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Lacrosse loses final season game against Pacific Boxers

In the final game of the season, the lacrosse team lost to Pacific University 19-3 April 12, finishing a 9-0 season for the Wildcats.

All four shots made by the Wildcats were made in the second half, with seven saves throughout the game.

The away game in Forest Grove, Ore., ended a slow season for the ‘Cats, but members are happy with their overall play.

“The thing our team does best is building off of previous games and practices,” senior Lynette Cole said. “Every match we saw improvement all around the field. Even if the scoreboard didn’t reflect it, our team improved immensely since the beginning of the season.”

Due to injuries, the Wildcats only had 13 players, one more than the requirement for play.

“Pacific had around eight or nine substitutes so if someone needed a break, especially in the midfield, they can catch their breath, observe the match and chat with the coach about tips for improvement, Cole said.

“It absolutely affected the game’s outcome because they all had this opportunity.”

Low numbers were nothing new for the team, which dealt with many injured players unable to participate during the season.

“It was really frustrating,” freshman and regular goalie Erika Phillipo said. Phillipo was out for most of the season due to injury.

“I love the sport so it was really hard watching from the sidelines,” Phillipo said.

Sophomore Shelby Duarte scored the three Linfield goals for the relatively young team.

“We had a couple of members who had never even touched a stick before this season, Phillipo said.

“I think we will see a lot of returners next year, which will greatly help the next season picking up where we left off this past season.”

The lacrosse players overcame their challenges in order to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

“Our goals for the season were to lay down the framework for a strong team in the years to come,” Cole said. “We absolutely achieved this.”


Olivia Marovich/Staff writer

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Lacrosse takes on two more losses

Two losses during out-of-region games March 18 and 19 solidify a slow season for Linfield’s lacrosse team.

Linfield played Allegheny College from Meadville, Pa., and lost 21-3 to the team with a 5-1 record for the season March 18. Allegheny started strong with four goals within the first four minutes and continued strong throughout the game.

After Linfield’s initial goal, scored by sophomore Shelby Duarte, for 30 minutes the Allegheny Gators held off all attempted goals by the Wildcats. Toward the end of the game, Duarte made one more goal, along with a goal from senior Brittani Drost, giving Linfield its three goals of the game.

Temporary goalkeeper sophomore Kaleigh Phillips, who is still filling in for injured freshman Erika Phillipo, saved six attempted goals, making the total attempted goals by the Gators 27.

In the last home game of the season March 19, lacrosse hosted North Central College of Naperville, Ill., which resulted in the Wildcats’ loss by a 17-3 margin.

All three goals came from Drost, who was assisted twice by sophomore Halee Helgerson.

Central scored within the first minute of play, but it was more than 20 minutes later that the next goal was scored by Drost.

The game picked up for the Central Cardinals, with a score of 11-2 for the first half.

Next up, the Wildcats travel to Southern California where they will play Chapman University on March 25. Then, the ‘Cats will take on Whittier College on March 27.

Olivia Marovich/Staff writer

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New coaching staff leaves little time to recruit for women’s teams this spring

A whistle blows, and immediately, the yelling begins. Players run for the ball as other teammates shout commands and support. One player drops the ball and laughs, apologizing before picking it up with her lacrosse stick and continuing on with the scrimmage.

By just watching, one would never realize that Linfield’s women’s lacrosse team struggled for numbers this season. And its not the only team, either.

Linfield’s women’s golf team also struggled for players this season, and is barely scrapping by with a team of four, although it is technically a full team.

“We have enough to fill a team, but for the most part, we could use a couple more girls,” said Samantha Smith, the head coach of the women’s lacrosse team and Linfield alum.

Currently, women’s lacrosse has 14 players, but is hoping to get up to at least 16 or 17 to have more subs available.

Women’s golf is hoping to get up to about six or seven players next season.

The low numbers this year for both women’s golf and women’s lacrosse could be because of both the head coaches being new this year and not having enough time to recruit new members.

“It was tough for the women’s [golf] team because it had a coach step in partway through the season,” said Brynn Hurdus, the head coach of women’s golf and also Linfield alum.

Halfway through last season, the old women’s golf coach had to leave after saying he was too busy with work.

Another coach stepped in who had no previous experience coaching women’s golf, and Hurdus was hired in the summer. But it was too late, Hurdus said, and she couldn’t do any recruiting for this year’s team.

“I’ve talked to a lot of recruits, and it looks like we’ll have numbers back up for next year,” Hurdus said.

Smith has also been recruiting women through emailing previous players and other women on the team asking their friends to come out and play. So far, they were able to get three new players.

“It’s a huge relief,” Smith said. “Being a first-year coach, you don’t want to have to forfeit every game because you don’t have enough girls coming out.”

Samantha Sigler
News editor

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Linfield alumna undertakes head coach position for women’s lacrosse program

Linfield welcomed a new women’s lacrosse head coach and assistant coach this season.

Alum Samantha Smith, who graduated in 2009, will lead the way with her father, Joe Smith.

Because Samantha Smith used to play on Linfield’s women’s lacrosse, last year when coach Tim Hart stepped down from his position, he emailed her and recommended she apply for the opening. Hart was Samantha’s coach her senior year at Linfield.

“She fits in really well with our team,” sophomore Chas Tittle said. “Both of our new coaches are really great, and they make a good coaching pair.”

Samantha Smith was one of five applicants for the position, and as soon as she was hired, asked if she could choose her father as her own assistant coach.

“When I got this job, it was natural to say okay, he should be my defensive coach,” Samantha Smith said. “We’ve always had that lacrosse connection.”

At the time she was hired, Samantha Smith was coaching for the lacrosse team at Westview High School in Beaverton, Ore., and was upset when she had to quit to be able to coach at Linfield.

“It all worked out though,” Samantha Smith said.

Samantha Smith has been playing lacrosse since she was 12 years old. She started off playing on men’s lacrosse teams because there were no youth women’s lacrosse teams for her to join. Continuing on in high school, Samantha Smith played at Century High School on its JV team. When she transferred to Liberty High School, she started a lacrosse team there and convinced her father to become the head coach.

“He had never played a sport or coached a sport before lacrosse,” Samantha Smith said. “[But] he’s probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever had.”

During practices, Samantha Smith makes sure the players always have their sticks in hand, even during conditioning.

“The only thing I’ve ever really disliked about lacrosse is conditioning,” Samantha Smith said. “We don’t ever put the sticks down [or] run for the sake of running. Our conditioning is part of our scrimmaging.”

Outside of lacrosse, Samantha Smith is working at a special education preschool in Beaverton, Ore., as an assistant teacher. She also recently played on an indoor lacrosse co-ed team, and is planning on joining Portland’s OHANA lacrosse team once Linfield’s season is over.

“I thought I was going to miss playing, but I get out there as much as I can with the girls,” she said.
Samantha is also involved in other hobbies, such as bowling and relaxing with friends, but lacrosse is always a priority.

“Lacrosse kind of consumes my life in the best way possible,” she said. “Lacrosse is my job, hobby and passion.”

Samantha Sigler
News editor

Samantha Sigler can be reached at linfieldreviewnews@gmail.com

Samantha Smith, head lacrosse coach, makes the players keep their lacrosse sticks in their hands when working out.

Tyson Takeuchi/Senior photographer

Lacrosse begins season with loss

Wildcats storm the field in an attempt to retrieve the ball from the Loggers during a lacrosse match against the University of Puget Sound on March 4 at home. Kaylyn Peterson/Sports editor

The lacrosse season has officially begun for the Wildcats.

On March 3-4, the Linfield women played two home games against the University of Redlands Bulldogs and the University of Puget Sound Loggers.

The Linfield women played against the Bulldogs, a team from Redlands, Calif., losing 23-9 March 3.

Redlands player Megan Prickett scored the first goal in the first minute of the game.

After Redlands scored three more goals, Linfield player, junior Mariah Jones scored the Wildcats’ first goal.

After a couple more shots were made by Redlands, Linfield players sophomore Zoe Spring, junior Brittani Drost assisted by Spring, and junior Taylor Fisher assisted by Jones, scored three goals in under a minute.

“We work well as a unit,” Spring said.

Redlands scored the rest of the goals in the first half. At the end of the half, the score was 17-4.

The teams were more evenly matched in the second half. Linfield scored five goals and Redlands scored six, finishing the game with a score of 23-9.

Sunday’s game ended in a similar fashion, the Wildcats losing 23-9 to the University of Puget Sound Loggers.

The game began in the Wildcats’ favor. Fisher scored the first goal of the game, giving Linfield a good start.

Drost scored the second goal of the game, and Spring scored the third goal, assisted by junior Lynnette Cole.

“We had a lot of intensity [in the beginning of the game]” Spring said.

Linfield wasn’t too far behind at the end of the first half, with a score of 7-11.

The Loggers dominated the second half of the game, scoring 12 points compared to the Wildcats’ two points.

“We lost because we forgot our fundamentals,” Spring said.

Freshman Chas Tittle and Fisher were the only Linfield players to score a goal in the second half.

Tittle scored her first goals of the season in this game, scoring a goal in the first half and a goal in the second half.

“I was glad to help out the team,” Tittle said.

The Wildcats’ next game is against Pacific University at 6 p.m. March 14 at home.

“Our goal is to just keep improving,” Tittle said.

Meghan O’Rourke/
Opinion editor
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