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Wildstock caters to all audiences

Though Augustana has been announced as the lead band for this year’s Wildstock event, students are still reacting and talking about what they think.

It’s typically impossible to please everyone when making a decision that affects a large group of people, and in this case it is the Linfield student community.

Students all have different tastes in music, which makes it hard to for those on the Linfield Activities Board to decide on a neutral band that should please most students.

As mentioned in a recent editorial, LAB deserves credit for all of the activities they put on.

Wildstock is their largest event that they plan and it is one that takes all year to plan.

LAB’s main challenge is not only coordinating with the band itself but making sure the event runs smoothly.

There is food catered by local restaurants, games, and many other components that LAB plans for the event.

Though this event is funded through student body fee’s, those that are on the activities board try to find an artist that will be worth the cost.

It is easy to be the critic when you’re not planning the event.

Students should remember that all of the students who are on the activities board are also students who have their own commitments as well as planning a major event all year long.

Let’s not to forget to mention all of the other events LAB plans for students to participate in during the week and on the weekends.

Though many students were hoping for a band that would be similar in genre to Ryan Lewis and Macklemore who had performed at Wildstock two years ago.

Although events can be not nearly as fun as they once were when the same type of band plays every year.

Adding variety to the types of bands featured at Wildstock can help make memories of the event more exciting for those that attend it all four years they are at Linfield.

Whether you enjoy Augustana’s alternative/soft rock music or not, it is important to remember that Wildstock is put on for students by students.

-The Review Editorial Board

Agustana brings ‘Boston’ to Wildstock

After months of secrets, rumors and anticipation, Augustana was revealed to be the performing band for Linfield’s Wildstock 2014.

The band was announced through a video reveal created by the Linfield Activities Board after the showing of Frozen in Ice Auditorium on March 15.

“It was so scary revealing the video,” said junior Allison Halley, vice president of programming for the Associated Students of Linfield College. “It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I’m really glad that people know but I’m really nervous to hear people’s reactions.”

Halley, whose main project for the year is planning Wildstock, began searching for performers in December, aiming to make Wildstock a more relaxed and festival-like event that all students could enjoy. After scanning different lists of artists and bands,
Halley had first hoped to have Brandi Carlile perform at Wildstock.

“She was more acoustic and slightly country, so she encompassed the whole festival, outdoor concert feel,” Halley said.

However, Carlile was out of the budgeted price range and instead, Halley went with her second choice of Augustana for $20,000.

“[Augustana’s] type of genre can last forever,” Halley said. “It’s not [so] extreme that it’ll fade away.”

Halley has not booked a band for the opening performance, and is planning on having a Battle of the Bands competition instead. The winning band will get to perform before Augustana comes on.

As for activities that will be happening throughout Wildstock, Halley is planning on having several artistic yet active events for students to participate in. There will be face painting and a sports and intramural gear area, as well as several other activities that have not yet been finalized.

There will also be three options for food, with the usual Thai Country and Rib Slayer booths along with another new option that has also not yet been finalized.

“I wanted the feel of Wildstock to be about the music, and not about the attractions before the concert,” Halley said. “From the get go I had a very distinct vision in my head going into the year, but I wanted to make sure to listen to the student body. I’m hoping the vision I have encompasses a little bit of what everyone wants.”

Samantha Sigler / Editor-In-Chief

Samantha                Sigler       can          be            reached   at

Wildstock 2014 going to be a waste free event

On March 15, the Associated Students of Linfield College office will be announcing this year’s Wildstock performer.

While Wildstock offers students a chance to wind down, relax, and blow off some steam before cramming for their finals, this year Linfield College welcomes several new additions to the event in collaboration with the Office of Sustainability.

Partnering with Prosource Bag L.L.C and Recology, Linfield College will be supplying the Wildstock event with compostable silverware, plates, and cups.

By purchasing compostable products for Linfield students to use when enjoying Thai Country, Rib Slayer, or any of the other local restaurants which cater the event, Linfield College plans to educate the student body on the importance of minimizing their waste stream while moving forward towards a more sustainable zero waste campus.

Roughly three and a half miles south of Linfield College, the Riverbend Landfill run by Waste Management gathers trash from surrounding cities in the Pacific Northwest.

With the Riverbend Landfill in such close proximity to Linfield College, students are given the rare opportunity to see directly where their waste goes and the impact that it has on a community with a rich agricultural history.

Back in May of 2013, The Department of Environmental Quality announced its approval of the Riverbend Landfill’s controversial plan to increase its capacity by building a mechanically-stabilized earthen berm to rise 40-feet along the highway side of the landfill.

With many farmers and community members in opposition of the growth, McMinnville’s best option now seems to be how can we minimize our waste stream.

Also, what steps are we willing to take to do so?

For those interested, The Riverbend Landfill, offers daily tours of the site for individuals to stop by and learn more about the landfill itself and ways in which Waste Management is working to slow its growth.

Along with the procurement of compostable product ware for Wildstock, McMinnville Water & Light will be providing water fill stations for the event.

With the implementation of these stations, students are encouraged to bring their own reusable water bottles as there will be a limited number of compostable cups.

For more information surrounding Wildstock 2014 and its collaboration with The Office of Sustainability, check out www.linfield.edu/sustainability.

Duncan Reid / Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability can be reached at sustainability@Linfield.edu

Students announce Wildstock performers

Outasight and The Ready Set will be the headlining acts for Wildstock 2013, which is slated for May 10.

Junior Evan O’Kelly, vice president of programming for the Associated Students of Linfield College, left the announcement in the hands of 10 students to spread the word around campus.

“We considered different options, but we felt we had an offer we couldn’t refuse,” O’Kelly said.

The Ready Set, a pop band, and Outasight, a rapper, are touring together this year and came as a package deal. This made them more affordable for O’Kelly and Dan Fergueson, director of College Activities,  to choose for Wildstock.

The opening act will be Rootdown, a band that performed at a Pro Cat Cab during spring 2012. Each band will perform for one hour.

“Separately, there was no way we could afford both of them,” O’Kelly said.

Other changes for this Wildstock include Action Sports Entertainment providing secondary entertainment before the performances. There will be field games, such as relay races, football tosses and laser tag for students to participate in while waiting for the show to begin.

There will also be a battle of the bands May 10 and a comedian May 11.

“It will be like a three day festival,” O’Kelly said. “I feel pretty confident with our selection. I think students will really enjoy it.”

Samantha Sigler/News editor

Samantha Sigler can be reached at linfieldreviewnews@gmail.com.

ASLC’S LAB announces Wildstock performers

The anticipation in the room reached its peak as “Macklemore and Ryan Lewis!” flashed across the screen.

The two big-name performers for Linfield’s annual Wildstock festival were announced during an Associated Students of Linfield College Senate meeting Feb. 20.

Wildstock is the end-of-the-year festival put on by the Linfield Activities Board (LAB) complete with food catered by local restaurants, many activities and live music. It will take place on the IM field on May 18.

LAB works throughout the year to organize the event, starting the process of booking the act early in fall semester. Senior Nicole Bond, vice president of programming for LAB, worked with a booking agency to find the headlining act for the event.

“Between brainstorming, making an offer and negotiating the contract, it takes a lot of time and energy,” she said.

She said she feels the hard work has paid off and was excited to finally be able to announce the artists to the student body.

“I worked closely with Dan Fergueson in the booking process, and John McKeegan, Linfield’s lawyer, worked on the contract with us. The three of us were the only people on campus who knew who the Wildstock artist was until Monday night,” Bond said. “It was a hard thing to keep to myself,
especially when everyone involved with ASLC knew what I was doing and continuously asked me about it.”

As it is the largest student event on campus each year, LAB tries to book well-known bands or artists. Last year, the band Parachute performed and the event was a great success.

Bond said she was
happy with the artists that she was able to book this year. Macklemore is a hip-hop artist from Seattle, Wash., who works with Ryan Lewis, a producer and designer also from Seattle.

“I am a fan of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and I know that many of my friends and classmates are too, so I felt pretty confident about my decision,” Bond said. “It’s a little bit out there, since we rarely, if ever, bring rap artists to campus. But I am sure that everyone will enjoy the music. And no matter what, there is something for everyone. Between the music, food, activities and just hanging out with your friends outside on the last day of classes, every student will have a great time.”

Bradley Keliinoi, ASLC vice president, said that he feels that with the chosen artist, Bond has ensured a Wildstock to remember.

“[Bond] scored a big victory with this selection, and the response from the campus has been one of extreme excitement and anticipation,” Keliinoi said. “The countdown has begun to May 18, 2012.”

Bond would like to remind students that there are still ways to get involved through planning an activity with a club. Students can work to make the event even more encompassing and exciting. However, Bond said that either way, students are sure to have a great time.

“It’s just a really fun time to celebrate the end of the school year and spend time with your friends outside while enjoying some delicious food, fun activities, and amazing
entertainment,” she said.

Andra Kovacs/
Senior reporter
Andra Kovacs can be reached at linfieldreviewnews@gmail.com.