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Softball officially wins the Conference Championship

The softball team continues on their road to the National Championship with three wins and one loss this weekend against Willamette University.

For the first two games on April 12 the ’Cats faced off on their home field against the Bearcats. The two games were a back-to-back battle against the two teams.

There wasn’t a single run until the second inning when Linfield got three runs. Although the Bearcats got a run in at the fourth inning, they weren’t able to get another one before the end of the game. Linfield finished up the game with a run in the fifth inning.

The second game was much closer with the ’Cats only winning by one point, with a final score of 2-1.  Linfield got the first run in the first inning followed by a tied up 0-0 second inning. The bearcats were able to catch up in the third inning with a run making the score 1-1. The ’Cats were left hitless until the fifth inning where they got their last run of the game, finishing this intense game.

The next day Linfield travelled away Willamette University to play two more back-to-back games which the ’Cats won one and lost the other at, 16-2 and 2-10.

The softball team went back to their winning way with getting a run for every hit they made. The ‘Cats made at least one run every inning until the fourth neither team made a single run. Linfield had an explosive third inning with eight runs and five hits. The Bearcats got two runs and three hits the entire game, but where mostly shutout by pitchers senior Karina Paavola and junior Montana McNealy.

In the next game, Willamette  turned their performance around by letting the ‘Cats only getting five hits and two runs the entire game. The game started off slow with a beginning lead for Linfield with a run in the first inning, but then the Bearcats had an explosive fourth inning getting five runs. Willamette sealed the fate of the game in the sixth inning with four more runs.

The softball team finished their conference season and now moves towards the road to the NCAA III Finals. The ’Cats will next be playing at the NWC Tournament at home on April 18 and 19.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor


Wildcats sink the Pirates in four weekend games

The softball team crushed the Whitworth University Pirates in the away games at Spokane, Wash. on April 5-6.

The Wildcats continued their winning streak with a back-to-back win ending 7-3 and 2-0. Senior Shelby VandeBergh and Senior Karina Paavola and Junior Montana McNealy got 27 strikeouts. Linfield started off the games right of the bat with 3 runs in the first inning and never gave up that edge. In the fifth inning the ‘Cats got yet another 3 runs to make the final score of 7 runs.

In the next game the Wildcats completely shutout the Pirates. Linfield got the two runs in the sixth inning to make their final score and held off the ’Cats for the last inning.

The second part of the weekend doubleheader, the Wildcats destroyed the Pirates again with the score of 6-0 and 5-3. The ’Cats went back and fourth for two innings before an explosive third inning and then another in the seventh inning, while also shutting out the other team the entire time.

In the second game, the first inning went by uneventful and then in the second inning the Wildcats got two innings, but then the Pirates went ahead with three runs. The ’Cats got back on top with three runs in the fourth inning. The rest of the game was a back-to-back no score between the two teams.

The softball team will next be against Willamette University at home on April 12 starting at noon.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor


Softball warms up weekend but ends with a loss

It was a winning week for the Linfield softball team as they defeated Pacific University Boxers four times with scores 5-4, 3-2, 10-1 and 7-2.

Their first two games took place at home on  March 12 as a make-up for the games they didn’t play in the pre-season due to rainy weather. In the first game, the Wildcats made an exciting comeback in the bottom of the third inning after being down three runs to the Boxers. With RBI’s from third baseman senior Ashley Garcia, designated hitter freshman Erin Kinney and first baseman senior Haylie Watson. It was evident that the ’Cats were beginning to find their game again with a tied score of 3-3. The ’Cats last two runs came in the bottom of the fifth with a home run by Kinney and an unearned run in the bottom of the eighth by junior right fielder Erin Carson.

The second game against the Boxers was another exciting one with the ’Cats scoring in the bottom of the first and bottom of the second. However, Pacific responded in the top of the fourth and sixth inning as the score was tied 2-2. The ’Cats would come up clutch again in the bottom of the sixth with an RBI credited to Garcia.

“With five starting seniors, we have a lot of leadership and experience on the field,” Garcia said. “But the younger players are making a huge impact on the team. This weekend, we get to face Pacific again and these are huge games when it comes to clinching another conference title. As seen tonight, Pacific always brings their best game, so we are looking forward to potentially having two more exciting games.”

However, the Wildcat softball team swept the plate on March 15 with scores 10-1 and 7-2. In the fourth inning, the Wildcats brought in seven runs with RBI’s credited to Carson, Kinney, junior catcher McKenna Spieth, Garcia, and freshman left fielder Danielle Duman. With no response by the Boxers, the ’Cats scored three more runs with an RBI from Spieth and two RBI’s from Brosig. The second game was no different with a score of 7-2, ’Cats. The Wildcats started strong in the first inning with runs from Yamamoto, Duman, and Carson. The next three runs would come from Spieth, and Brosig in the top of the third. Pacific responded with two runs, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the strong pitching from senior Karina Paavola.

“We all share this love for the game and desire to become the best players we are capable of becoming,” said freshman second baseman McKenzie Schmoll. “We put complete faith in each other, and we are always prepared to pick each other up if need be.”

The Wildcats had two more games to complete on March 16 against the George Fox University Bruins. This was no easy task. With both games going into the 10th inning, it was evident that the ’Cats would need their best game. After taking a hard loss to the Bruins in the first game losing 2-0, the Wildcats responded strong with a clutch run in the bottom of the 10th inning with RBI credited to Schmoll.

The next appearance by the Wildcats will be during Spring Break as the ’Cats Women’s Softball team heads to Texas for competition. As they begin to hit the meat of their season, there is no doubt that the ’Cats will continue to progress and compete in hopes of returning to the NCAA Regional Championships.

Casie Gaza/Senior sports reporter


Senior Karina Paavola pitches during the second game against the Bruins where the Wildcats lost 1-0.

Spencer Beck/Staff Photographer

Senior Katy Brosig waits for the Bruin player to hit the ball in one of the back-to-back games against George Fox University.

Spencer Beck/Staff Photographer

Freshmen Danielle Duman waits for the incoming ball while being outfield during the two games on March 16 against George Fox University.

Spencer Beck/Staff Photographer

’Cats dominate in back-to-back games

The undefeated softball team kept up its winning steak this weekend against Pacific Lutheran University and Puget Sound University with back-to-back games.

The Wildcats team defeated the Lutes despite the poor weather conditions on March 2 with final scores of 3-0, 6-1.

Senior pitcher Karina Paavola pitched all seven innings of the first game striking out nine players and never let the Lutes get past second base. The team secured their win in the later innings with single runs to get a score of 3-0.

The ’Cats continued to run past the Lutes during the second game that day. The two teams started off at a stand off with neither one getting a single run in until the sixth inning. Pacific Lutheran got on the board first with a single run before giving the ball back to Linfield. That’s when the Wildcats got six unanswered runs, one right after the other. The Cats then held the Lutes for the final inning, striking them out to a final score of 6-1.

Linfield continued its undefeated streak after winning the two games against Puget Sound University on March 8 with final scores of 9-1, 9-1.

The ’Cats started the first game an explosion of runs in the second inning after no one being on the board yet. Linfield brought in five runs before the end of the inning with the first one being from a hit by senior Haylie Watson. The Loggers finally got on the board with a run in the fourth inning, however once the ’Cats were at bat they got four more runs sealing their win.

Linfield got ready for its final game that would determine if this would be another winning weekend. The Wildcats didn’t wait long to get ahead, getting on the board first with three runs in the first inning. The Loggers got their only run in the fourth inning like the last game and also like the first inning the ‘Cats proceeded to pull even farther ahead with three more runs. Going into the fifth inning the ‘Cats didn’t want to make the game last any longer so they sealed the Loggers fate by getting 3 more runs making the final score, 9-1.

The softball team will play Pacific University at 5 p.m. on March 12 at home.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor



Senior Katy Brosig runs to the next base during one of the games against University of Puget Sound on March 8, which the Wildcats won 9-1.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird

Junior Montana McNealy pitches toward a University of Puget Sound player that the Wildcats won 9-1 for both games.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird

Softball continue its undefeated streak

The softball team kept it’s perfect record intact beating George Fox University in back-to-back games away on March 1, (10-02), (03-02).

The Wildcats beat the Bruins in the first game with a score of ten runs to two in a six-inning span.

The ‘Cats scored at least one run during the whole game, but George Fox kept up with them all the way through the second inning.

Senior Haylie Watson and junior McKenna Spieth both hit solo home runs in the second and their innings, pushing the Wildcats ahead. From that point on Linfield never looked back.

Watson didn’t stop at just one home run however, with another in the sixth inning, which marked the second to last run made that game.

The ’Cats continued to dominate the Bruins in their second, closer game that ending in the ninth inning with a final score of three runs to two. The two teams went back and forth with strike outs with a couple of hits thrown in there.

Junior Grace Middelstadt delivered the game-winning blow to the left-center field in the final inning that tied up the longer of the two games.

The Wildcats had a game canceled on March 2 due to weather conditions, so it will be moved to a new date later this week. The ’Cats next set game is March 8 against Puget Sound University and March 9 against Pacific Lutheran University both starting at noon.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor