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Starbucks incorporates Linfield history

The controversy over bringing Starbucks, a large chain store, onto campus is all too familiar.

Some people argue that large chain stores are not good for the Linfield College image, while others love their coffee and are ecstatic to see Starbucks move onto campus.

Whatever side you are on, we can all agree that Starbucks did a great job at integrating the Linfield spirit into its style and layout.

You can go into a Starbucks in pretty much any state in the U.S. and it will look similar to every other Starbucks you have been in.

However, Linfield’s Starbucks is unique and applauded the organization for allowing Linfield to customize the coffee shop to fit the needs and wants of the student population.

Photos from the Linfield College archives cover the walls and give a comfy, warm ambiance.

These photos bring unique pieces of history to the new Starbucks.

It is nice that students have the opportunity to look at and learn about Linfield history and traditions while drinking their coffee.

A photo of the 1947 Linfield Review Staff hangs on one wall and is a great sense of pride for the current newspaper staff.

Other clubs and sports on campus also appreciate that the history of their organization is also being showed off on the walls of the new Starbucks.

Although many current students were not at Linfield before the Old Oak fell on Jan. 8, 2008, it is still a great source of pride for current Linfield students and alumni.

The Old Oak is a symbol of Linfield College and because of this, many students were happy to see pieces of the Old Oak featured in the new Starbucks.

The overall feel of the shop feels much more warm and welcoming than if it had looked like every other Starbucks in the nation.

The little additions have made a huge difference in making Starbucks feel like it wants to be a part of Linfield, rather than overtake it like many assume a big business wants to.

Ultimately, whether or not you like Starbucks being on campus, you can appreciate the organization’s effort to make the new coffee shop fit in with Linfield culture and history.


-The Review Editorial Board

Linfield Sodexo delays Starbucks construction


The Fred Meyer Lounge was remodeled during January. Some of the renovations included new furniture, a paint job and media accessories.

Despite plans to introduce a full-service Starbucks in O’Riley’s coffee shop space in time for the spring semester, Linfield Sodexo is pushing back the construction process to June 3.

The decision to postpone the project, which was slated to take place during January Term, came after Bill Masullo, general manager of Linfield Sodexo, and Allison Horn, director of auxiliary services, re-evaluated the construction schedule.

Moving the Starbucks project to coincide with the renovation of Dillin Hall this summer proved to be more cost effective. Additionally, it eases the burden on the incoming contractors who otherwise would have had to make numerous trips, Masullo explained.

Although Starbucks is on hold for now, plans to remodel the Fred Meyer Lounge were in full swing during January, leaving the space ready for use in time for the new semester.

The Fred Meyer Lounge received a new paint job and furniture. The floors were refinished, and the Wildcat logo was added, Masullo said.

The Office of Academic Affairs funded the media portion of the space, which includes a flat screen TV, Horn added. There is also a built-in sound system.

In addition, the old wood-burning fireplace was converted to gas. Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, is safekeeping the controls, Horn said.

Originally, there were plans to open up the space to the coffee shop. However, the entrances had to remain the same because of structural issues, Masullo said.

Even so, the Starbucks space will be arranged differently than the
current café. The tables will be made from Linfield’s famous old oak tree. And, historical photos will adorn the walls.

Students will have the opportunity to see the floor plans after spring break. Masullo and Horn said they plan to post them up outside of the space.

“It was disappointing for everyone when the project was pushed back. But, [the Starbucks] is still coming, and it will be an improvement when everyone gets back to campus,” Horn said.

Jessica Prokop


Jessica Prokop can be reached at linfieldrevieweditor@gmail.com.

Photo by Jessica Prokop