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Our students actively participate in collaborative research. Professors in the department have a wide range of academic interests and are able to mentor students in topics such as media technology, mass media history, magazine journalism, political communication and sports media. Students are also welcome to propose their own research topics. Every May, students have the opportunity to showcase their work at Linfield’s Annual Student Collaborative Research and Creative Projects Symposium. Below are snippets of research projects that were presented at past symposia.

Civic Life in McMinnville - Wortman Family
Authors: Samantha Johnson, Jordan Mixsell, Dan Hellinger
Faculty sponsor: Dr. Michael Huntsberger
Project poster

Our project is centered on civic life in McMinnville, Oregon 100 years ago. Our focus was to uncover the media’s representation of this topic. We had the option to choose to cover the local McMinnville government, Linfield College itself, public schools, leading businesses, and/or important civic leaders. We decided to narrow our attention to a particularly prominent family in the McMinnville community at the time. The Wortman family is known for opening the first bank in McMinnville more than 100 years ago and was also influential in local politics and community development.

Daily Life in McMinnville 100 Years Ago
Authors: Ian J. Rapport, Louise Winsnes, Lindsey Hacker
Faculty sponsor:  Dr. Michael Huntsberger
Project poster

The McMinnville 100 Years Ago project is a collaborative research project that has been initiated by Professor Huntsberger’s History of Mass Communication class. This particular project topic focuses on the daily life of Yamhill County in 1912. In order to learn about the daily life of Yamhill County, we analyzed historical evidence from Yamhill County in 1912, such as newspapers, pictures, and journals. With this evidence, we crafted together a thorough portrayal on the daily life of Yamhill County in 1912.

McMinnville 100 Years Ago - Women's Roles
Authors: Alison F. Bouchard, Danielle M. Bruno, Ashleigh Rousselle
Faculty sponsor:  Dr. Michael Huntsberger
Project poster

Our group has focused our research on women’s roles in Yamhill County since 1912.In addition to examining what it was like to be a pioneer woman and how those roles were reflected in the media, we have looked at key figures such as Abigail Scott Duniway, Yamhill County resident and one of the most influential women of the suffrage campaign. Duniway’s life story exemplifies the struggle that pioneer women in Yamhill County endured, from their lack of civil rights to demanding daily schedules. She spent her life making strides for women and was instrumental in passing laws that gave women the right to vote. With our evidence, we have painted a picture of what the lives of women really were one hundred years ago.

McMinnville Agriculture 1912
Authors: Brinn Hovde, Rachel Go, Michael Sanchez
Faculty sponsor: Dr. Michael Huntsberger
Project poster

This presentation is a historical investigation of McMinnville’s agricultural industry approximately 100 years ago. Topics include physical and economic geography of the region: land use, farming, horticulture, field crops, the mill industry, and land registration/farm ownership. Primary and secondary sources include written description, pictorial representation, and legal records retrieved from the Jereld R. Nicholson Library and the McMinnville Public Library.

The Pinot Chronicles: 25 Years of Oregon’s International Pinot Noir Celebration
Authors: Paloma A. Dale, Nicholaus Miles
Faculty sponsors:  Dr. Jeff Peterson, Dr. Michael Huntsberger

This project was a 25-minute documentary video on the history and development of the International Pinot Noir Celebration. A focal point for the wine industry, the IPNC is significant to the economic and cultural life of the Yamhill Valley and the state of Oregon. The event has special importance for Linfield College, which has hosted the IPNC since its inception in 1987. The project relied on historical sources to tell the story of the IPNC as a local enterprise, through the impressions and reflections of the event’s participants and witnesses. The project employed a combination of ethnographic interviewing, artifact analysis and documentary production techniques to achieve an understanding of the origins and evolution of the IPNC.

Transportation in McMinnville 100 Years Ago
Authors: Yin Xiao, Joanna Peterson, Justin Derby
Faculty sponsor: Dr. Michael Huntsberger
Project poster

Our project presents a historical view of transportation and its development in McMinnville in the 1910s, especially in 1912. McMinnville was incorporated as a town in 1876 and became a city in 1882. At the time, people still frequently rode horses (including stagecoaches), and the Yamhill River provided an early artery for pioneer travel and commerce. Then rails expanded in Oregon in the late 1800s and became a popular mode of transportation in the early 20th century. By the 1910s, horses, steamboats, rails, and cars were four major modes of transportation in McMinnville.

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