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Lyrical duo dazzles Valentine’s Day guests

Tall Heights serenades Valentine’s Day singles and couples during Linfield’s Pro Cat Cab on Feb. 14.

What could be more romantic than a man with a guitar on Valentine’s Day? How about two men with a guitar and a cello?

For the professional Cat Cab on Feb. 14, Linfield hosted Tall Heights, a two- man string band from Bos- ton, and love was definitely in the air.

Taking place in the newly renovated Fred Meyer Lounge, the show featured Tim Harrington and Paul Wright, songwriters who find inspiration from their everyday lives, as well as from other popular artists.

“We really like Laura Marling, Gregory Alan Isakov and Bon Iver, obviously,” said Wright, drawing reference to their softly lyrical cover of “Skinny Love.”

Tall Heights started three years ago when Wright began seriously talking with a high school friend’s younger brother about putting a band together.

“Before then, I had never seen music as a viable path,” Wright said of the increasingly competitive music industry.

Fast-forward three years, and Tall Heights has toured New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee and Texas, among other states, and was finishing a 10-day tour here at Linfield.

“We love playing college campuses,” Wright said. “It’s refreshing after playing for larger audiences, and it’s nice to reach out to younger audiences who can’t come see us at venues where they serve alcohol.”

With two albums already on iTunes, their third “Man of Stone” drops May 14, featuring their new music “Eastern Standard Time” and “Field of Snow.” Previous hits include “I Don’t Know,” “To Be Young” and “Rafters” off their album of the same name.

Their success is warranted: the folk-pop band’s flowing harmonies and beautiful lyrics ensure a bright future.
Cat Cab first-timer and sophomore Rhianna Bennett came to the concert Thursday after hearing a 15-second audio clip of the band.

“I love that style of music and hearing two attractive men perform was fun way to end the day,” Bennett said. “I didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day so this seemed like a good option.”

In the holiday spirit of love and affection, a drawing determined which lucky audience member would get the chance to come onstage and be serenaded by the band. Sandwiched between two beautiful-voiced men, freshman Camille Weber saw her V-Day improve when her name was drawn.

“I did enter myself for the contest, but I didn’t really think I had a chance of winning. I just thought it wouldn’t hurt to try,” Weber said. “To be serenaded by such talented musicians was really the icing on the cake that truly made it a special Valentine’s Day.”

Cat Cabs take place at 9 p.m. every Thursday in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Updates on the performers can be found on the Linfield Activities Board Facebook page.

Olivia Marovich

Staff writer

Olivia Marovich can be reached at linfieldreviewculture@gmail.com.

Photo by Joel Ray/Senior photographer

Linfield Sodexo delays Starbucks construction


The Fred Meyer Lounge was remodeled during January. Some of the renovations included new furniture, a paint job and media accessories.

Despite plans to introduce a full-service Starbucks in O’Riley’s coffee shop space in time for the spring semester, Linfield Sodexo is pushing back the construction process to June 3.

The decision to postpone the project, which was slated to take place during January Term, came after Bill Masullo, general manager of Linfield Sodexo, and Allison Horn, director of auxiliary services, re-evaluated the construction schedule.

Moving the Starbucks project to coincide with the renovation of Dillin Hall this summer proved to be more cost effective. Additionally, it eases the burden on the incoming contractors who otherwise would have had to make numerous trips, Masullo explained.

Although Starbucks is on hold for now, plans to remodel the Fred Meyer Lounge were in full swing during January, leaving the space ready for use in time for the new semester.

The Fred Meyer Lounge received a new paint job and furniture. The floors were refinished, and the Wildcat logo was added, Masullo said.

The Office of Academic Affairs funded the media portion of the space, which includes a flat screen TV, Horn added. There is also a built-in sound system.

In addition, the old wood-burning fireplace was converted to gas. Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, is safekeeping the controls, Horn said.

Originally, there were plans to open up the space to the coffee shop. However, the entrances had to remain the same because of structural issues, Masullo said.

Even so, the Starbucks space will be arranged differently than the
current café. The tables will be made from Linfield’s famous old oak tree. And, historical photos will adorn the walls.

Students will have the opportunity to see the floor plans after spring break. Masullo and Horn said they plan to post them up outside of the space.

“It was disappointing for everyone when the project was pushed back. But, [the Starbucks] is still coming, and it will be an improvement when everyone gets back to campus,” Horn said.

Jessica Prokop


Jessica Prokop can be reached at linfieldrevieweditor@gmail.com.

Photo by Jessica Prokop