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LAB deserves more student recognition

Students at Linfield College are fortunate enough to have a student-run organization that’s purpose is to create fun events for everyone to partake in.

Almost all of the events are free, ranging from trips to Portland, going on hikes, seeing professional sporting events and many other fun and exciting events.

The Linfield Activities Board, more commonly known as LAB, spends a great deal of time making sure that there are things on and off campus for students to enjoy.

Most students think that Associated Students of Linfield College is the student government group that does the most activities on campus.

Without a doubt both ASLC and LAB spend a lot of time planning events for students to partake in.

Somehow students may not realize, or are misled on what LAB does.

As March 15 is quickly approaching, students will be informed at the screening of the Disney movie “Frozen” shown in Ice auditorium, who will be performing at Wildstock in May.

Students who are a part of LAB work all through the academic year putting on events and catering to student ideas.

What not all students may know is that the Cat Cab’s on Thursday nights are all put on by LAB.

That includes booking the performer, whether they are a professional or student, arranging the furniture in Fred Meyer Lounge to make it a space for audience members and having a student sound technician at all performances to meet the needs of the performer(s).

“Since McMinnville isn’t the most happening place I feel that it is really important to bring events to campus for the students to be able to attend,” sophomore Ellen Massey said. Massey is the special events chair for LAB. Massey also mentioned that the best part of her job is, “When students come up to me after a show and say how much they enjoyed it and give me advice about events they would like to see on campus.”

Students on campus should continue to give input to LAB since the group is funded through ASLC which by extension comes from part of the fee students pay for the student body fee.

-The Review Editorial Board

Lyrical duo dazzles Valentine’s Day guests

Tall Heights serenades Valentine’s Day singles and couples during Linfield’s Pro Cat Cab on Feb. 14.

What could be more romantic than a man with a guitar on Valentine’s Day? How about two men with a guitar and a cello?

For the professional Cat Cab on Feb. 14, Linfield hosted Tall Heights, a two- man string band from Bos- ton, and love was definitely in the air.

Taking place in the newly renovated Fred Meyer Lounge, the show featured Tim Harrington and Paul Wright, songwriters who find inspiration from their everyday lives, as well as from other popular artists.

“We really like Laura Marling, Gregory Alan Isakov and Bon Iver, obviously,” said Wright, drawing reference to their softly lyrical cover of “Skinny Love.”

Tall Heights started three years ago when Wright began seriously talking with a high school friend’s younger brother about putting a band together.

“Before then, I had never seen music as a viable path,” Wright said of the increasingly competitive music industry.

Fast-forward three years, and Tall Heights has toured New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee and Texas, among other states, and was finishing a 10-day tour here at Linfield.

“We love playing college campuses,” Wright said. “It’s refreshing after playing for larger audiences, and it’s nice to reach out to younger audiences who can’t come see us at venues where they serve alcohol.”

With two albums already on iTunes, their third “Man of Stone” drops May 14, featuring their new music “Eastern Standard Time” and “Field of Snow.” Previous hits include “I Don’t Know,” “To Be Young” and “Rafters” off their album of the same name.

Their success is warranted: the folk-pop band’s flowing harmonies and beautiful lyrics ensure a bright future.
Cat Cab first-timer and sophomore Rhianna Bennett came to the concert Thursday after hearing a 15-second audio clip of the band.

“I love that style of music and hearing two attractive men perform was fun way to end the day,” Bennett said. “I didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day so this seemed like a good option.”

In the holiday spirit of love and affection, a drawing determined which lucky audience member would get the chance to come onstage and be serenaded by the band. Sandwiched between two beautiful-voiced men, freshman Camille Weber saw her V-Day improve when her name was drawn.

“I did enter myself for the contest, but I didn’t really think I had a chance of winning. I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to try,” Weber said. “To be serenaded by such talented musicians was really the icing on the cake that truly made it a special Valentine’s Day.”

Cat Cabs take place at 9 p.m. every Thursday in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Updates on the performers can be found on the Linfield Activities Board Facebook page.

Olivia Marovich

Staff writer

Olivia Marovich can be reached at linfieldreviewculture@gmail.com.

Photo by Joel Ray/Senior photographer

LAB chairs prepare to start positions

Junior Nicole Bond, Associated Students of Linfield College vice president of programming, announced the hiring of the 2011-12 Linfield Activities Board chairs during the April 18 ASLC Senate meeting in Riley 201.

The LAB chairs announced at Senate are sophomores Tessa D’Alessandro, special events chair; Evan O’Kelly, musical entertainment chair; Emily Jenkins, on- campus programming chair; juniors Amanda McGee, sports and outdoor off campus programming chair; Nicole Szanto, cultural events off-campus programming chair; and freshman Andrew Villeneuve, secretary/publicity chair.

“They all have demonstrate[d] a passion for programming, fresh new ideas and overall great potential,” Bond said in an email.

Jenkins is the only hire who held a previous leadership position as a LAB chair. She was the secretary/publicity chair for the 2010-11 academic year.

Bond said that of the records she possesses, she received the most applicants seen at LAB hiring in years.

“I was looking for people with new, good ideas and who are passionate about the position that they were applying for,” Bond said. “There were a lot of highly qualified applicants who didn’t get positions because of the limited amount.”

Bond said that the outgoing vice president of programming usually conducts the interviews. Since there wasn’t an outgoing Cabinet member this year as Bond holds the same position for next year, she asked junior Rachel Coffey, ASLC president-elect, to join her and Director of College Activities Dan Fergueson with LAB hiring. The three of them interviewed the 22 LAB chair applicants April 12 and 13, and the hires were informed of the outcome the evening of April 13, Bond said.

The group met April 18 to discuss ideas and events, Bond said. However, McGee did not attend the meeting as she is spending the semester abroad.

“It was a good meeting, and there were a lot of creative ideas, but we plan to keep some old ideas also,” Bond said. “Students have a lot to look forward to.”

Because the budget deadline is April 29, Bond has been meeting LAB chairs individually to discuss ideas, budgeting and what is to be expected for the rest of the year.

Position turnovers will take place May 1, but until then, the hires are shadowing and brainstorming with their predecessors, Bond said.

She said that LAB is trying to have all of the events for the coming Fall Semester booked by the end of this semester and all of the contracts for events in September signed by the end of May. Right now, almost all of the “Welcome Week” events for Fall Orientation have gone through the planning process.

Bond is holding a focus group with students April 28 to discuss ideas for events and to find out what kinds of events students want to have on campus. She also wants feedback on her new ideas and what students think went well this year. Bond said she is open to new event proposals.

Students can visit LAB’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/LinfieldActivitiesBoard to submit ideas.

Jessica Prokop/News editor
Jessica Prokop can be reached at linfieldreviewnews@gmail.com.

Comedian Dan Ahdoot returns for more laughs

Comedian Dan Ahdoot makes a second appearance at Linfield, performing a skit about culture in light of Diversity Week on Nov. 6 in Ice Auditorium. Joel Ray/Freelancer

Comedian Dan Ahdoot makes a second appearance at Linfield, performing a skit about culture in light of Diversity Week on Nov. 6 in Ice Auditorium. Joel Ray/Freelancer

Comedian Dan Ahdoot returned to Linfield to perform Nov. 6 in Ice Auditorium.
Ahdoot performed at Linfield in January 2009, but he came back to bring more laughs.
Ahdoot opened by asking about the audience’s cultures because of Diversity Week. Language and content caused several people to leave during his act. He apologized but got quick laughs from the audience.
“He was very funny, and I think it was cool that he got all his material from the students instead of having it rehearsed,” freshman Anamaria Maldonado said.
Ahdoot is known for revolving his jokes around his heritage as an Iranian Jew, such as in the joke he used on the “Jay Leno Show”: “Iranian Jew; it’s really one of those classic combinations, like peanut butter and cat.”
Ahdoot has been featured on “The Jay Leno Show,” Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and was a guest at the “Comedy Central South Beach Comedy Festival,” according to Ahdoot’s website.
He was also a finalist in the second season of the show “Last Comic Standing.”
Ahdoot is also an actor and a writer. He was featured in a McDonald’s commercial and has written for MTV’s “Short Circuitz” and a roast of Gene Simmons.
Ahdoot went to Johns Hopkins University and graduated with honors and planned to be a medical student. Instead he decided to become a comedian.
“It was something I always wanted to do when I was a kid,” Ahdoot said.
According to his website, he is one of the most booked college acts in America and has performed at more than 300 colleges.
“He is really popular in the college circuit and he is in very high demand and a big deal,” junior Linfield Activities Board Special Event Chair Rachel Coffey said.
Coffey organized the event. She said she remembered him from a past performance at Linfield.
“He came my freshman year during Jan[uary] Term,” Coffey said. “He has been the best comedian that has come to Linfield and he is just so funny and he rules that stage when he is up there. I was in tears for most of the show.”
Coffey said she liked the last part of Ahdoot’s act.
“At the end of the show, he’ll make a prank call. The prank call really brought down the house,” she said.
That is exactly what he did this year. He asked the audience for a volunteer so he could call their parents. He called a girl’s father and asked for permission to date his daughter.
There is a long process in choosing a comedian to perform at the college. As Coffey said, she spent most of her summer going through talent agencies and watching comedian’s YouTube videos.
“We spend three days watching performers. It’s mainly just like research for anything else you would do,” she said.
Coffey said she was excited to bring Ahdoot back and numerous students said he is a hilarious comedian.

Tim Marl/Staff reporter
Tim Marl can be reached at linfieldreviewculture@gmail.com.