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Requirements for Majors and Minors

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Department Mission Statement

Mass Communication majors learn to assess the mass media critically and to produce media content responsibly. The department develops citizens who understand the vital role of mediated communication as they adapt to and challenge their environments, both local and global, and who appreciate the importance of freedom of expression in democratic societies. In pursuit of this mission the department integrates practical experience and theoretical knowledge within the context of the liberal arts and sciences.

Goals for the Major

In successfully completing a major in mass communication, students will:

  • learn to critically evaluate information and messages delivered through the mass media;
  • create media content that is original, effective and responsible;
  • comprehend the roles of mediated communication in cultures;
  • understand and value freedom of expression;
  • integrate theoretical, historical and practical knowledge; and
  • be creative in adapting to and challenging their environments

Goals for the Minor

The media studies minor is designed for students whose interests in communication are focused on the origins, structures and implications of the media in American culture and society.  Students critically examine issues related to the power of media in our social, political and legal systems and in popular culture.


The mass communication major is available as a bachelor of arts degree only.

For a major in Mass Communication: 40 credits including 111 or 112, 150, 175, 275, and 485, and additional courses in writing, visual communication and media studies as approved by the academic advisor, and at least one of the following: 370, 375, 378, and 475. Only courses in the major completed with a grade of C- or better may be used to meet prerequisite requirements or count toward the major. No more than 45 credits from Mass Communication can be counted toward graduation. In addition, majors are strongly encouraged to either minor in other disciplines or double major. While 111 and 112 may be taken more than once, only one credit may be applied toward a Mass Communication major.

A major in Mass Communication leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree; students must fulfill the language requirement for that degree.

For a minor in Media Studies: Students complete a core of courses including 111 or 112, 150, and 275. They then select three courses from among 327, 333, 335, 337, 340, 345, 347, 349, 350, 430, 447, 450 and 498 to total 20 credits. Courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better to count toward the minor. The Media Studies minor is not available to Mass Communication majors.

Current majors can download the requirements progress sheet here: Progress Sheet