Opinion editor

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The opinion editor will write and gather material for the opinion and editorial pages of the Review, and will be specifically expected to:

  • Run the twice-weekly meetings of the editorial board
  • Write the unsigned staff editorial, representing the views of the Review editorial board
  • Coordinate a staff of columnists, editing their work for inaccuracies, wordiness, poor organization, libel, bad grammar or other writing errors
  • Assist columnists in writing and in improving their work
  • Line edit stories prior to publication to identify problems, such as libel, inaccuracy, wordiness or lack of clarity
  • Finish all writing on deadline and ensure that columnists do as well. All editorials, columns and guest submissions are due to the Managing editor at 3 p.m. one day before they are to be published
  • Ensure that columnists blog at least once weekly
  • Coordinate staff illustrators and schedule illustrations to coincide with columns or editorials as appropriate
  • Verify and type in all letters and unsolicited commentaries, correcting minor grammatical and style errors but leaving the meaning intact
  • Follow Review rules for such submissions (word limits, libel restrictions, etc.)
  • Make sure all references to previous issues are accompanied by an accurate date for the issue (example: “Story headline,” TLR, May 15)
  • Keep an accurate record of all submissions
  • Assist in the hiring of columnists
  • Attend required staff meetings, and schedule and lead weekly desk meetings with columnists to discuss problems and plan coverage
  • Issue blog posts and/or Twitter alerts as necessary. If an opinion or editorial should be written but a reporter/columnist is unavailable, the opinion editor should disseminate the news.
  • Be available to line edit stories throughout the day as breaking news emerges and stories are posted to the Web site
  • Advise the editor-in-chief and managing editor on issues
  • Communicate to managing editor when stories fall through or coverage is changing
  • Monitor the news daily to keep abreast of all issues that need to be covered, and see that no pertinent news is missed
  • Set individual goals each semester to improve journalistic skills, and help others set goals each semester to improve their journalistic skills
  • Contribute to supplements as needed
  • Complete additional tasks as assigned

Direct supervisor: Managing editor