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Take the time to enjoy college life

All around me friends and family are making the biggest choices of their lives.

They are getting married, having kids, buying a new home or getting an amazing job.

Then all at once it’s like everyone looks at me and asks, “So what big thing are happening to you?”

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which, by the way, I’m completely fine with.

Whatever happened to just going through college to make memories and learn new things?

Everyone at Linfield is here to make their life better in the long run.

We pull all nighters studying hoping that this will lead to good job, a good home and a good size bank account.

However, we seemed to be stuck on that end objective..

One of the major things that the college experience is sup-posed to teach us is how to balance things.

Balancing could include learning how many activities you can handle, and what kind of schedule allows you to have fun and be successful in college.

Not only are people too caught up in their school work to smell the hypothetical roses, but now more than ever before people are speeding up their relationships.

Students are looking at everyone they meet as a possible connection for the future.

Which is in no way a bad thing, but whatever happened to talking to people, because you want to get to know them?

When a speaker in your major comes to campus you want to make that connection for the future, but maybe you should just try to talk to them.

Also people are speeding through their romantic lives as well.

There use to be a big trend over the last couple of years where people would wait to get married until at least their senior year, but it seems that has become out dated.

People that are determined to find love are getting anyone to put a ring on their finger in just the first couple years of college.

Sure it’s a wonderful step to take, but many people should wait awhile before taking it and enjoy just dating.

People who don’t have a special someone are just as bad it seems.

They are practically begging people to date them. I have a single friends almost everyday telling me how much they wish they were dating someone and in a long-term relationship.

There is such a thing as being happy and single.

People don’t need to skip ahead to marriage and having kids.

There are so many thing that you can do when you aren’t in a committed relationship that single people need to do.

Enjoy your time being single, because most likely you won’t be single for too much longer.

More than anything, people just need to relax and enjoy their college years.

They will be over before we know it and then we will be in the real world.

Stephanie Hofmann

Sports editor

Stephanie Hofmann can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com

Sexuality week sparks conversation, fun for students

Whether you like to talk about sex or not, it’s constantly around you.

Flip to any channel or listen to any song, chances are you’re going to hear or see something about two people having a good time.

Sex is something that naturally catches your attention.

Feel free to deny it out loud, but sexual attraction is biologically wired in everyone.

During Linfield’s Sexuality Week starting Monday, April 7, don’t feel ashamed to participate in “condom bingo.”

Safe sex is the best sex, but it is better when you don’t have to pay for the condoms yourself.

Receiving free condoms rather than purchasing them yourself removes the awkwardness between you and the cashier.

Even through self-checkout you cannot escape everyone knowing you are sexually active since most checkouts automatically announce that you’re getting not-so-magnum condoms.

You can learn about sexual health, gender, and sexuality at 6 p.m. in T.J. Day room 222. There will also be prizes.

If you and your significant other are feeling like a cliché couple, at 11:45 a.m. on Tuesday, April 8, “Hand Holding Across Campus” will be happening outside T.J. Day hall.

This event could be used as an excuse to flirt with your crush, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunity and see if they have sweaty palms before things get too serious.

For those curious about the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer community, you can attend “Safe Space Training” at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 9, in Walker hall room 220.

Students can learn about all types of love through FUSION.

If you enjoy marriages that are faker than the ones  on The Bachelor(ette) you can attend the “Mock Wedding” at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, April 10, on the patio outside Walker hall.

Though it will not be televised, you don’t have to be a finalist or ex to be a guest.

Two members of FUSION will be metaphorically joined together in matrimony at the Walker Hall patio with a reception to follow.

You can twerk the night away starting at 8 p.m. on Friday, April 11, at “Night of Noise Drag Dance” in the upper gym at the Health Human Performance and Athletics building.

Games and a photo booth will be there for students to use.

Music and dancing will be provided by Linfield’s own radio station KSLC and the Hip Hop Club. Even if you can’t or don’t like to dance, it will still be a great start to a weekend where you can socialize with the people you’ve met throughout the week.

Rosa Johnson

Copy editor

Rosa Johnson can be reached at linfieldreviewcopyed@gmail.com

Schedules challenging students

Planning a schedule for school, work or extra curricular activities can be a challenging process.

The time has come once again to start making a schedule and to choose classes for fall 2014.

There are a quite a few new classes offered in each of the departments.

Creating a schedule that works, and fills the requirements for a major(s) and minor(s), and that leaves some space for a few enjoyable classes takes a considerable amount of time to plan.

It is essential when planning a schedule to look at a few things.

The first is making sure it is a manageable workload. Second is to make sure you have left some time for extra-curricular activities.

Planning a schedule that is around 18 credits may seem like the best thing to do at times, but in reality it should not be necessary to take that many credits in one semester unless you are a double major or minor.

Students have a considerable amount of control in regards to courses they take each semester.

All students have an advisor, they are there to make sure students are taking enough classes, and that they are on track to graduate.

Taking a class in January always helps balance your workload each semester.

Creating three schedules to take to your adviser can be helpful for student who haven’t decided on a major yet or who are still exploring majors.

It’s also a good idea to look at course requirements for majors that you are looking at so you know how many classes you will need to take in the future.

Bringing three schedules, a four year plan, and course requirements for majors or minors to your advising meeting will be a great addition to help your adviser.

Many students don’t follow their four year plan they made their freshman year because it’s hard to know what your major may end up being down the road.

Updating it often, as well as writing down what Linfield Curriculum classes you have completed will help cement what classes you need to take.

Though students who are junior and seniors face different challenges when scheduling classes they still have a lot of things to consider.

Some juniors may want to try and balance out their fall and spring semester for their senior year so they have time in their schedule to think about applying for graduate school or looking for a job after graduating.

Regardless of what you are studying it’s essential to always look at how your schedule will affect the rest of your college career.

Jonathan Williams

Opinion editor

Jonathan Williams can be reached at linfieldreviewopinion@gmail.com

Wildstock caters to all audiences

Though Augustana has been announced as the lead band for this year’s Wildstock event, students are still reacting and talking about what they think.

It’s typically impossible to please everyone when making a decision that affects a large group of people, and in this case it is the Linfield student community.

Students all have different tastes in music, which makes it hard to for those on the Linfield Activities Board to decide on a neutral band that should please most students.

As mentioned in a recent editorial, LAB deserves credit for all of the activities they put on.

Wildstock is their largest event that they plan and it is one that takes all year to plan.

LAB’s main challenge is not only coordinating with the band itself but making sure the event runs smoothly.

There is food catered by local restaurants, games, and many other components that LAB plans for the event.

Though this event is funded through student body fee’s, those that are on the activities board try to find an artist that will be worth the cost.

It is easy to be the critic when you’re not planning the event.

Students should remember that all of the students who are on the activities board are also students who have their own commitments as well as planning a major event all year long.

Let’s not to forget to mention all of the other events LAB plans for students to participate in during the week and on the weekends.

Though many students were hoping for a band that would be similar in genre to Ryan Lewis and Macklemore who had performed at Wildstock two years ago.

Although events can be not nearly as fun as they once were when the same type of band plays every year.

Adding variety to the types of bands featured at Wildstock can help make memories of the event more exciting for those that attend it all four years they are at Linfield.

Whether you enjoy Augustana’s alternative/soft rock music or not, it is important to remember that Wildstock is put on for students by students.

-The Review Editorial Board

Harvard prof sparks questions on nuclear power

Which will be destroyed first: the U.S. Constitution or nuclear power?

One women proposed this question revealing that audiences members with the sobering truth that authorities have the ability to get rid of nuclear weapons but scientists are still not sure of ways to stop global warming.

Harvard University Professor of Aesthetics and General Theory of Value Elaine Scarry gave a talk titled “The Floor of the World.” She explored the idea of nuclear power in society and why it is dangerous. She gave many reasons for world leaders to end nuclear power.

Scarry mentioned the flexible floor doctrine where one leader would have the power to open a door that would essentially end an entire country in one day and one hour. One leader could decide the fate of millions of lives making a momentous shift in government.

Assistant professor of English Dr. Daniel Pollack-Pelzner introduced Scarry to a large audience onMarch 18 in the Austin Reading Room at the Nicholson Library as part of the annual Ericksen lecture. He noted that Scarry is part of a list of the 100 most intellectual people.

Scarry talked about the dangers of weapons of mass destruction that enable a small amount of people with the power to kill a huge amount of people. She talked about the idea of how nuclear power leads to a war centered on power. Whoever has the most nuclear power would be the most powerful country. This idea causes all countries to want to expand their nuclear programs.

Scarry thinks that U.S. citizens do have the power to tell the government to get rid of nuclear weapons; as foreign voices who say they too want to see the end of nuclear power often go unheard.

“75 million people will be dead in twenty five minutes from a phone call that says to launch the nuclear missiles,” Scarry said.

She highlighted that many U.S. presidents’ have come painfully close many times to making the call to launch the missiles.

The black bag that carries the codes to launch nuclear missiles, also known as the football, is always within reach of the president. If it is not in the same room as the president it is in the room next to it. It never leaves their side.

Scarry noted that if we are thinking of it surely President Obama is too because of the constant proximity of the black bag. Many U.S. presidents have said they wanted to get rid of nuclear power but none have said actually said no to it.

Jonathan Williams