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Plan B does not mean abortion

Plan B explaining what it is, and having talked to people myself about it, I still hear people say the morning after pill is an abortion pill.
I can understand how some people would get confused because it is taken after unprotected sex or an accident. However, the two pills have different functions.
The morning after pill is not the abortion pill (just to clarify). It does not get rid of an existing pregnancy. Plan B, and other brands, are essentially a large dose of the same hormone found in birth control pills, levonorgestrel. This prevents ovulation and thickens the cervical mucus preventing the sperm from joining the egg, preventing pregnancy in the same manner as other forms of hormonal birth control.
Plan B is one brand of the morning after pill. It requires you to only take one pill, while others require two. You have up to 120 hours to take the pill but it is 89% effective for 72 hours. After those first 72 hours, the effectiveness of the pill decreases.
The sooner you take it, the better. In brands that have two pills the second pill is taken 12 hours after the first.
The abortion pill is taken after an egg has been fertilized, and it has attached to the wall of the uterus… simply put, after an individual is actually pregnant.
Getting a morning after pill does not require a prescription. The abortion pill requires a visit to the doctor and a discussion about alternative options.
The morning after pill should not be used as a regular form of birth control.
It is hard on your body and may make you sick for a few days following which could include nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, breast tenderness and changes in your period. Use a method of contraception or birth control that works for you, and if intercourse happens and that method fails (the condom breaks, you forget to take the pill for a day or two, etc.,) then resort to the morning after pill.

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Women’s basketball jump starts season

Senior Brynna Fuller guards Pacific Lutheran freshman Andi Adams on Dec. 3 at home. Joel Ray/ Photo editor

Senior Gretchen Owen dribbles down court and out of reach of Pacific Lutheran’s players Dec. 3 at home. Joel Ray/ Photo editor

With the season just starting up, the women’s basketball team is already making a strong presence on the court, even though there are only three upperclassmen on the team.

During the preseason, the women’s basketball team had a record of 3-2. On Dec. 3, it won its first official season game against Pacific Lutheran with the score 66-61.

Senior Gretchen Owens scored a game-high 28 points and sophomore Kaely Maltman had 11 rebounds throughout the game.

PLU lead the first quarter by 12 points just after five minutes of the game. The Wildcats, however, pulled through and began to tighten the gap.

By half-time, the score was 37-30 in favor of PLU. With the shot made by freshman Karelyn Hensen, the score was finally tied 42-42.

The Wildcats briefly took the lead when Owens made a shot. PLU gained a four-point lead again but the Wildcats did not give up and fought throughout the last quarter to pull out the victory against PLU.

Freshmen, such as Katelyn Henson and Tyra Barawis, have had a strong start with their performance so far this season.

Henson is the third leading scorer for the team with 48 points so far. Barawis has the second highest number of defensive rebounds with 25.

Barawis shined at the first away game versus La Verne on Nov. 21, which led to a 75-72 victory. She was on top of her game with a 10/11 shooting average and four rebounds.

Henson started her first season for the Wildcats with seven points and three assists during the Northwest Christian game on Nov. 18.

Both players are expected to be crucial contributors for the team this season alongside the four returning players. This is including Owens, who is a two-time all-Northwest Conference and Malthman honorable mention.

There have already been injuries that have afflicted the team, including freshmen Taylor Solomon’s torn ACL and Carrie Skuzeski’s stress fracture. With her stress fracture,
Skuzeski remains a part of the team.

“[Skuzeski] does more of the behind-the-scenes stuff now,” Barawis said. “She is still a key member of the team.”

Last year’s turn around season forces the team to strive for another successful season.

Goals for the team this year are to make it to the playoffs and possibly bring home the first league championship for the women’s basketball program.

“We are trying to keep in mind that even though we are a young team, we are still capable of great things,” Barawis said.

Ivanna Tucker/
Features editor
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