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Gudrun Hommel - Associate Professor of German; Coordinator of European Studies (on sabbatical 2014-15)

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Gudrun Hommel joined the Linfield faculty in 1988. She teaches all levels of German language and culture courses. Courses she teaches in English include an Inquiry Seminar (INQS) called “Globetrotters,” German Film and Society, and January Term (JanTerm) courses that focus on the history, art, and science of brewing, which she co-teaches in Germany and Belgium. Prof. Hommel graduated from Gymnasium and received her Abitur in 1975 in Mainz, Germany. In graduate school, Hommel based her dissertation on social criticism through female figures in German crime novels. Her professional interests are the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), film studies, and translating. She is also interested in foreign language pedagogy and the use of technology in foreign language classrooms, popular German culture, German studies, and German politics. Besides teaching, Dr. Hommel has been a proofreader, freelance photographer and freelance translator. 

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Peter Nichols Richardson - Professor of German

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Peter Richardson has been teaching at Linfield since 1980. He specializes in language pedagogy, linguistics, Latin, folklore, German literature and American English. For one month every summer, the 2009 Oregon Professor of the Year visits a tiny village in the Swiss Alps, where he transcribes hundred-year-old documents to be bequeathed to the local museum. As of 2009, he has transcribed nearly 1,300 of these love letters, poorhouse documents, cattle certificates, gravestone inscriptions and more. He is known for his interactive, one-on-one teaching style, which includes bringing in cowbells and butter churns to class to illustrate the lives of Swiss farmers. Dr. Richardson has published several works on Germanic philology and linguistics, folklore literature, applied linguistics, the Swiss German and academic administration. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, hiking, gardening and admiring his ancient Mercedes.

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