing. May be repeated once forıcredit with a different instructor and content.ı$5/credit fee. ACTFL target: Intermediate High.ıPrerequisite: a grade of C or better in 202 orıplacement test. Offered fall. 4 credits. (GP, MWI)

MLFR-302  Introduction To French and Francophone Studies

Introduction to Francophone literature andıcultures with main emphasis on acquisition ofıtechniques and tools to analyze recorded oralıtradition, texts, and film as cultural artifactsıfrom various Francophone countries. May beırepeated once for credit with a differentıinstructor and content. $5 per credit fee.ıACTFL target: Intermediate High.ıPrerequisite: MLFR 301 or college equivalent.ıOffered spring.ı4 credits (CS or GP, WI)

MLFR-311  French Civilization I

Introduction to the major events and importantıperiods of French history from the Middle Ages toı1789, including political, social, and artisticıdevelopment which have marked Frenchıcivilization.ıExamination of the way these historical periodsıhave influenced life in contemporary France.ı$5 per credit fee. Conducted in French.ıPrerequisite: MLFR 302 or equivalent.ıOffered fall.ı3 credits (CS or VP or GP)

MLFR-312  French Civilization II

Examination of various aspects of French historyıand culture from 1789 to the present, includingıthe structure of French society, itsıinstitutions, social categories, patterns of ıwork, values, and attitudes. Study of the ıphysical geography of France and its economic ıand social ramifications. $5 per credit fee.ıConducted in French. Prerequisite: MLFR 302 orıconsent of instructor.ıOffered spring.ı3 credits (CS or VP or GP)

MLFA-315  Francophone African Cinema In Translation

Critical examination of questions ofırepresentation and reality in Francophone Africa.ıAnalysis of the image of Africa and Africans inıWestern media and film. Discussion, in aıpostcolonial perspective, of issues of race,ıreligion, and gender in pre-colonial, colonial,ıand postcolonial African cinema. Re-thinking ofıtraditional conceptions of Africa and the Africanısubject. Analysis of the categories of differenceıand otherness in African cinema. $5 per credit ıfee. Conducted in English.ıOffered Jan Term.ı4 credits (CS or GP)

MLFA-330  Topics In African Civilization

Survey of African history from prehistoric timesıto the present through literature and philosophy.ıAnalysis of African civilizations with a focus onıAfrican social, cultural and political history.ıStudy Africa in the ancient world, medievalıAfrica, the era of European colonialism, the riseıof nationalism and independence movements, andıcontemporary Africa. $5 per credit fee.ı4 credits (CS or GP)

MLFA-340  Topics In African Literature

Explore topics in the areas of orature,ıliterature, performance texts, film and/or otherımedia produced in Africa. Identify authors, majorıthemes, and major periods and genres in Africanıliterature. In-depth analysis of a particularıauthor or a particular theme in Africanıliteratureıthrough the examination of the basic literaryıconventions of plot, character, setting, point ofıview, and theme. $5 per credit fee.ı4 credits (CS or GP)

MLFR-350  Topics In French Literature

Study of selected topics in French literatureıthrough reading and discussion of major works.ıStudy of literary genres and movements. Practiceıin literary analysis. Recent topics have includedıContemporary Theatre and Society, Atheism in theı21th Century French novel, Annie Emaux's socialıautobiography, and the Bosnian War in Fiction.ıConducted in French. $5 per credit fee.ıPrerequisite: 302 or consent of instructor.ı4 credits (CS or GP).

MLFR-360  Topics In French Civilization

Selected aspects of culture and cultural changeıthat have been especially important inıdeterminingıthe nature of contemporary society associatedıwithıthis language. Study and discussion of printedıand broadcast sources from the various humanisticıand social scientific fields. Recent topics haveıincluded Multiculturalism in Contemporary France,ıFrench Culture and Society through Films of theı1990s, and Contemporary France Through its Press.ı$5 per credit fee. Conducted in French.ıPrerequisite: MLFR 302 or consent of instructor.ı3 credits (GP or IS)

MLFR-480  Independent Study

A flexible course suited to the needs of theıindividual. Reading and research on a specificıtopic.ıNOTE: The Independent Study Petition must beıcompleted and approved before enrollment.ıPrerequisite: MLFR 302 or consent of instructor.ı1-5 credits

MLFR-485  Senior Seminar

Reading, discussion, and writing on individualıliterary and/or cultural topics which will vary.ıCulminates in the writing of a long researchıpaper. Recent topics have included Literature ofıthe Occupation (1940-1944), The FrancophoneıAfrican and Caribbean Novel, and a collaborativeıproject on French contemporary society. Mandatoryıfor all seniors majoring in French. $5 per creditıfee. Offered spring.ı3 credits (CS or GP, MWI)

MLFA-486  Senior Seminar In African Studies

Analysis of a particular theme in Africanaıstudiesıfrom multiple disciplinary perspectives. Readingıand discussion of different material in AfricanıStudies. Selection of research topic by eachıstudent and writing of a major paper. $5 per ıcredit fee.ıOffered spring.ı4 credits (GP)

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