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Wildcats claim home field advantage for NWC tournament

Facing their last opponents of the season before the Northwest Conference tournament, the Wildcats captured the No. 1 spot in the conference after winning three of the four games against Willamette University on April 14 and 15.

The Wildcats took the field knowing that any more losses would put them at jeopardy of losing the home field advantage for the NWC tournament. For the first game of the day, Linfield started out behind the Bearcats, when they scored their first run during the second inning. Coming back, the Wildcats scored three runs during the fourth inning. Senior Staci Doucette hit a home run, allowing herself and fellow senior Emilee Lepp to score. Freshman Kate Hasty also scored off a throwing error made by Willamette’s catcher.

Linfield scored its final two runs of the game during the seventh inning. Doucette hit a second home run, and junior Karleigh Prestianni was able to score off a single hit by sophomore Katy Brosig.

Willamette made a final attempt to catch up, but only managed to score two more runs, ending the game 5-3.

Starting their final game of the day, the Wildcats scored the first three runs of the game in the second inning. All three runs were scored off a home run hit by Brosig. During the third inning, Prestianni hit a double putting freshman Grace Middelstadt in scoring position, and Linfield scored its fourth run. Scoring Linfield’s final run was Lepp, who scored off a single hit by Doucette in the fifth inning.

The Wildcats held off the Bearcats for the rest off the game, allowing Linfield to win 5-2.

Linfield had the home field advantage when facing Willamette for the first double header of the weekend. Losing the first game against the Bearcats, 2-0, the Wildcats came back and won the second game, 8-0.

With this weekend’s wins, Linfield remains in the No. 1 spot for the Northwest Conference. The Wildcats will host the Northwest Conference tournament April 21 and 22.

“Once the Conference tournament starts, we have to forget about everything that happened earlier this season because none of that matters anymore,” sophomore Ashley Garcia said. “What matters is taking the tournament.”

While the team had hoped for no losses this season, senior Jaydee Baxter said that the team feels good about the upcoming NWC tournament.

“We didn’t want to lose any games, but it’s nice going in being the first place team, having home field advantage and being the number one seeded team,” Baxter said.

With the seniors all playing their last conference game before the NWC tournament, Baxter passes on advice for younger players based on her own experience.

“We work hard and we have really long practices,” Baxter said. “Jackson expects a lot from us, and so just having the mentality of working hard and doing your best to win games and doing things right really helps.”

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’Cats catch wins over Bruins

Senior Jaydee Baxter dives into third base before scoring a run during the game against George Fox University on April 7 at Del Smith Stadium. Joel Ray/Staff Photographer

The Wildcats blew away the competition at home April 6 and 7. Facing off with George Fox University, Linfield competed in four games against the Bruins, winning all four of them.   Linfield added another win to its record after the second game of the day on April 7. The Wildcats won 7-0.

Starting the game off, senior Jaydee Baxter scored off of a single to center field hit by sophomore Katy Brosig during the first inning.   Baxter scored again in the third inning.

During the Wildcats’ fifth inning, four runs were scored. With only two hits in the fourth inning, Baxter and freshman Grace Middelstadt scored off a single by senior Staci Doucette.

Senior Emily Lepp also scored after junior Karleigh Prestianni was called out after a fly ball to center field. Last to score that inning was Doucette, after a single to right field.

Scoring for a fourth time, Baxter earned the final run of the game off a double hit by Brosig.

Earlier in the day, the Wildcats had another game against the Bruins. Taking an early lead, Linfield earned five runs during the first inning. Baxter scored the first run, followed by a home run by Prestianni with the bases loaded. This allowed Brosig, Doucette and Lepp to score.

The Wildcats scored another five runs in the sixth inning. Freshman Kate Hasty scored after a double hit by sophomore Ashley Garcia to right field. Junior Megan Wallo scored off of a double by senior Jordan Mixsell. Freshman Erin Carson hit a single allowing sophomore Kristin Herren to score another run.

After a single off of a bunt from Baxter, both Middelstadt and Mixsell scored, rounding out the score, 10-4.

With two games on April 6, Linfield started off the competition against George Fox with two wins, putting Linfield’s Northwest Conference record at 21-2.

The Wildcats’ next home game will be against Willamette on April 14.

“Willamette will definitely come ready to play. These teams will bring their best to the games and will put up a fight,” freshman Lisa Yamamoto said. “We just have to focus one game at a time and make sure not to look past any opponent.”

With the season coming to a close, the team will be preparing for the Northwest Conference Tournament, which will happen on April 21.

“The NWC tournament will bring out the best in teams,” Yamamoto said. “This is the time where teams have the opportunity to play one last time after the season and will determine if they go to the post-season. We will have some competition, but we will have played against all the teams by the time of the tournament, so we will have a good idea of what we are up against and we can prepare accordingly.”

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Wildcats lose NWC lead to the Lutes

The softball team cheers on senior Jaydee Baxter as she crosses the plate after hitting a home run in the fifth inning against Pacific Lutheran University on March 11 at Del Smith Stadium. Joel Ray/Staff photographer

The Wildcats swung away at the competition on March 10 and 11 at the Del Smith Stadium.

Linfield battled in a doubleheader against Pacific Lutheran University on March 11.

Facing off with the Lutes, the Wildcats met their first loss of the season.

Linfield took a short lead of 3-2 during the first inning.

The Wildcats lost the lead after the second inning when Pacific Lutheran scored three more runs. Inching ahead, the Lutes continued to outscore the Wildcats, beating them 9-5.

“Pacific Lutheran is a good team. They hit the ball pretty well and match up well against us. We had several good games with them last year”, senior Staci Doucette said. “We [know] that they are going to come at us with everything they have.”

Concluding their second game against the Lutes, the Wildcats lost 6-2. Linfield led the second game 2-0 until the seventh inning, when the Lutes scored all six of its runs.

“Our hitting and pitching are both very strong and compliment each other well”, senior Jaydee Baxter said. “Something bigger than that though is our ability to stay level headed. We play a very mental game that is based on failure and our team has the ability to stay mentally tough and find success no matter who is playing well. We find ways to win even in the face of adversity.”

Starting off the weekend, the softball team faced off for a doubleheader with the University of Puget Sound on March 10.

Kicking off the game, the Loggers were first to step up to the plate.

The Wildcats took the second inning by storm, scoring 12 of their 15 runs.

The frenzy of runs started when Baxter hit the ball into centerfield, bringing in senior Jordan Mixsell and freshman Kate Hasty.

The scoring continued as the Wildcats cycled through the lineup.

Junior Karleigh Prestianni hit the only home run of the game, bringing in Doucette and herself for two more runs.

The Loggers scored their first and only run during the fourth inning.

Earning the last few runs of the game during the fourth inning, freshman McKenna Spieth brought in fellow freshman Lisa Bennett.

Senior Emilee Lepp hit a triple, bringing in Spieth for another run.

The final run of the game was scored by Lepp, off a single by freshman Lisa Yamamoto.

This ended the game 15-1 after the Loggers’ fifth inning at bat.

For Linfield’s second game of the day, the Wildcats pulled ahead early in the game and scored six runs in the first inning.

The game ended in the fifth inning with a score of 8-0.

The Wildcats are second in the Northwest Conference standings, behind Pacific Lutheran.

The team will play against Pacific University on March 17 in Forest Grove, Ore., and then they will play against Lewis & Clark University on March 18 at home in Del Smith Stadium.

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/Sports editor
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Lady ’Cats can’t be stopped

Senior catcher Emilee Lepp protects the plate during the game against Pacific University in the fourth inning March 4 at Del Smith Stadium. Kaylyn Peterson/Sports editor

Junior Karleigh Prestianni steps up to the plate during the first game of the day against Pacific University on March 4 at Del Smith Stadium. Kaylyn Peterson/Sports editor

The week started off in a haze of rain and snow for the Wildcats, but that didn’t stop the softball team from playing and winning during the busy week.

After a few postponed games, the Wildcats came back and played a total of eight games from Feb. 26 to March 4, winning them all.

On March 4, the Wildcats played a doubleheader against Pacific University. Both games finished with a score of 8-0, ending in the fifth inning.

Not wasting anytime, the Wildcats scored three runs in the first inning. The first two runs were brought in by a single senior Staci Doucette hit up the middle. Doucette later scored off a double by junior Karleigh Prestianni. The next two runs were scored in the second inning, off of a double hit by senior Jaydee Baxter. Two more runs were brought in during the fourth inning. Baxter and freshman Grace Middelstadt both scored.  Ending the game, Linfield earned a final run in the fifth inning, when freshman Kate Hasty scored off a single hit by junior Jordan Mixsell.

While the team has been successful with an undefeated season so far, the team is still working out any glitches it might have.

“The biggest challenge we have had to face is just getting used to a new middle infield,” sophomore Ashley Garcia said. “Having to put new people there has been a good challenge for us. It has made us grow together a bit more because the veteran infielders have had to step up and help out the newbies more and they have been doing a great job staying positive and encouraging us.”

The Wildcats traveled to Portland, Ore. to play two games against Lewis & Clark University on March 3. Not loosing any speed from their wins from earlier in the week, Linfield took to the field and played both defensively and offensively, not letting anyone score, except themselves. The first game of the day ended with a score of 8-0. The second game of the day was no different, when the Wildcats out scored the Pioneers, 11-0.

The team competed against Whitworth University for four games on Feb. 26 and 27. During the teams first game against the Pirates, the Wildcats ended the game in only six inning, outscoring Whitworth, 13-2.

Continuing with their winning streak, the Wildcats ended another game early with the Pirates, and only playing five innings. Linfield scored 10 runs, while Whitworth only scored 1.

The streak of high scoring games continued for the Wildcats in the games against Whitworth. Starting off the game, after a location change due to snow, the Wildcats bagged two more wins, ending their first game of the day with a score of 10-1. The second game was finished in only five innings, and scored 15 runs. Whitworth only brought in two runs during the game.

“Weather just makes the season a little bit longer which is okay with me because that just means I get to spend more time with my teammates,” Garcia said. “It also gives us a bit of an advantage over teams that play in warmer weather because we know how to play in it and they generally take longer to adjust.”

The Wildcats will play again against the University of Puget Sound on March 10 at home in Del Smith Stadium. Then the team will play again March 11, and the team will face off with Pacific Lutheran University.

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Softball brings in the new season with a win

Senior Emilee Lepp edges forward in attempt to steal home plate during the second inning of the game against Concordia University on Feb. 22 at Del Smith Stadium. Kaylyn Peterson/Sports editor

The Division three softball champions returned to the newly dedicated Del Smith field to reclaim their title Feb. 22. The Wildcats kicked off their season with a doubleheader game against Concordia University. Ready to start its season, the team is determined and focused.

“There’s definitely going to be a good deal of competition in our conference this year,” senior Jordan Mixsell said. “Our game doesn’t really care about who you are or what your reputation is. All that matters is who shows up to play that day. It will be important for us to keep our intensity up for every game, no matter the opponent.”

Starting the day off at 3:30 p.m., the first game of the season commenced. Not letting Concordia score, Linfield was the first to put points up on the board. Sophomore Ashley Garcia scored the first point of the game, hitting a  home run over the fence in left field during the second inning.

Concordia temporally pulled ahead by scoring two points during the beginning of the fourth inning, only to lose the lead in the second half off the inning when Mixsell scored off of sophomore Katy Brosig’s double. Later that inning, Brosig and senior Jaydee Baxter scored off of a triple hit by senior Emilee Lepp.

Linfield continued its lead into the sixth inning, where it scored three more runs, winning the game 7-3.

Not wasting any time, the team continued the doubleheader, starting a second game with Concordia.

Once again, Linfield took an early lead by putting two points on the scoreboard during the first inning. Lepp hit a double to center field, allowing freshman Grace Middelstadt to score.

The second run of the inning was scored off a sacrifice hit by senior Staci Doucette, which brought in Baxter.

The third inning proved to be a successful one, with the team bringing in five runs. Junior Karleigh Prestianni hit a home run, which also brought in junior Rachelle Ridout and Lepp.

A second home run by sophomore Haylie Watson during the inning also brought in sophomore Kristin Herren.

During Linfield’s final inning at bat, the team scored two more points after a second home run made by Prestianni.

The second game ended with a score of 10-3, putting the Wildcats record at 2-0.

The Wildcats were intended to play three doubleheaders against Whitworth University on Feb. 25- 27, however the first day of the competition was postponed due to high winds.

“We definitely have high hopes for this season,” sophomore Shelby VandeBergh  said.

“We have talented returners and also a great freshmen class this year,” she said. “With that combination, I think we can do really well. I think we are all just looking forward to getting back on the field together as a team.  We want to come together as a team and play our best softball at the end of the year.”

Ready for their next games, the team puts major emphasis on the team as a whole.

“What’s great about our team is that everyone has a role,” VandeBergh said. “Not one player carries the whole team. I think that goes back to our team motto, “as one.” Each person on the team has a role that is necessary for our success.”

With their final season starting, the seniors hope to pass something on the younger players.

“There’s a bond on our team that is unlike any other that I have been on and I hope that tradition of strong team chemistry continues,” Harvey said.

“It’s up to them what they want to make of their experience, but I know they will make it as enjoyable as possible.”

The softball teams next competition is  on March 4 against Lewis & Clark University in Portland and March 5 at home against Pacific University.

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