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Get to know the 2011-12 ASLC Cabinet

Name: Mitch Edwards


Position: Student Center Director
Age: 21
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Biology/Chemistry
Hometown: Beaverton, Ore.

Qualifications: Edwards’ most-related qualification to this position is the experience he gained from working in the Gameroom and as a substitute in the Campus Information Center (CIC). He also has experience helping others, since he has been a biology and human physiology teaching assistant. Edwards said he has also gained communication skills from being a receptionist at a nursing home, as well as event planning skills from being a residence hall president.

Reasons for applying: Edwards said that he has been busy with schoolwork during the last two years, but he was involved in student government in high school. Now he said he wants to give back to the Linfield community. He also said the three facilities that he will oversee, the Gameroom, CIC and Bike Co-Op, are underused, and he wants to make them more accessible to students. Edwards said he hopes to gain confidence outside of academics and gain managing skills.

Goals: One of Edwards’ goals is to make the Gameroom a more social space so it feels like a place where students can hang out. He said he wants people to go there without already having a task in mind. Edwards also wants to make the CIC employees better informed of the events taking place on campus and have more training sessions or weekly emails, he said. He would also like to develop better communication with the Bike Co-Op manager and get the word out about the Co-Op, he said.

Words of Wisdom: “Get involved early in either student government or Residence Life because being involved in the Linfield community will positively impact your life in so many ways,” Edwards said.

Interests: Edwards is a baseball fan and enjoys watching movies and relaxing. He said he also likes to stay up to date with news about medicine around the world because he wants to be a doctor.

Favorites: Edwards’ favorite color is red. His favorite movies are comedies, such as “Patch Adams,” “Bull Durham” and “Dumb and Dumber.” He also likes to watch the TV shows “Scrubs,” “Baseball Tonight” and “Jersey Shore.” Edwards said his favorite kind of music is hip-hop.

~Compiled by Jessica Prokop/News editor

Get to know the 2011-12 ASLC Cabinet

Position: Club Director

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Mass Communication

Hometown: Amity, Ore.

Qualifications: Miles’ qualification most related to this position is his experience as the Musical Entertainment Chair for the Linfield Activities Board. While holding this position, he planned and organized events, such as Thursday night Cat Cabs. He also worked on the
Associated Students of Linfield College budget and was a Residence Life Advisor.

Reasons for applying: Miles said that he did not decide to apply until the week that applications were due. He said he decided to go through with it because he was looking for a position that would cause him to be used as a resource so that students could get more of out their Linfield experience.
“I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and jump into something new to see if I could swim,” he said.

Goals: Miles said that he wants to increase communication between himself, senators and members of the Senate Club Support and Finance Committee. He also wants to raise awareness of the Activities Council and its availability to students.

Words of Wisdom: “Know what your money is being spent on at Linfield,” Miles said. “A lot of students don’t know that a portion of their student body fees goes to the Activities Council.”

Interests: Miles runs cross country and track for Linfield. He said he also enjoys playing instruments, such as his guitar, and he is excited to study abroad in Trinidad and Tobago during January Term 2012.

Favorites: Miles’ favorite color is red. His favorite movie is “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” He also likes to watch “The Office,” “Pawn Stars” and the local news when he goes home to visit his parents. Miles said his favorite band is Blink 182.
“I’m also a Calvin and Hobbes fan,” he said.

~Compiled by Jessica Prokop/News editor

ASLC Cabinet hires announced during Senate

The newly hired 2011-12 Associated Students of Linfield College Cabinet presented themselves to senators during the March 28 Senate meeting. They will be approved by vote at the next meeting April 4 in Riley 201.

The proposed ASLC Cabinet comprises sophomore Thomas Bryan, vice president of business and finance; junior Nicole Bond, vice president of programming; freshman Clara Martinez, secretary; sophomore Nic Miles, club director; junior Mitch Edwards, student center director; junior Daniel Teater, sports director and junior Clair Schneider, publicity director.

Bryan, Bond, Miles and Edwards have all held leadership positions and responsibilities within ASLC and Linfield Activities Board this past year.

Junior Rachel Coffey, ASLC president-elect and junior Bradley Keliinoi, ASLC vice president-elect collaborated with senators to create a hiring committee, which included freshman Yura Sim, sophomore Amanda Bowers and junior Joshua Harper. The committee, advised by Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, interviewed the 18 ASLC Cabinet applicants March 16 and 17. Some of the applicants had applied for more than one position. The committee notified the hires by March 18, Coffey said.

“I was looking for people who would be confident and excited in the position that they were applying for,” Coffey said. “I wanted a team that would help keep my goal of improving communication by having a Cabinet that could interact among itself and with students.”

After the Cabinet is approved by Senate, Bond said that she will begin hiring students for LAB next week.

Bond said she reorganized the LAB positions, combining some of them for a total of six positions for the 2011-12 school year. The new LAB positions include Secretary and Publicity Chair, Musical Entertainment Chair, Special Events Chair, On-Campus Programming Chair, Off-Campus Sports Programming Chair and Off-Campus Cultural Programming Chair.

Applications consist of a cover letter and résumé and are due to Bond by April 11 at 5 p.m.

Other leadership positions available through ASLC include Community Outreach and Environmental Education (CORE), held this year by senior Sarah Valentine, and Business Management Assistant, which was held by Bryan.

Coffey said that these leadership roles are paid stipend positions, and students who are interested in applying should contact Valentine at svalent@linfield.edu or Bryan at tbryan@linfield.edu. Applications are due April 11 at 5 p.m. to Coffey or to aslcpresident@linfield.edu.

Leadership positions for the Campus Information Center, Gameroom and Linfield Bike Co-Op, which are overseen by the Student Center Director, will be filled in May, Coffey said.

The Publicity Director’s team, which consists of five students and the Sports Director’s three commissioners, will also be hired in May, Coffey added.

“I am really happy with the new Cabinet and excited for next year,” Coffey said. “Everybody brings something, and I’m confident that they will help me meet my goals.”

Questions about the new leadership positions or the application process can be directed to Coffey at

Jessica Prokop/News editor
Jessica Prokop can be reached at linfieldreviewnews@gmail.com.

Coffey’s campaign efforts capture the win


Whispers, cries of joy and congratulatory hugs were abound after President-elect junior Rachel Coffey and Vice President-elect junior Bradley Keliinoi were greeted with the news of their victories by Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, Secretary senior Sophie Larson and President senior Colin Jones inside Nicholson Library on March 8.

Keliinoi said that he was sitting in the library anticipating the committee’s arrival when he spotted the committee looking for Coffey first.

“I tried to prepare for both outcomes (winning or losing) the whole time I was waiting,” Coffey said. “I was in the library working on a group project, and we were kind of hidden — then I saw Colin [Jones], Sophie [Larson] and Dan [Fergueson]; all I kept saying was ‘Really? Really? Really?’”

Coffey received 62.7 percent of the vote to junior Katie Patterson’s 35.6 percent and 1.8 percent abstentions. Keliinoi received 71.3 percent of the vote to 28.7 percent abstentions. These percentages are based off of the 617 students who voted.

“I just had an overwhelming amount of feelings and emotion and it [the win] made everything with campaigning worth it,” Coffey said. “I went to my apartment right after I found out, and I was jumping around and screaming with my roommates because we were all so excited.”

Coffey said that during her campaign, she reached out to students in Dillin Hall and in the residence halls by door-to-door and leaving fliers.

“Now that I’ve come to grips, I realize everything that I need to do now — like hiring Cabinet and following through with my goals,” Coffey said.

She said she wants to work to bring together a diverse Cabinet that reflects Linfield students as a whole and said that she encourages students to apply or sit on the hiring committee. Applications are due March 15 at 5 p.m., she said.

“The best part of all of this is the support that I got from everyone and my roommates,” Coffey said. “It just shows that I surround myself with good people; they helped me get through these past two weeks.”

Keliinoi said that throughout the election, a lot of people assumed he was going to win, but he did not have that mentality during the process.

“I didn’t run under the assumption that I was vice president yet. Instead, I ran my campaign like I was running against someone,” Keliinoi said. “I’m proud of myself, and I tried to reach out to everyone with campus e-mails, links and fliers.”

Keliinoi said that he is excited for next year and looks forward to working with Coffey and hiring a Cabinet.

“I’m ready to hit the ground running,” Keliinoi said. “I’m looking to hire a wide range of qualified people that have passion and drive behind their ideas.”

Keliinoi said he also looks forward to working with Patterson and getting her advice during the transition, and he said he hopes that she continues working with ASLC in other leadership positions.

The presidential and vice presidential turnovers take place May 1.

Patterson declined to interview with TLR via e-mail shortly before the results of the winners were announced.

ASLC President senior Colin Jones said that a low percentage of voters typically turn out at the polls when students recognize that there is only one race with competing candidates. No primary election was held March 1 because no more than two candidates were running for a single position. This meant less publicity for the March 8 general elections.

“It comes down to the candidates and how much they campaign,” Jones said. “This year, ASLC did a lot more publicity than last year, but the key is to get candidates to run, not vote.”

Jones said that ASLC mandated that candidates create a banner in the past, but it cannot force a candidate to campaign.

The day before the General Elections, the candidates sat down in the Fred Meyer Lounge for “Fireside Chats” after the Senate meeting March 7.

Each candidate had 10 minutes to answer questions and elaborate on his or her platform goals. Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, moderated the chats.

Keliinoi went first and reiterated his goal of having ASLC become more visible to students and his plan of following through with discussions of the Cabinet restructuring.

Patterson reinforced her goals of working toward getting a student center, using resources such as the Communications Board to increase communication between students, faculty and administration.

Coffey celebrates her win with a congratulatory hug from ASLC President senior Colin Jones. Katie Paysinger/Senior photographer

Coffey reminded students of her experience with Cabinet and Senate, and she acknowledged that she was ready to take on the challenge of the presidential role.

A few of the other topics that the candidates touched on were work study, getting along with each other once elected and ideas about the Community Outreach and Environmental Education (CORE) Coordinator.

Jessica Prokop/News editor
Jessica Prokop can be reached at linfieldreviewnews@gmail.com.

Debates display campaign goals

ASLC presidential candidate junior Katie Patterson (center) responds to a question at the first election debate Feb. 28. Her opponent, junior Rachel Coffey, and vice presidential candidate Bradley Keliinoi listen to her reply. Photo by Christine Fujiki, for the Review

ASLC presidential candidate junior Katie Patterson (center) responds to a question at the first election debate Feb. 28. Her opponent, junior Rachel Coffey, and vice presidential candidate Bradley Keliinoi listen to her reply. Photo by Christine Fujiki, for the Review

The three Associated Students of Linfield College presidential and vice presidential candidates relayed their campaign goals during an elections debate on Feb. 28 in the Fred Meyer Lounge. The hour-long debate was open to all, but only a few students outside of Senate attended the event.

A panel of judges comprising ASLC President senior Colin Jones, Secretary senior Sophie Larson and Dan Fergueson, director of college activities, asked questions pertaining to the candidates’ goals and presented hypothetical situations for the candidates to analyze. The judges also read written questions from the audience. The candidates had one minute to formulate their answers.

After a brief introduction by each candidate, presidential candidate junior Katie Patterson began the debate by stating her goals for the year if elected to office.

She said that she wants to work toward getting a student center, add more intramural sports and possibly establish a Cabinet radio show on Linfield’s student radio station, KSLC 90.3 FM, so that officers are more widely known and recognized.

Vice presidential candidate Bradley Keliinoi said that he wants to increase Senate representation and communication. One way he said he would do this is by sending out a single constituency report to the entire campus.

“Even though I am running unopposed, I want students to know that they still have a choice,” Keliinoi said. “But I would have loved to run against someone else, and I am just as motivated and dedicated.”

Presidential candidate junior Rachel Coffey said that she wants to improve communication between faculty, students and administration. She also said that a monthly report to students from Senate would help set the Linfield community’s tone.

Coffey said that she felt her goals are the most important because they are broad and encompass many of Patterson’s goals. She said she wants to keep everyone in the loop.

“I think I have shown students that I want to represent them and get things done for them,” Coffey said. “All of the candidates are talented, but I think I can do better [than Patterson] because I am well-rounded and have the capability to give a good reflection of the student body.”

Patterson responded by saying that a good president requires good communication skills like herself. And she said that she is already involved in a committee that is working toward a student center. Other goals are to include Cabinet notes in The Linfield Review and work to improve Homecoming.

Next, the candidates were asked about their positions on Greek Life and campus relations.

Keliinoi said that he plans to reach groups that are not always represented through Senate, such as Greek Life.

Patterson, who had a role in a recent ASLC bylaws proposal, said that if passed, the new proposal will formally include Greek Life in Senate. She said that she wants everyone to have the opportunity to be heard.

Coffey said that as a member of Greek Life, she wants to help merge the two bodies so they can work together to help build a feeling of community.

Another question that the candidates answered was about their positions on the new ASLC bylaws proposal.

Patterson said that she supports part of the proposal. She said that she agrees with the reorganization of Senate but does not agree with the Cabinet proposal and urged students not to vote for it.

Keliinoi said he thought the proposals were too rushed and that more time is necessary to reach a decision. Coffey said that she supports the restructuring of Senate and that the Cabinet restructure is a good idea in theory. But it needs to be worked on more, she said.

Other questions asked of the candidates included theoretical situations with faculty and students, including factors that come into play with committee and Senate chairs, what they would have done differently from the current president and vice president and what they view as the best and worst parts of the positions.

“I think it [the debate] went really well — smoother than I expected,” Patterson said. “No one froze up, and everyone had solid answers and was obviously prepared.”

The next ASLC election debate, or “Fireside Chats,” will take place March 7 after the Senate meeting. The general election will take place online March 8.

For the full list of campaigning events, visit www.linfield.edu/aslc/elections.html.

Jessica Prokop, news editor linfieldreview@gmail.com