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Chaplain’s team hosts traditional Celtic service in celebration of Saint Patrick


A candle lit table displayed the celtic cross and an icon of Jesus Christ

Students and members of the community gathered for the annual, traditional Celtic worship in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday, March 19 in the Pioneer Reading Room.

“The Celtic tradition is a rich, expressive form of the Christian religion,” Chaplain Dave Massey.

Massey and members of the chaplain’s team organized the candlelight service and invited musicians from around the community to perform traditional hymns and reels.

“We’re delighted to be here and celebrate Saint Patrick and the Celtic Christian tradition,” Ted Yuen, pastor of the McMinnville Covenant Church, said.

Yuen, who arranged the service’s music program, performed the mandolin and fiddle, as well as vocals.

“This is probably our fourth or fifth year doing this here,” Yuen said,

Accompanying Yuen on the guitar was Howie Harkema, operations Manager of St. Barnabas Soup Kitchen in McMinnville.

Locals Melanie Jansen on bass, Angela Jansen on vocals and fiddle, Bill Nippoldt on guitar and a handmade Irish drum and Jeff Elliott on vocals, completed the group of performers.

“We’re delighted to be here and celebrate Saint Patrick and the Celtic Christian tradition,” Yuen said,

“Because, before corned beef and cabbage and great beer, there was Saint Patrick and he was given a lot of credit for bringing the gospel to Ireland.”

Song sheets were provided to audience members that featured participatory prayers that were read between song performances.

Several students of the chaplain’s team read lectionary lectionary readings for Saint Patrick’s Day, followed by a moment of silent meditation that was concluded by instrumental reflection.

The participants were invited to prayer around the cross as the musicians played Caim Dé.

The musicians continued to play traditional Irish songs after the service concluded.

Local musicians gathered to play traditional Celtic worship songs on a variety of instruments.

Local musicians gathered to play traditional Celtic worship songs on a variety of instruments.tic













“I was invited and I came because I thought it would be a really wonderful experience,” freshman Jenny Gorman said,

“I really like that we had the lyrics.”

For more information about services and the chaplain’s team, contact Chaplain Dave Massey at dmassey@linfield.edy

Chrissy Shane/Features editor

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A Taste of Service: Student volunteers participate in annual service event

One of six student service teams participating in Taste of Service volunteers at Miller Woods, which is one of many local sites assigned to the different groups. Taste of Service is an annual event for freshmen and transfer students, giving them the opportunity to serve the McMinnville community. Photo courtesy of Kit Crane

A group of students volunteer at Miller Woods, doing their part in serving the community as well as participating in an annual campus event Sept. 17. Photo courtesy of Kit Crane

During a morning of community service, a small group of students huddled among stacks of canned food in the Yamhill County Action Partnership food bank, receiving instructions to sort the food. The group was one of six student service teams participating in the Taste of Service event Sept. 17 in the McMinnville Community.

Along with work at the YCAP food bank, 80 students clocked in more than three hours of service at Miller Woods, Barbra Boyer Farms, Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, YCAP Transitional Housing and McMinnville Senior Center.

The service event was specifically designed for first year students and it satisfied a requirement for their Colloquium courses, said senior Lori McEwen, director of alternative spring break and first year community service programs.

“It’s important for freshmen to get involved early so that they can become more aware of the needs of the community and can allow themselves time to create better relationships with community partners,” McEwen said.

Participating students completed projects such as weeding flower beds and gardens, organizing building supplies and sorting household goods.

Freshman Kevin Ramero was the assistant site manager at the YCAP food bank service site, where he said he had served at a food bank before and viewed community service as an important aspect of college.

“It definitely helps you understand the community and what’s going on,” Ramero said. “It broadens your view of the area.”

Laura Kushner, YCAP volunteer coordinator of community outreach, said she spent four years at a private college similar to Linfield and that the small setting makes it important for students to venture into their communities.

“I strongly believe in the college bubble,” Kushner said. “It’s easy to get focused on a few blocks of space, but when you’re preparing for your life outside of college, it helps to know exactly what you’re preparing for.”

McEwen said the event served as a jumping point for students who are interested in participating in future community service events throughout their college experiences.

“It allowed students to get a feeling for service in the community while serving alongside other students new to campus,” she said.

McEwen said that students who weren’t able to participate in the event but want to get involved in community service should come to Riley 216, the Office of Community Service and Engagement.

Joanna Peterson/Managing editor
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‘Outstanding’ faculty member honored for service to Linfield

Josh Merrick helps students setup for Wildstock. Merrick received the Dave Hansen Outstanding Service Award from Senate on May 16.

Area Director for Clubs and Activities Josh Merrick was not expecting to receive the Dave Hansen Senate Outstanding Service Award, which the Associated Students of Linfield College Senate awarded him at its meeting May 16.

“I was thinking they were going to vote for Susan [Hopp], so I was pleasantly surprised,” Merrick said. “It was very sweet.”

Senators bestow this honor on students, faculty and staff members who have gone “above and beyond the call of duty,” Director of College Activities Dan Fergueson said.

ASLC President junior Rachel Coffey nominated Merrick for the award.

“He reaches out to all students. Residence Life says the same thing; people from Senate say the same thing. I feel like that’s a common theme,” Coffey said.

Besides Merrick, other nominees for the award were Janet Peterson, interim director of Academic Advising, associate professor of health and human performance and exercise physiology lab supervisor; Dean of Students Susan Hopp; ASLC Vice President of Programming junior Nicole Bond; and freshman Michelle Herrera.

Fergueson said he met Merrick when Merrick, class of ’07, was a sophomore. He said that Merrick has become an exceptional student affairs professional.

“As a student [Merrick], I think we saw it in him, but I don’t think he would ever have thought he would have gone on this career path,” Fergueson said. “Josh has been a tremendous mentor not only to his RAs but to the folks he works with here.”

Merrick also goes the extra mile when dealing with students. He advises Cube Club and plays on intramural sports teams to form relationships with students, Fergueson said.

“I think [he’s] a good role model for students,” Fergueson said, explaining that Merrick immerses himself in student life outside of the confines of his job description. “You can be more than an employee somewhere; you can get involved in the community.”

Freshman James Rogers, who knows Merrick through Residence Life and Senate, said Merrick goes out of the way to talk with students.

“He’s really caring, passionate and you could be in a horrible mood, but [there’s] something about him — he makes you feel better about yourself, about the situation, about the day,” Rogers said.

Jeff Mackay, associate dean of students/director of Residence Life, said Merrick is committed to student life and growth outside the classroom.

“I think he truly understands the value of those experiential learning opportunities that students can have,” Mackay said.

But to Merrick, building bonds with students is just part of the work.

“For me, the best time about this job are those relationships I get to build with students,” Merrick said. “People in this line of work don’t do it for the money; we do it because we think we’re doing something good and we enjoy spending time with students.”

After graduating with a major in history in 2007, Merrick worked for Auxilary Services (now part of Facilities Services) for a year while his wife, Kelly Merrick (formerly Kelly Copeland), class of ’08, was a senior. He has held his job in Residence Life for the past three years.

Merrick said he met his wife during lunch in Dillin Hall during his sophomore year.

“Then we got married here this past summer in front of the president’s house, so Linfield’s kind of a special place for both of us,” he said. “It’s hard to really articulate the meaning that Linfield has had in my life, and I probably won’t really know until I’m gone.”

The award marks the end of eight years in the “Linfield laboratory,” as Merrick called it. Now, he’s brewing other career ideas — literally.

“I want to be the next in line of great Linfield brewers,” Merrick said. “What better place to do that than in Portland?”

He said his dad has been home brewing beer since Merrick was 16 years old, and his dad gave him a starter brewing kit one year for Christmas. Last January Term, Merrick even audited Associate Professor of Chemistry Brian Gilbert’s Art & Science of Brewing course.

But no matter where his career takes him, Merrick will be remembered by many at Linfield.

“I haven’t necessarily met someone so kind and outgoing on staff at Linfield,” Rogers said.

“It’s going to be different in a lot of ways. I’m going to miss seeing him,” Fergueson said.

Kelley Hungerford/For the Review

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