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Movie inspires athlete to pursue lacrosse

Sports have been a part of junior lacrosse player Chas Tittle’s life for a long time. She played basketball, lacrosse, and ran cross country and track during high school in Mililani, Hawaii. The sport she stuck with was lacrosse, which she started playing because of her favorite movie in sixth grade, Cheaper by the Dozen.

“I was very obsessed with that movie. In the movie one of the characters had a lacrosse stick and I had no idea what lacrosse was,” Tittle said.

Tittle’s father saw signs around town calling for lacrosse players.

“I decided to keep playing because I enjoyed it a lot and it was a fun sport,” Tittle said. “It keeps me active and I have made a lot of friends from it here at Linfield.”

When looking for a college, Tittle actually searched for schools that had women’s lacrosse teams.

“I came to Linfield to major in Nursing and to play lacrosse. While looking for colleges that had women’s lacrosse as a D3 sport, I found Linfield and decided to come here,” Tittle said.

Playing lacrosse helps Tittle relieve stress, but she also enjoys playing the sport with her teammates.

“I’m just really happy that I am able to play in college,” Tittle said. “The highlight of my college lacrosse career is being able to play with my teammates, starting every game, scoring a few goals, and improving on my skills.”

She also excited about the improvement of the rest of the team.

“Although this season has been a little rough, winning wise, I’m very proud of my teammates,” Tittle said. “There are quite a few girls on the team who have never played before and I’m so proud of how hard they work and how much they’ve improved. I would say that I just feel proud of my team because we work so hard to improve and we maintain a positive attitude. This season has been great for us because I can see that as a developing team we have made a lot of improvements.”

The season hasn’t been going too well on the numbers side for the lacrosse team, but beyond that, Tittle is proud of the work all of her teammates have put into it. The last two games this week ended in losses for the Wildcats. Linfield lost to Pacific University 19-6 (0-7) on March 18. Linfield lost to Clairemont McKenna College 19-3 (0-8) on March 20.

Gilberto Galvez/ Feature editor

Wildcats lose in tough home game

The women’s lacrosse team lost 16-13 against Southwestern University at home on March 15.

The Wildcats held their own against the Pirates through the two halves of the game. After falling by six points to Southwestern, Linfield came back to take the lead by one point in the second half only to have it narrowly taken away at the end.

The ’Cats started the game on a slow start by getting only two goals while the Pirates had gotten eight.

Then out of nowhere Linfield got five back-to-back unanswered goals starting with a score by junior Shelby Duarte, who made three of the goals that occurred during this game.

Following Duarte with unstoppable scoring was freshman Nicole Aguilar, senior Sierra Edgerly, sophomore Kelsey Dammerell, senior Hana Gould and junior Chas Tittle.

Going into the second half the ’Cats wouldn’t let the Pirates get away this time, by matching them with every point until Linfield took the lead with a score of 11-10. The Wildcats then begin to lose the Pirates as they continued to score without Linfield being able to stop them, which lead to a final score of 16-13.

Southwestern University traveled all the way from Georgetown, Texas and now has a season score of 4-4.

The women’s lacrosse team will next be playing against Pacific University on March 18 at 5 p.m.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor


Junior Jo Carroll dives back to first base during a game against Willamette University at the home field.

Helen Lee/Photo editor

Lacrosse gets lost in the rain, losing 15-4

It was a wet and windy match for the Wildcats lacrosse team who fell to George Fox on March 5.

The ’Cats lost 15-4 against the Bruins scoring one goal in the first half to Fox’s seven and only three in the second half to Fox’s eight.

In the first half of the game, it was no surprise that senior Sierra Edgerly would be scoring for the Wildcats at 10:22 off of an assist from junior Chas Tittle. However, despite the Wildcats’ efforts, they were only able to take four shots in comparison to George Fox’s 18.

“Our communication started to break down. Since communication is the biggest part in any sport, this hindered our ability to work together,” freshman reserve Maren Geesey said.

Nonetheless, it was clear that Linfield had owned the field defensively with eleven saves in comparison to the Bruins’ four.

After watching the Lady ’Cats play, it was evident that their tenacity, persistence, and “Never give up” attitude is what allowed them to push through, even to the dying end.

In the second half, Linfield scored three goals–two of which came from junior Shelby Duarte and a single goal from sophomore Kelsey Dammerell.

Duarte scored back to back goals at time 18:58 and 17:45 while Dammerell scored the final goal of the match with 2:49 left on the clock.

But, it wasn’t over yet. The ‘Cats unfortunately dropped another match on March 9 in a battle against Kenyon College 18-4.

In the first half of the match, Linfield competed fiercely with junior midfielder Halee Helgerson scoring the second goal at time 23:04.

Linfield’s second and third goals both came from Duarte at the end of the first half at times 2:47 and 0:41.

Their final score of the match came in the middle of second half also from Duarte at time 14:35 with final score 18-4.

“Our small team is what makes us stronger. We are able to really get to know our teammates which helps with our chemistry on the field,” Geesey said.

While there’s no doubt that the Wildcats aren’t perfect, it is clear that their ability to work through obstacles appears to be seamless and natural.

Their teamwork, love of the game, and dedication to each other is one of their strengths and allows them to continue being optimistic about the season matches ahead.

“Our team’s strength is our ability to focus in practice and work hard during the whole game,” Geesey said. “We practice five days a week and are constantly in the racquetball room on our free time to improve our skills.”

Despite the hard losses to the George Fox Bruins and Kenyon College this week, there is no doubt that the Linfield women’s lacrosse team has a bright future.

According to Geesey, if the Wildcats can “trust their teammates and apply practice drills to the games,” there is no telling of their limits.

The Lacrosse team will next be going up against Southwestern University on March 15 at 1 p.m. and then Pacific University on March 18 at 5 p.m.

Casie Gaza/ Senior Sports reporter



Sophomore goalie Erika Phillipo protects the ’Cats’ net during their game against Kenyon College, which the team ended up losing 18-4.

Helen Lee/Photo editor

Women’s lacrosse is defeated in weekend games

The women’s lacrosse team lost its weekend games against Alma University by 18-6 and Pomona-Pitzer College by 17-0.

The Wildcats were defeated by Alma University, 18-6 on Feb. 28. The ’Cats tried to kept up with their defense in the beginning of the game, but eventually the Wildcats opened up holes that Alma was able to get through. Sophomore Erika Phillipo made many great saves during the entire game.

The leading scorer for Linfield was junior Shelby Duarte who scored three goals and junior Halee Helgerson assisted many players while adding more goals of her own.

The team grew immensely in this game, growing closer together as a team and showing what the Wildcats could do.

“Friday’s game against Alma was our best game this season,” junior Rebecca Kropp said. “We improved leaps and bounds for last weekends game. We can compete with most of the teams we play, we just need to put all the little pieces together.”

The ’Cats played Pomona-Pitzer College on March 2 which they lost 17-0, but the Wildcats are looking ahead to the future games.

“We will work on situations that were difficult in games and figure out how to deal with those situations should they arise again,” freshman Madilyn Bechtel said. “We will continue to hone our skills to be better prepared for future curveballs. We will incorporate what we learned in this weeks games into our drills this week and bring what we learn to next weeks games.”

The women’s lacrosse team will be at home next weekend against George Fox University and Kenyon College.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor



The Women’s Lacrosse team goes for the goal at the game aganist Alma University. The team will next be playing on March 5 Fbuar George Fox Univeristy at home at 6 p.m.

Casie Gaza/For the Review

Sophomore Erika Phillipo defends the Linfield goal aganist Alma University during the Feb. 28 game.

Casie Gaza/For the Review

Lacrosse loses at season opener, 16-2

The Women’s Lacrosse team lost 16-2 to the University of Puget Sound at their season game at home on Feb. 22.

The Loggers started with an early lead, having nine points to the ’Cats one in only the first half of the game.

Junior Shelby Duarte scored the first goal with only 1:44 left on the clock.

During the second half the Loggers continued to hold the control over the Wildcats adding six more goals.

Junior Halee Helgerson got Linfield’s last goal after weaving through the defense to barley make it into the net.

“The numbers on the scoreboard aren’t exactly what we were hoping to see this past Saturday, but I don’t think it reflects our team’s ability in the slightest,” sophomore Kelsey Dammarell said in an email. “We have a lot of potential; we just don’t have the numbers. Yes, we have a lot to work on and I have faith that we’ll continue to do so as the season progresses. Fortunately, our team is very supportive of one another and I truly think it’s our positivity that keeps us going.”

The Wildcats next host a home game against Alma College at 1 p.m. on Feb. 28 at the soccer field.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor