Photo editor

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The photo editor coordinates a staff of photographers (sometimes including a senior photographer) in covering the visual elements necessary to the stories that are printed in the newspaper. The photo editor is specifically expected to:

  • Shoot a minimum of three assignments per week
  • Check in with photographers with assignments and desk editors once a day
  • Check tip sheets
  • Coordinate the photo desk to ensure that all photo assignments are fulfilled and that communication happens effectively between news desks, the photo desk, the design desk and the managing editor in order to provide a cohesive artistic element to each day’s newspaper
  • Communicate effectively with reporters and editors for photo possibilities
  • Keep track of all photographic elements in the works, making sure they are finished in time for publication and contain no inappropriate images (excessive nudity, obscene gestures, product placement, etc.)
  • Be present for entire duration of photo edit night until all photos are uploaded and prepared for press
  • Edit and size all photos for the paper
  • Write cutlines for all your photos in publication or online
  • Work effectively with the design desk in coordinating photo illustrations
  • Train photographers in the proper fulfillment of their duties
  • Assist in the finding of photographers
  • Have flexible schedule and be able to work on-call
  • Attend required staff meetings and schedule weekly desk meetings as necessary
  • Set individual goals each semester to improve journalistic skills, and help others set goals each semester to improve their journalistic skills

Direct supervisor: Managing editor