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Newest television sequel might disappoint its fans

As children, many of us sat in front of our televisions every day to catch the new episode of “Boy Meets World.” This popular show followed Cory Matthews and his friends as they grew from preteens into adults, setting foot into the real world, hence the title.

In November 2012, the Disney Channel revealed that it was in the process of creating a sequel to this once popular sitcom titled “Girl Meets World.”

The show will follow Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley Matthews, as she goes on the same journey that many are familiar with.

This program is a great idea to show the new generation a piece of our childhood that many of us still cherish.

In fact, characters Cory and Topanga have been the ideal model  for relationships since the show first aired. These characters are near and dear to many people’s hearts.

However, the previous lack of success for sequel sitcoms does not play in the show’s favor.

The original run of “Boy Meets World” was successful, running for seven seasons, ending in 2000. “Girl Meets World” could possibly be a success itself but the network may have waited too long to decide to develop it.

The Disney Channel has tried multiple spinoffs of their shows. “Suite Life of Zack and Cody” became “Zack and Cody on Deck.” “That’s So Raven” followed Raven’s brother Cory in “Cory in the House.” “Sonny with a Chance” changed to “So Random.” All of these spinoffs did not show as much success as their precursors.

This show might be doomed to that same fate.

The storyline is something everyone can connect to and viewers from all ages can watch it, including the viewers who watched the original show.

However, not many of them continue to watch the Disney Channel. Maybe the network should consider moving it to ABC Family because it would be on a station that has programs the whole family could watch.

Also, many favorite characters will not be rejoining the cast, such as Rider Strong, who played Shawn, and Will Friedle, who played Eric.

These additional characters made the show memorable to our generation, and without them, it’s just plain old Cory and Topanga.

There are supposed to be characters in the sequel that relate to the previous characters of the original show, but it won’t be the same.

“Girl Meets World” has the potential to be a show that will connect our generation with the youth of today, but Disney has waited too long to bring it back. With its current track record of sequels this show may have a quick end before it even begins.

Disney should consider moving the show to a different channel, or putting some of the original elements back in that will allow our generation to still connect with it. Otherwise, this Disney sequel will flop just like the many before it.

Ivanna Tucker

Sports editor
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‘Glee’ tribute to Madonna is ‘Like a Prayer’

It’s a stated fact that Madonna is one of most influential artists (and arguably the most influential woman) in modern music history, if not ever. She single-handedly renovated music and the way women play a role in it. In 2006 alone, she earned 26.6 million euro, placing her as the world’s highest-earning female singer in the “Guinness Book of World Records.” She’s an icon. So, it’s only fair tribute that “Glee” dedicate an entire episode to her jaw-dropping music during its April 20 show.

The risque episode featured “Vogue,” “Four Minutes” and “Like A Virgin,” among others. Even if the show did turn some of her more famous songs into a rather creepy “High School Musical”-ish dance sequence, the overall effect was brilliant. As advertised, this was far and beyond the most elaborate production the show has created. Non-”Glee” fans should even appreciate this mash-up.

Check out the “Glee” MySpace page to listen to the Madonna-inspired covers. To purchase the music, visit iTunes.

Dominic Baez
Editor-in-chief Dominic Baez can be reached at linfieldrevieweditor@gmail.com

Video courtesy of Fox (will start working April 21)

Online exclusive: ‘Glee’ returns in force

For those who were busy doing homework tonight (who does that?), you missed out on the return of “Glee,” and you missed out on something good.

The season continued after the Glee club won sectionals. Following her suspension in “Sectionals,” cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester blackmails the principal Figgins into allowing her to return to work. Finn and Rachel are now dating, although Finn still is not over Quinn. He breaks up with Rachel, but comes to the realization that he does want to be with Rachel. In the interim, Rachel meets Jesse St. James, the lead singer of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline. But as with every high school, drama soon unfolds. And that does not even deal with the glee coach and his love interest.

Oh, and the video above? That would be Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) re-doing Madonna’s “Vogue.” It’s epic. Check it out.

Dominic Baez
Editor-in-chief Dominic Baez can be reached at linfieldrevieweditor@gmail.com

Video and picture courtesy of Fox