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Turn your sex life green

As an environmental studies major and the author of this sex column, I think I have found the most awesome thing: green sex! I know, I know, there’s that word again: “green.”

Many people are sick of it, especially when it’s only used as a marketing ploy or plastered on something that isn’t environmentally friendly or sustainable. And paired with sex—how can sex be more environmentally friendly?

The company is Scarlet Girl based in Portland with another location in the San Francisco Bay Area. Similar to Pure Romance, this company employs consultants who throw “pleasure par- ties” all across the country and it sells online. What makes it different is its “green practices.”

It does all the expected sustainable actions a company would do. It uses electronic means when accept- able, recycles paperwork with no sensitive information (shreds and recycles the rest) and reuses any kind of boxes for shipment. It even gathers and donates phones to domestic abuse prevention organizations.

But there’s something that makes this company really stand out. Scarlet Girl recycles sex toys, and it is the only adult company to do so. Portlandia episode, any- one? It sounds awful and unsanitary, but it’s not what first comes to mind. The toys are not reused. Rather, they are broken down in a method developed by an environmental engineer and recycled by OSHA and EPA regulations.

They also provide toys that are more eco-friendly, such as a solar powered bullet, a hand powered vibrator and various rechargeable toys. There are also vegan and water- based lubricants.

For customers who want to be greener, there are recommended alternatives to birth control and safe sex.

The hormones from hormonal birth control are released into waterways by urine, a contributor to excess estrogen in the environment.

Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are an alternative because they use fewer hormones than the pill, patch or ring during a long period of time.

Condoms are another option to reduce hormones in the body and released into the environment, but they create waste.
Besides the traditional condoms, there are a few other options that are veg- an, hypoallergenic and bio- degradable, but each has a trade-off that must be considered. For example, lamb- skin condoms are natural but they are obviously not vegan, and do not protect against STDs.

Kourtney Bailey

Sex Columnist

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HPV continues to be hot sex topic

During the Republican Presidential Debate that occurred last week, sexual health was brought up. Rick Perry’s mandate of Human Papillomavirus vaccines requires girls at the age of 11 or 12 to receive the shots to prevent HPV. The idea of the vaccine is to prevent cervical cancer in later years.

When the topic was brought up to Michele Bachmann, she responded that innocent little girls should not be legally required to get the shot, a shot that would prevent a deadly cancer. Bachmann also believes that the shot could cause mental retardation. The Center for Disease Control has no reports of this being a risk of the shot.

A big argument against the requirement of the vaccine is that it might give young girls permission and a reason to engage in sexual activity. This is a ridiculous argument. A vaccine that prevents cancer does not clear all dangers of sex. To aid, girls should be informed while getting the shot that there are many, many other risks besides HPV. This argument also calls on the idea of purity of young women. It also seems to me that it is assumed girls would not make the choice of abstaining from sex if given the choice.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease, and it causes most cervical cancers, as well as other types. I know I covered HPV last year, but it is such an enormous concern, especially with false information being spread around, that I thought it deserved to be discussed again. HPV can be spread through sexual intercourse, anal sex, oral sex and also simple genital-to-genital contact.

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