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Lacrosse loses final season game against Pacific Boxers

In the final game of the season, the lacrosse team lost to Pacific University 19-3 April 12, finishing a 9-0 season for the Wildcats.

All four shots made by the Wildcats were made in the second half, with seven saves throughout the game.

The away game in Forest Grove, Ore., ended a slow season for the ‘Cats, but members are happy with their overall play.

“The thing our team does best is building off of previous games and practices,” senior Lynette Cole said. “Every match we saw improvement all around the field. Even if the scoreboard didn’t reflect it, our team improved immensely since the beginning of the season.”

Due to injuries, the Wildcats only had 13 players, one more than the requirement for play.

“Pacific had around eight or nine substitutes so if someone needed a break, especially in the midfield, they can catch their breath, observe the match and chat with the coach about tips for improvement, Cole said.

“It absolutely affected the game’s outcome because they all had this opportunity.”

Low numbers were nothing new for the team, which dealt with many injured players unable to participate during the season.

“It was really frustrating,” freshman and regular goalie Erika Phillipo said. Phillipo was out for most of the season due to injury.

“I love the sport so it was really hard watching from the sidelines,” Phillipo said.

Sophomore Shelby Duarte scored the three Linfield goals for the relatively young team.

“We had a couple of members who had never even touched a stick before this season, Phillipo said.

“I think we will see a lot of returners next year, which will greatly help the next season picking up where we left off this past season.”

The lacrosse players overcame their challenges in order to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

“Our goals for the season were to lay down the framework for a strong team in the years to come,” Cole said. “We absolutely achieved this.”


Olivia Marovich/Staff writer

Olivia Marovich can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com.



Lacrosse takes tough loss against Loggers

In an away game against the University of Puget Sound on April 7, lacrosse lost 21-6, making it 0-8 for the season.

The Loggers had a previous win against the Wildcats this season, winning 19-4. Sophomore captain Rebecca Kropp went into the game excited by the chance to play with the team.

“We definitely have the skill and determination to play with them,” Kropp said. “Our attack has been working on moving the ball quicker and being a bigger threat, making the other team play defense.”

While the Wildcats have had a tough season, a close bond has formed between the mostly new members of the team.

“I think we will only lose two seniors next year so we have practically the whole team coming back,” Kropp said. “During games and at practice we all treat each other as equals and everyone always has something to offer no matter how experienced they are.”

Two away games in Southern California marked two more losses for lacrosse during spring break, but as Kropp explains, the team was not disappointed with the games.

“We played really well,” Kropp said. “Our first game was rough because we had two subs and Chapman had a full bench… so it was like we were playing two different teams.”

The Wildcats lost 25-2 in the Panther’s home game, gaining one goal each half, scored by senior Brittani Drost in the first half and sophomore Shelby Duarte in the second.

Freshman and regular goalkeeper Erika Phillipo returned to the field after sitting the last four games out due to an injury. She saved 11 attempted goals, bringing the total attempted goals made by Chapman to 44.

Losing by a smaller margin on March 27, the Wildcats lost 17-4 to the Whittier Poets.

“During the first game, our communication broke down at one point, and they had a huge run,” Kropp said. “We focused on that in our second game and we played our best defense of the year.”

The Wildcats were excited to see how their play benefitted from the increase in defensive support.

“We had some really nice transition fast breaks that we scored off of,” Kropp said. “So we know we can be really good, we just need to keep our confidence and communication up. If we do that, I think our last two games can go much better and differently than the first times we played Pacific and Puget Sound.”

The final game of the lacrosse season will be an away game at 6 p.m. April 12 against Pacific University in Forest Grove.

Olivia Marovich / Staff writer

Olivia Marovich can be reached at linfieldreviewsports@gmail.com