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Cat Cab: Jessie Gorgen Crew

The Jessie Goergen Crew performs on Oct. 10 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Jessie Goergen is the lead singer of the Jessie Goergen Crew and a Linfield College alumna from 2013. Goergen and the crew sang songs from their new album “Anchor Me Down,” including their originals, “Hooked on You” and “Good Time.”

YuCheng Zhang/Senior photographer

Student Cat Cab: The Individuals

YuCheng Zhang/Senior photographer

Senior Daniel Namazi and his band, The Individuals, perform at Cat Cab on Sept. 30. The band also included seniors Sylvan Tovar, Matthew Creech and Brita Gaeddert, junior Evan Tracy and sophomore Jeffrey Laws. Namazi covered songs, including “Make You Feel My Love,”

“Radioactive” and “Dirty Paws.”

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Student Cat Cab: Logan Mays

YuCheng Zhang/Senior photographer

Sophomore Logan Mays, a music composition major, performs his
originals songs, “Dear Miss” and “My Girl,” on Sept. 26. He covered other songs, including “1000 Miles,” “100 Years,” “Hundred” and
“Radioactive.” Logan Mays also sang the songs “If I Were a Boy” and “Stay” with senior Gulfem Torunlar.

Cat Cab: Nelly’s Echo

Nelson Emokpae of the band Nelly's Echo

 YuCheng Zhang/Senior photographer

Nelson Emokpae is the lead singer, guitarist and founder of the band Nelly’s Echo that performed at Cat Cab Sept. 19 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. Emokpae writes the band’s original songs, which are influenced by Jason Mraz.

Cat Cab: Eclectic Approach

Eclectic Approach 3 Martin Celt

Bassist Martin Celt performs in the band Eclectic Approach at Linfield College’s Cat Cab on Sept. 12 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. The
band played a variety of their original alternative rock songs, along with covers from well-known pop songs, including “Get Lucky” by
Daft Punk.
YuCheng Zhang/Senior photographer

Eclectic Approach 2 Eclectic ApproachEclectic Approach 4