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Golf teams take first place spots for 
individual standings in Willamette Cup

Men’s and women’s golf took the top spots in the Willamette Cup tournament April 14.

The women’s team was not able to finish the tournament for team results.

Senior Brinn Hovde tied for first with Willamette’s Mckenzie Weinhold. Both players completed the course in 86 strokes, 14 strokes above par.

Freshman Alexandria Smith came in sixth with 89 strokes.

Freshman Maggie Harlow was one stroke behind in seventh, with 90 strokes.

The men’s team finished first out of three teams at the Willamette Cup on April 14, with 295.

Host team Willamette University got second with 313 strokes.

Freshman Adam Ruben held the top spot for the Wildcats, taking first in the tournament. Ruben completed the course in 68 strokes, four below par.

Sophomore Taylor Klopp, freshman Kyle Hargave and junior Tommy Schmitz finished consecutively in third through fifth place.

Klopp finished with 74 strokes, while Hargave was one stroke behind with 75. Schmitz had one of his best finishes of the year with 78 strokes, just six above par.

Both teams will next compete at the Northwest Conference Championships on  April 20 and 21, which will determine who will get an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.

The men’s team will be fighting to defend its title.


Ivanna Tucker/Sports editor

Ivanna Tucker can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.


’Cats split conference matches

Tyson Takeuchi/Senior photographer
Freshman Kwynn Ecton serves in doubles against Lewis & Clark opponents Lisa Oespyan and Isabella Borris en route to a 8-4 victory.
Tyson Takeuchi/Senior photographer Freshman Kwynn Ecton serves in doubles against Lewis & Clark opponents Lisa Oespyan and Isabella Borris en route to a 8-4 victory.

Tyson Takeuchi/Senior photographer
Freshman Kwynn Ecton serves in doubles against Lewis & Clark opponents Lisa Oespyan and Isabella Borris en route to a 8-4 victory.

Women’s tennis, in matches April 5 and 6, first lost a home-court match to Lewis & Clark College, 8-1, then redeemed itself in an away game against Pacific Lutheran University, winning 6-3.

Inside, due to bad weather on Friday, the ’Cats lost two of their three doubles matches early on, leaving sophomores Kelly Watanabe and Kaila Nip on the No. 3 court to win the only point of the afternoon for Linfield in their doubles match against the Pioneers.

Linfield recently lost a match to Lewis & Clark in a 7-2 match March 22.

“We played very well,” sophomore Katie Krieger said. “We weren’t really expecting to win against a team ranked second, but we did our best and we were happy with our level of commitment.”

At the Pacific Lutheran campus Saturday, women’s tennis was ready to make up for the loss of the day before and played its hardest, winning by the three points it needed to compete for the No. 4 position in the Northwest Conference.

“I knew it was going to be a close match,” said sophomore Gretchen Jernstedt, who won her singles match on Saturday. “I tried not to think too much while I was playing because putting more pressure on myself might have affected how I was playing.”

The team, which was down 2-1 after the doubles matches, did not let the score discourage it going into the singles matches, when Jernstedt, Watanabe, Nip, junior Caroline Brigham and senior Lexi Thomas all won against Pacific Lutheran.

“The bus ride back was really fun. It’s always good bonding with the team, and it was even better since we were excited that we accomplished our goal,” Jernstedt said.

Next up for the Wildcats is a home match against Willamette University on April 12.

“Right now we’re in the number four spot,” Krieger said. “We still haven’t played Willamette, but we’re excited and confident going into that match.”

Linfield played Willamette earlier this season, winning 7-2 against the Bearcats.

After the match against Willamette, the Northwest Conference Tournaments will begin the weekend of April 20 and 21, and they will continue the weekend of May 10 and 11.

Olivia Marovich/Staff writer

Olivia Marovich can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.


Golf teams perform well at weekend tournaments

Both golf teams showcased a positive start at their tournaments this weekend.

The men’s golf team fell from a tie for fourth place to 12th after the final round of the Berry Invitation on March 2 and 3 at Callaway Gardens.

Reigning champion Oglethorpo University held the top spot with a 292, the Wildcats finished with 310.

Freshman Adam Ruben was a standout. He finished the first day with a 74 and finishing the tournament in 23rd place with a 156, only 12 over par.

After the first day, sophomore Taylor Klopp finished in 25th place. At the end of the tournament, Klopp ended in 45th place with a score of 161.

Sophomores Ryan Nolan and Taylor Pirnke shared 35th place at the end of the first day and then Nolan finished 38th and Pirnke fell to 73rd.

The women’s golf team competed at the Pacific Lutheran Invitational on March 2 and 3.

It did not get to finish because of the lack of light causing scores to be based on 16 holes.

Junior Ali Smith finished first overall with 77, followed by senior Brinn Hovde with 88. This was the first top five finish for Hovde.

Freshman Maggie Harlow tied for sixth place with a 92.

The women’s golf team will next compete at the Pacific Invitational on March 9 and 10 at the Reserve.

The men’s team will next compete at the Pacific Invitation on March 9 and 10 at the Reserve.


Ivanna Tucker/ Sports editor

Ivanna Tucker can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.