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There’s more to a player than the sport

Junior Colin Nelson believes there is more to a football team than a single player, it’s all of them coming together the makes them win.

Nelson has been involved with football for most of his life. When his family moved to a new town right before he went into third grade. His parents wanted him to meet some new people and since he had already played basketball and baseball he knew that he like sports. He signed up for football right then and has been in it ever since. His senior year, he became a captain, which taught him that football was more than a sport.

“It kind of takes a different dynamic, when you’re looked up to that much by your teammates,” Nelson said. “You really have to be an example on and off the field. I took it seriously and I really tried to help mentor the younger guys and really just be an overall role model.”

He has been on the team for the past three years now, but this was the first year that he stayed in town over the summer to work on his playing. There he was able to play against other school like Western Oregon University and Portland State University, which showed him what it meant to be in a college team.

“Just being here and being around the guys was great,” Nelson said. “ Working out with them, working with the quarterbacks to get the timing down and playing that level of competition made a big difference. I had to learn how to step up and those are pretty invaluable experiences.”

With the additional training, Nelson wants to help bring the team closer to their goal if winning the national championship this year. After ended last season with a “sour taste in their mouths” he is just putting in that extra effort to help get them there.

“I just want to continue improving,” Nelson said. “I’m not that big on stats, I’m more about the team. I want to contribute more and more, every game if I can. Just doing the little things right and doing whatever I can to get us were we want to go.”

When he isn’t on the field practicing, Nelson is studying towards in double major of finance and economics with a minor of sports management. He knew from the start that he wanted to do something in the field of science or business since his mom is a nurse and his father is in business. When he arrived at Linfield he found his calling in an economics class.

“Throughout the course I just got really interested in economics and through that then finance,” Nelson said. “I like understanding how things work and economics for me just really explains a lot about how the world works. I find that really interesting.”

He doesn’t however take these opportunities for granted. He knows first hand that not everyone has the chance to do what they want. His youngest brother, Christian, has autism. Nelson hangs up his cleats to bond with his brother over computers, technology and playing video games, which Christian always “destroys” Nelson in. More than anything else, Nelson accounts Christian for shaping his life.

“It just makes me really thankful for the gifts I have,” Nelson said. “I don’t take it for granted that I can play college football or anything like that, because I can see directly in my family someone who will never have the opportunity. It’s just something that has really influenced me as a person.”

Nelson is looking forward to the rest of the season and the couple of years he has left at Linfield. When he first came to the campus on a tour, he knew it was the place for him.

“For me it was really about the people,” Nelson said. “I looked at a lot of different places, because I played football at a bunch of different places. Here between the coaches and the players that I met, I just felt like this was a place where I could come and I know would improve as a football player and a person and a student. That’s really been the case.”

By Stephanie Hofmann/sports editor


Stephanie Hofmann/sports editor

Wide receiver junior Colin Nelson has played football since the third grade and hasn’t stopped since. Nelson has used  what he learned in his life, on and off the field.


Women’s lacrosse falls hard to Smith College Pioneers, lose 22-5

Senior Lynette Cole scoops a ground ball for the Wildcats during the March 17 match against Smith College.
Tyson Takeuchi/Senior photographer
Senior Lynette Cole scoops a ground ball for the Wildcats during the March 17 match against Smith College. Tyson Takeuchi/Senior photographer

Senior Lynette Cole scoops a ground ball for the Wildcats during the March 17 match against Smith College.
Tyson Takeuchi/Senior photographer

The women’s lacrosse team struggled both offensively and defensively during its match against Smith College on March 17, losing 22-5. This makes its overall record 0-3.

In the first six minutes, the Pioneers already had a four-point lead over the Wildcats. The match began with a couple of quick plays from the Wildcats, showing a chance for strength.

Sophomore Chas Tittle was able to snatch away the opening draw control, while sophomore goalkeeper Kaleigh
Phillips blocked the first goal attempt from the Pioneers. Phillips served as a replacement for freshman Erika Phillipo, who was out on injury.

However, less than a minute later, the Pioneers scored their first goal.

Tittle and junior Shelby Duarte both contributed two goals for the Wildcats.

Sophomore Halee Helgerson scored the Wildcats’ final goal of the game.

For the remainder of the first half and the remainder of the game, the Wildcats remained scoreless.

Smith had a strong lead at the beginning of the second half, 15-5. Phillipo made 10 saves, splitting them each in half.

Senior Lynette Cole was able to scoop five ground balls for the Wildcats.

The Wildcats will next face Allegheny College at 6 p.m. March 18 on the soccer field.

 Ivanna Tucker/Sports Editor

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Small returning team shows potential during first match

With nine returning members and a total team of 12, this is one of the smallest teams women’s tennis has seen in a few years.

“Typically we have two teams, but we didn’t have enough members this year to split in two,” sophomore Katie Krieger said. “It’s nice to have everyone on one team, practicing together, because we can see each other play and grow as a team.”

In the past, red and purple teams have divided competing and non-competing members. However, with the smaller numbers this year, a combined team has allowed all members the opportunity to compete.

“With a smaller team, we can get more individual attention from our coaches and improve as players,” Jernstedt said in praise of her team.

With two coaches, head coach Amy Dames Smith and assistant coach Brint Kingzett, the players will certainly get the support they desire.

“We have two amazing coaches. They’re both really helpful and have definitely led to my improvement these past two years,” Krieger said.

With one player back from an injury and another cleared after suffering from bronchitis, this weekend looks like it could turn out to be the comeback the Wildcats need to propel them toward the league championship.

The team fought for its first wins while at  home Feb. 23 and 24. The Wildcats defeated Whitworth University, 5-4 on Feb. 24 and George Fox University 7-2 on Feb. 23.

Women’s tennis hosted Pacific Lutheran University in its second league match of the season Feb. 15. A close loss at 4-5 marks a rocky season for the experienced team. This fourth match of the season is its fourth consecutive loss.

Even so, there is still hope that the season will turn around soon.

“Our first two matches [against Portland State and Santa Cruz] don’t count toward our league championship chances so there is still time to improve and have a great season,” sophomore Gretchen Jernstedt said.


Olivia Marovich/ Staff writer

Olvia Marovich can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.

Golf teams perform well at weekend tournaments

Both golf teams showcased a positive start at their tournaments this weekend.

The men’s golf team fell from a tie for fourth place to 12th after the final round of the Berry Invitation on March 2 and 3 at Callaway Gardens.

Reigning champion Oglethorpo University held the top spot with a 292, the Wildcats finished with 310.

Freshman Adam Ruben was a standout. He finished the first day with a 74 and finishing the tournament in 23rd place with a 156, only 12 over par.

After the first day, sophomore Taylor Klopp finished in 25th place. At the end of the tournament, Klopp ended in 45th place with a score of 161.

Sophomores Ryan Nolan and Taylor Pirnke shared 35th place at the end of the first day and then Nolan finished 38th and Pirnke fell to 73rd.

The women’s golf team competed at the Pacific Lutheran Invitational on March 2 and 3.

It did not get to finish because of the lack of light causing scores to be based on 16 holes.

Junior Ali Smith finished first overall with 77, followed by senior Brinn Hovde with 88. This was the first top five finish for Hovde.

Freshman Maggie Harlow tied for sixth place with a 92.

The women’s golf team will next compete at the Pacific Invitational on March 9 and 10 at the Reserve.

The men’s team will next compete at the Pacific Invitation on March 9 and 10 at the Reserve.


Ivanna Tucker/ Sports editor

Ivanna Tucker can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.