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Multicultural department creates internship opportunities

Linfield College’s Multicultural Department recently created an internship position. Amy Bumatai, a recent graduate of Linfield College, is the first person to hold this title.

One of Bumatai’s main duties is advising student-lead multicultural groups. Director of Multicultural Programs, Jason Rodriqguez, and Bumatai help to direct such groups with event planning and other major projects or tasks.

For instance, Bumatai is assisting multicultural student organizations with big projects, including Hispanic Heritage Day, Native American Heritage Month and Multicultural Reception.

Bumatai said that her job also includes helping people and students understand culture and diversity. She also acts as the multicultural department’s receptionist.

One of Bumatai’s main projects is helping to develop and establish mentor and mentee relationships between Linfield’s freshmen and upper classmen through Linfield’s new Wildcat Intercultural Network (WIN) Program.

The multicultural internship was created with the recent expansion of Linfield’s Multicultural Programs Department that has moved to the third floor of Riley Hall.

“We are constantly [expanding] the office and looking for ways to celebrate the wonderful diversity at Linfield College,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has worked with Bumatai for the past two years while she was co-chair for Linfield’s Hawaiian Club’s Lu’au. This is where he noticed Bumatai’s strong work ethic, positive attitude and ideas for diversity and multiculturalism at Linfield.

“Brenda DeVore Marshall recommended Amy chat with me about my career path and opportunities in Multicultural Programs and next thing you know, Amy is the intern for Multicultural Programs,” Rodriguez said. Bumatai graduated with a major in intercultural communications from Linfield in May 2013. She wrote her thesis on diversity and higher education.

“I really like student affairs and working with college groups,” Bumatai said.

Another one of Bumatai’s current projects is working with the Asian American Alliance group to create a Chinese New Year event. She is helping the group take the necessary steps to make it a campus wide event.

The Multicultural internship has a chance of being offered next year in Linfield’s Multicultural Programs department.

“It is my hope that eventually there will be an Assistant Director or Program Coordinator of Multicultural Programs as a professional position in addition to an intern,” Rodriguez said.

Mariah Gonzales / Culture Editor

Mariah Gonzales can be reached at linfieldreviewculture@gmail.com

Director of Multicultural Programs to be hired

Three candidates for the new Director of MultiCultural Programs position visited campus May 9-11 to sell themselves through meetings, presentations and discussions with students, staff and faculty.

Randolph Corradine, Robin Beavers and Jason Rodriquez visited May 9, 10 and 11.

After eating lunch with small groups of students, each candidate gave presentations where students, staff and faculty had opportunities to learn more about the applicants, ask questions and discuss the role of that position at Linfield.

After interviewing 12 of the top applicants via Skype, Affairs and Dean of Students Susan Hopp, said three candidates were chosen to visit.

“What we’re looking for is a person who can really build strong relationships with students [and] who will help facilitate the kinds of programs and organizations and experiences that our students want and also need as part of their out-of-classroom leadership experience at Linfield,” she said.

Corradine discussed his ability to connect with students and his experience working with admissions. He said he wanted to be a resource on campus to listen to the concerns and challenges of students and develop more programs.

“I have a personal goal to serve all communities that I am a part of through meaningful and lasting work. This is accomplished through my commitment to public service coupled with a personal mission of giving back in order to serve young people who come from low-income and first-generation backgrounds to attend college communities,” Corradine said in his résumé. Corradine works in admissions at Evergreen State College.

Beavers talked about collaborating with students, faculty, staff, family and the community to generate student success. She also cited her experience working with students of diverse backgrounds.

“I have assisted numerous students in obtaining their higher education goals. Providing academic success strategies financial aid advising and general counseling, I have the ability to help students realize their full potential and grow into positive contributing citizens,” she said in her résumé. Beavers works for non-profit Self Enhancement, Inc.

Rodriquez discussed building a mission and setting goals for what he sees as a potential office during his presentation.

He is the Director of Diversity Education and Support at the University of Oregon.

“My diverse experiences in functional areas such as student activities, fraternity and sorority life, volunteer services, career services and many other functional areas outside of multicultural affairs/diversity education make me a strong candidate for this position,” Rodriquez said in his résumé.

Hopp said she hopes to decide by the end of next week and that she is looking for someone who can relate well to students.

“It’s an administrative position because they’re directing programs, but the work is really working with students,” she said. “They all had a committment to access and having a diverse student body with the right kinds of support systems in place for students.”

Hopp said the lack of a director since former Director of Multicultural Programs Barry Tucker suddenly resigned last fall has been hard on students and hopes the new director will revitalize the office.

“I think it’s hard on the students because they’ve had to do everything themselves — pull off the Lu’au, pull off Hispanic Heritage Day — and those are big events,” she said. “I want it to be a really active, engaging place for students to feel supported and valued and where they can really learn a lot and also where they can plan events that draw in all students.”

Braden Smith/Managing editor
Braden Smith can be reached at linfieldreviewmanaging@gmail.com