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Baseball remains top in the conference

It was another wild weekend for the Wildcat baseball team who improved their conference record to 27-3 with three wins against Pomona-Pitzer.

The ’Cats blew out Pomona-Pitzer in the first game with a 16-4 win. In the first inning, senior Nick Fischer hit a home run giving the Wildcats a 2-0 lead going into the second inning. Without any response from Pomona-Pitzer, Linfield earned another two runs in the bottom of the third inning with a double to right center by senior Clayton Truex and another RBI by senior Kramer Lindell.

However, it was in the bottom of the fifth and sixth where the Wildcats were truly able to claim their dominance. In the bottom of the fifth inning, the Wildcats earned six runs. The first two runs came from senior Nate McClellan with a single to right field. Then, sophomore Eric Lawson contributed an RBI while senior Jake Wylie hit a sacrifice fly putting the ’Cats up 10-0.  Likewise the sixth inning was also a six run inning with RBI’s coming from junior Jo Carroll, McClellan, Fischer, and a final home run by Wylie.

But it wasn’t over yet. The Wildcats had another game to complete in their double header against Pomona-Pitzer. To no avail, Linfield earned another win 13-3 against Pomona-Pitzer advancing their overall season record to 26-3.

The first two innings remained stoic for Pomona-Pitzer and Linfield with no runs scored. Nonetheless, in the third inning, Truex hit a double to earn one RBI putting Linfield on the scoreboard 2-1. The ’Cats scored again in the bottom of the fourth with a single down the right field line by senior Kenny Johnson.

With the scoreboard tied 2-2, Linfield entered the sixth inning focused and ready. The ’Cats were able to score five runs in the bottom of the sixth with a sac bunt by Carroll, an RBI by Lawson and Johnson, and two more by Wylie. The seventh inning was very similar with two RBI’s from junior Chance Laboda and three from Wylie. They would finish the match with one more run from a sacrifice fly by Johnson.

In the last match against Pomona-Pitzer, the ’Cats earned a win with a score of 8-4. Five of the eight earned runs came in the bottom of the first inning with an RBI by Lindell, Lawson, John-son and two from Carroll. The next run came in the bottom of the seventh  with another RBI from Lindell in a single to center field. Pomona-Pitzer would fire back with a total of four runs, however, they would not be able to outmatch the Wildcats with the last RBI coming from Truex.

With the post-season coming up and the Wildcats on fire from three consecutive wins, there is no doubt that the ’Cats will be contenders for yet another NCAA title.

Casie Gaza/Senior sports reporter


Baseball crushes Lutes in weekend games

It was a rainy ball game for the Wildcats who defeated the Pacific Lutheran University in a series.

On April 4, it was ace pitcher, junior Chris Haddeland on the mound for the ’Cats. The first inning was a stoic inning with neither team scoring any runs. However, in the bottom of the second, it was clear that the Wildcats had decided to make their move. As senior Clayton Truex singled to left field, senior catcher Jake Wylie cracked a home run driving in Truex, earning two RBI, and putting the score 2-0 ’Cats. The third and fourth inning continued the excitement as it was a battle of the pitchers—the Lutes earning three hits and the Wildcats earning two. However, the score remained 2-0 in favor of the ’Cats. Linfield would then score again in the bottom of the sixth with an RBI from senior Kenny Johnson and thus continuing their lead, 3-0. The ’Cats would shut down the Lutes from then on earning another conference victory.

The second game however, was much more eventful for the ’Cats who took another victory from the Lutes 7-1. Their first score came in the bottom of the second inning with an RBI from senior Nate McClellan. However, the climax of the game came in the bottom of the fourth inning as Linfield drove in four runs to give them a 5-0 lead. With another home run and RBI from Wylie, with addition to RBI’s from McClellan and senior Corey VanDomelen, the Wildcats had exploited their dominance on the field. Although the Lutes attempted a come back and pulled off one run in the top of the sixth, they wouldn’t see another. The Wildcats cleaned up their double header in the bottom of the eighth with yet another home run from Wylie driving in two runs.

In the third match of the series, the ’Cats owned their dominance with a 6-1 victory. Half of Linfield’s six runs came in the bottom of the first inning with RBI’s from senior Nick Fischer, Truex, and McClellan. Then, the ’Cats would score two unearned runs in the third inning, increasing their lead to 5-0. They would score once more in the bottom of the sixth from an RBI by Fischer and the Lutes demonstrated no signs of a comeback.

“It’s great to be 15-1, we’re able to control our destiny in terms of a conference title,” Haddeland said. “But although we’ve gotten off to a great start we know there is still a lot of season left and we need to keep improving and working toward being the best team we can be. Obviously we wanted to win the series. We knew they had some quality arms in their rotation, but our hitters were able to grind out a few runs in the first game and blew the second one open. Right now we’re still focused on winning conference. We take each game one at a time and make sure we’re not over looking anyone.”

With their diligent and relentless attitude, it is exciting to see what the ’Cats will be able to produce in the future. Only time will tell how their gifted skills and teamwork will combine to become something greater themselves.

Casie Gaza/Senior sports reporter


’Cats snuff out missionaries in three game series

The Linfield baseball team went back on the road for a three game series against Whitman College on March 15-16.

While Linfield won all three games, the “W’s” didn’t come easy. Its first game was a nail-biter all the way through. After regulation had expired, the game was deadlocked. It wasn’t until two innings later that Linfield jumped ahead and ended up winning the game by two.

The extra inning win was the first of two games on March 15. After the hard fought fist game, Linfield handled Whitman with ease in the second game. Linfield won 5-0 and almost shut Whitman out, only allowing one hit in the entire game.

Junior Chris Haddeland pitched a complete game, striking out five and only allowing a total of three runners on base, two of which coming from walks.

Haddeland now has a sub 1.0 ERA and 31 strikeouts for the year, and a perfect record, winning all five of his starts.

First baseman senior Clayton Truex continued his hot streak, going one for four on the game and bringing in two RBI’s. He is was batting .439 before the three game series and has raised it since.

Linfield went back onto the field and extended their streak on March 16, winning 2-0. Linfield remains perfect on the road, going 10-0 for away games and proving that homefield advantage doesn’t make a difference in how they preform.

Linfield remains the number one in the standings for D3 NWC ball, and only widened the gap by winning these last three games.

Linfield comes home to face off against Whitworth for a two game series on March 22 and 23.

The will look to extend their winning streak and get another two wins in front of their fans.

Drew Mahrt/For the Review


Baseball scores despite schedule change-up

It was an exciting weekend for the Linfield Wildcats as they won their first home conference series against the Willamette Bearcats 2-1. As Sunday’s match was pushed up to Friday, March 7, there was no doubt that the ’Cats were ready for a showdown.

The Wildcats won the first game of the series defeating Willamette 5-2 with runs in the first, second, fourth, and eighth inning. In the first inning, senior outfielders Kramer Lindell and Nick Fischer drove in the first two runs putting the ’Cats up 2-0. The second inning looked no different with third baseman, sophomore Eric Lawson earning an RBI on a sacrifice fly putting the Wildcats up 3-0. Not long after, the ’Cats came through again in the fourth inning dominating the bases as  junior shortstop Corey Vandomelen ripped a single driving in junior catcher Chance Laboda and giving Linfield a 4-0 lead. The final run came in the bottom of the eighth inning from Lindell’s hit and a Bearcats defensive error. However, it was not only the ’Cats offensive power keeping them on top. According to Lawson, the ‘Cats rely on the consistency of the pitching and defense. “We turned many crucial double plays this weekend and our pitching is the most consistent strength we have.” This was clear as the defense pushed to the end alongside junior pitcher Chris Haddeland giving up only two runs for the game.

Nonetheless, the ’Cats still had a job to complete. On March 8,  the Wildcats took the mound for a double header to complete the series against the Bearcats.

In the second game of the series, the Wildcats took a hard loss to the Bearcats 7-3 with both teams battling neck and neck for a lead. In the fourth inning, a ’Cats pitching error gave  Willamette their first run putting them up 1-0. Linfield responded in the seventh inning with a run scored by pinch hitter sophomore Finn McMichael and an RBI from VanDomelen. The Bearcats scored three more runs in the top of the seventh and Linfield responded with two in the bottom of the seventh. Only one run down, Linfield was three outs away from making a comeback that would win them the game. However, it was evident the Bearcats had the hot hand as they drove in three more runs in the top of the ninth giving Linfield their first conference season loss.

“We did pretty good. We just had a few bad innings. We need to execute better on our plays,” sophomore Kekoa Kaulukukui said.

“Our team can improve on situational hitting and base running. We did not execute like we know we can, and that seemed to be a common theme throughout the weekend,” Lawson said.

Excitingly, this loss seemed meaningless to the Wildcats as they came back to win the series with a 5-2 victory over the Bearcats. Linfield dominated the final match of the series with thirteen hits in comparison to Willamette’s four. The ’Cats caught on fire in the bottom of the second inning with four back-to-back singles with RBI credited to Laboda. Shortly after, a Bearcats’ error drove in Junior left fielder Jo Carroll putting the Wildcats up 2-0. Then, Kaulukukui drove in another run and VanDomelen’s single drove in Laboda to end the inning 4-0, ’Cats. Junior pitcher Aaron Thomassen also showed his skills on the mound giving up no runs in the first five innings. “Our pitchers threw well. They were getting outs” stated Kaulukukui. The last Wildcat score came from a Bearcat defensive error and Linfield would see a small response from Willamette with two runs scored in the top of the sixth. However, the ’Cats defense remained solid and the Bearcats would not see home plate again.

The Wildcats are dominating the conference with a record of 5-1. Their next appearance is in Walla Walla, Wash., against the Whitman Missionaries. With their performance on the mound this weekend, there is no doubt that the ’Cats season looks promising. According to Lawson, the team has a positive outlook going forward.

“We know we have to work on a few things, but the great thing about this team is that every single guy wants to get better,” Lawson said. “So we are going to take it day by day and make sure each day we are somehow bettering ourselves.”

Only time will tell whether they will repeat their NCAA National Championship.

Casie Gaza/ Senior Sports reporter



Junior Aaron Thomassen pitches towards a Willamette University player during the three round games which the ’Cats won two out of the three.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird

Junior Jo Carroll dives back to first base during the three games that the Wildcats played against Willamette University at the home field.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Bird


Baseball strikes down Boxers

It was a wild weekend for the Wildcat baseball team as they defeated the University of the Pacific Boxers in a double-header on March 1 kick starting their conference season to 2-0. The Wildcats dominated the first game with a final score of 18-3.

In the top of the first inning, the Wildcats were up to bat with lead off hitter shortstop junior Corey VanDomelen.

Linfield gained an automatic on base from a walk by Boxers’ pitcher Jimmy Brakebush and shortly after senior Clayton Truex drove in an RBI after ripping a double to left center field.

Pacific responded with an RBI and the score was tied 1-1. Sophomore third baseman Eric Lawson drove a single down the left field line and was credited with two RBI’s.

However, the top of the fourth inning was a beauty for the ’Cats with eight runs scored. With two outs and a runner on third and first, senior Kramer Lindell stole second base and sophomore Eric Lawson sprinted in for a run. On the next at bat, senior Nate McClellan doubled to left center sending Lindell home and the ’Cats were up 2-0 in the top of the fourth. It was not over yet, as McClellan scored on a wild pitch, Carroll doubled to right center and the rest was history. Lawson singled to right field bringing in two runners and a double by right fielder senior Nick Fischer gave Linfield a generous twelve run lead and a 14-2 score.

The sixth inning was another exciting inning. To no avail, Fischer hit a home run driving in pinch hitter sophomore Kekoa Kaulukukui on second and VanDomelen on first, putting the score to 17-2.

The rest is history. The ’Cats scored once more in the ninth inning and the Boxers’ scored once more in the seventh, ending 18-2.

However, thanks to a double header, the Wildcats win was short focused in comparison to their game ahead. After coming off a victory to the Pacific Boxers, the remaining question was whether they could do it again.

The first inning went well for the Wildcats as Fischer tripled to right center field and Truex walked to first. After a single by Lindell, Linfield took the lead, 1-0.

The fifth inning became the turning point in the match with five runs scored on five hits. With a run scored by Lawson and an RBI credited to Fischer, Linfield took the lead 3-0. Shortly after, left fielder Carroll doubled to left center field and brought in another two runs. Then, a single by designated hitter Ben Andrews, and a wild pitch from the Boxers led Carroll in for yet, another, ’Cats score. With Andrews on third and Laboda on second, a Boxers error gave Linfield another run and the inning ended at a final score of 7-0.

The sixth and seventh innings were no run innings. In the top of the eighth inning, the Wildcats scored four more runs.

Linfield ended the game with a final score of 11-0. The double header proved to be no problem for the Wildcats and their conference record improved to 2-0 while their season record bettered to 9-2.

The Wildcats will make up the game on March 3 against Pacific University, that was originally scheduled for March 2.

Casie Gaza/For the Review