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Golf wraps up season on high note

The men’s and women’s golf teams competed at the Northwest Conference Fall Classic at Stone Creek Golf Club in Oregon City, on Oct. 26 and 27.

The men’s team ended fifth in the tournament with a score of 626 with 314 on the first day and 312 on the second day, which was 39 points behind the leader.

The team was lead by junior Taylor Klopp, who finished 12 with a score of 77 on day one and 76 on day two with a total of 153. Following Klopp was junior Kevin Kawasaki with a score of 154 finishing 15 and junior Kyle Hargrave with a score of 158 who finished 23rd.

The women’s team finished seventh in the tournament with a score of 714 getting 347 on the first day and 368 on the second day. Leading the team was freshman Abigail Heringer, who finished third with a 74 on the first day and a 78 on the second day, ending with a score of 152.

Following Heringer was senior Alexandria Smith ended with 170 and sophomore Maggie Harlow with a 185.

The men’s and women’s teams will be on break until the start of their new season, which will start off in early February.

Stephanie Hofmann/Sports editor


Women’s golf team falls short on home course

The women’s golf team lost by 21 points with a score of 358 against Lewis & Clark College’s 337 on Oct. 20 at the Michelbook Country Club.

“We think we can get some really low scores,” freshman Abigail Heringer said. “We have been working really hard. We really think that we can do well.”

Leading the team was Heringer who got first out of 12 players with a score of 79. Heringer finished the tournament with 10 pars and one birdie. Other players to recognize are senior Alexandria Smith who finished fourth with a score of 84 and sophomore Maggie Harlow who finished sixth with a score of 86. The other players were junior Erin Crofcheck got a 109, freshman Laura Waller got a 110 and junior Malika Reynolds got a 120. Overall the team scored a total of 28 pars and 1 birdie during the entire tournament.

“I think we did really well,” Heringer said. “We were all happy with are scores. It was a hard course but we all liked where we were at.”

The team is playing next at the Northwest Conference Fall Classic on Oct. 26-27 at Stone Creek to determine if the team continues on in the season.

“We could shot really low,” head coach Brynn Hurdus said. “We have been doing well at practice and playing well. We have to potential to do it, but we just have to pull through we it matters most.”

Stephanie Hofmann / Sports editor


Stephanie Hofmann can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.

Wildcat looking strong going into conference

As a solid player scoring consistent rounds of 78-78 for a 156 total and placing 21st among 59 competitors during his last match at the Oct. 7 Whitworth Invitational, junior Taylor Pernke is a Wildcat golfer who is worth being recognized.

With strong and consistent results from the Wildcat’s first match of the 2013 season at the Pacific Invitational in Forest Grove, Ore., to his most recent performance at Whitworth’s Invitational, Pirnke has proven extremely resilient to physical and mental obstacles in the world of golf making him a strong addition to the men’s golf program here at Linfield College.

Pirnke started his golfing career in the seventh grade with his dad inspiring him to take on the sport which eventually lead him to Linfield.

Although growing up, Pirnke was involved in playing baseball and admits it helped when he began perusing golf, he believes that his progression in golf comes from hard work and practice.

“Practice elevates my game, not so much natural ability,” Pirnke said.

Pirnke has gained his biggest strength as a player, his short game, through hard work and practice.

“If I miss a green in regulation, my chipping and putting always help me score well on the course. I don’t have the best swing, but I am able to score because I can put the ball near the hole around the greens,” Pirnke said.

Another strength Pirnke possesses is a strong mental game, which is critical in order to become a successful golfer.

“I don’t get frustrated for the most part,” Pirnke said.  “I accept bad shots and look to position myself to shoot the best score possible.“

One of the key players at Linfield that inspired Pirnke was a fellow team mate his freshman year was 2010 graduate, Alex Fitch, who also held the number one slot on the Wildcat line-up during his time at Linfield.

“Being able to observe the way he practiced and played help me bring my game upward as I have progressed as a golfer,” Pirnke said.

He also described that Fitch’s mentorship on both the mental and physical side of the game that has supplemented to his game as well.

In addition to being a strong player individually, Pirnke also possesses the qualities that make an excellent team player: modesty in his abilities and the ability to inspire his team mates during tough matches.

Although Pirnke attributes his consistency as one of the factors to the team’s success, he also shows interest in the younger players in the golf program.

“I have taken more of a leadership role on the team which I hope has helped the younger guys out, because their scores are just as important as mine,” Pirnke said.

Pirnke has high goal for the rest of the season.

“Personally, my goal this season is to win individually, but more importantly, I want to have the team travel to nationals in the spring. This requires us to win our conference championship. The golf team has a great legacy as of late as being one of the top teams in the country.

Keeping that legacy is paramount to the success of this program for years to come. The most important goal I have is to help the team win and travel to nationals in hopes of a national championship,“ Pirnke said.

You can watch the Wildcat golfers on Oct. 20 at the Culturame Classic at the Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club in Aloha, Ore.

By Camille Weber/Sports columnist


Tyson Takeuchi/Senior sports photographer

Junior Taylor Pirnke takes a swing during a practice round, before the upcoming tournaments. The Men’s golf team will compete next at the Cuturame Classic on Oct. 20

Freshman takes the lead early in the season

Freshman Abigail Heringer has taken the Northwest Conference by storm this season.  As a first year athlete, Heringer has finished consistently within the top-five players at almost every match this fall season.

As a freshman just making her NCAA Division III debut, Heringer has shown the competition that she is a talented golfer and is a strong asset for the Linfield’s women’s golf program.

Heringer picked up her golf clubs at the tender age of four as her grandparents lived right by a golf course and enjoyed the game themselves. She started to take part competitively in the sport in middle school with her membership to the Salem Golf Club, as well as competing for South Salem High School’s golf team.

“Golf takes a lot of practice for everybody,” Heringer said when asked if her natural talent helped contribute to her success in the sport. “It’s definitely not something you can just pick up.”

A natural strength Heringer does have however is good patience.  This personality trait she admits has helped her become a better golfer.

“I guess that’s what may make me naturally good at golf is my patience, but the technical stuff definitely only comes with lots of practice,” Heringer said.

As the years went on, Heringer began to lose interest in the sport. She admits that at the beginning of high school, she struggled with golf and felt as if she was falling out of love with the sport.

“When I met the golf coach that I have now, he showed me a different side of golf, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be playing golf here at Linfield. He always knew how to push me as a player and eventually convinced me to play in college,” Heringer said.

Another person who has influenced her golf career is her own grandmother, who introduced Heringer to her high school coach and always supported Heringer during her high school matches.

“She never put the emphasis on winning,” Heringer said. “She was always more focused on whether I was having fun with the sport and not ‘in it to win it.’”

Heringer’s greatest strength she admits isn’t her swing, but her strong mental game.

“I’m relatively short compared to other players in the conference, so obviously hitting for distance isn’t my greatest strength. But when you see me competing you’ll never see me look upset or throwing my clubs and I think that’s one of the things that help me do really well is that I don’t let one bad shot ruin my game,” Heringer said.

Heringer’s mental strength and positive attitude has also proven to be a huge asset for the team as she strives to keep her team looking forward and staying positive.

“I want to help maintain a fun and light atmosphere,” Heringer said. “I like to ask my team mates how they did and listen to what they think they did well in and what they think they need to work on. I also like to point out the brighter side of my team mate’s playing during certain rounds.”

In terms of goals and aspirations for this season, Heringer is looking forward to working on becoming a more consistent player.

“Score-wise, I would love to hit in the 70’s more consistently,” Heringer said. She also expresses that she wants to continue to maintain a healthy relationship with the game and enjoy golfing for the rest of her Linfield career.

The women’s golf program’s next tournament will be a home dual meet against Lewis and Clark College on Oct. 20 at Michelbook Country Club.

By Camille Weber/Sports columnist


Key players to look for in the fall season

With all the excitement surrounding football, soccer, cross country, volleyball and golf seasons beginning, I figure it would be a good idea to let the Linfield student body know who the clutch players are and what we can expect from them this fall sports season.

Let’s start with golf.  On the women’s side the Wildcats have freshman Abigail Heringer a strong new golfer from Salem, Ore. She tied for fifth with a score of 15-over-par 159 in the Pacific Invitational last week.  Not bad so far for her first season at Linfield.

Although the women’s golf team finished eighth out of twelve teams at the Pacific Invitational, the Wildcats improved tremendously from the first to the second day, despite terrible weather conditions.

On the men’s side, there are three impressive juniors, Taylor Klopp, Taylor Pirnke and Kevin Kawasaki.  Klopp is described by head coach Greg Copeland as “a hard worker who hates to make a bogey,”  and a natural leader on the team.

Pirnke is described as a solid player and shot 78 on the second day of the Pacific Invitational. Kawasaki is a hard-working player whose extra practice during the summer has helped him to improve overall as a player!

His hard work paid off when he shot a crisp 71 to sit in fourth place at the Pacific Invitational. Kawasaki helped his team achieve first place overall after the first day of the tournament.

In the world of soccer, four men stick out from the lineup: freshmen Brian Degrandmont and Jorge Rodriguez, and seniors Harper Taylor and Jake Baker.

During their last game against Whitman College, Taylor and Baker worked together to score in the first half.  Baker sent in a cornerkick from the left side, which found his teammate in front of the net, setting up a point-blank range shot tying the game in the second half.

This was Taylor’s third career goal and his first goal since the 2010 season. Degrandmont tied the score at 1-1 in the game with a long-shot on goal from beyond the penalty box.  Rodriguez made six saves against the Pacific Lutheran offense keeping the Wildcat’s defense firm settling with a 0-0 tie. For women’s soccer, junior Lauren Pyrch, did her part against Pacific University from the back line helping Linfield achieve its best start in the program’s history and eventually getting the team voted into the top-25 teams by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America holding the 20th spot! Pyrch has been recognized as the Northwest Conference Women’s Soccer Defensive Student-Athlete of the Week and leads a defense, that only  allowed two goals and 14 shot attempts during all three matches. Pyrch is definitely a player that opponents should look out for!

Now how about those football guys? Well, as you know, the Linfield football program has had a very successful start to their season.

The team beat Texas Hardin-Simmons College 71-21 and beat out California Lutheran University last week 52-14. Linfield senior quarterback Josh Yoder was a huge contributing factor for the win against California Lutheran University as he passed for three touchdowns and scored on a 35-yard romp.  In the last game against Case Western Reserve University, sophomore running back sophomore Travon Willis rushed a game-high 80 yards against the Ohio team, while sophomore wide receiver Brian Balsiger caught eight passes for 99 yards, setting the tone for the Wildcats 45-0 shut-out.

Way to go boys!

How about my favorite ladies in spandex? Although the season has started off a bit rough for the squad, there are still some hard-working athletes that we can always count on to work hard and push their teammates to success!

Two-time Northwest Conference all-star junior Kailana Ritte-Camara, topped the stats with a match-high of 14 kills and a .231 hitting average in their last game against Puget Sound University.

Although the Wildcats weren’t able to walk away with a win, her performance should show the other teams that Ritte-Camara is an aggressive player who is ready to give it her all, all year round!

And don’t think I forgot about Linfield’s cross-country runners! We have three outstanding athletes on the team including seniors Hannah Greider, Siena Noe and  Joe Gladow.

With the help of Greider and Noe, the women’s team earned first place overall in the North West Classic held in Eugene, Ore., with five Wildcats finishing in the top ten spots.

Greider finished in third place while Noe finished in fifth place with a time of 19:23. On the men’s side, Gladow set the pace for other Wildcat men.  He scored 85 points and helped the team finish in the top for the Northwest Conference.

The senior averaged 5:19 miles during the 4-mile course, clocking in at 21:15.  With the help of these stellar athletes, the Linfield’s cross country team has a strong chance of qualifying for the NWC Championships and being a strong competitor in the league as well!

So those are the Wildcats to look out for! However, sports teams are called teams for a reason.  Although this article highlights the current star athletes for the season, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go watch and support other Wildcat athletes that weren’t mentioned!

So get out there and support your Wildcats, who knows, maybe you will witness a new star athlete in the making!

By Camille Weber/ Sports Columnist