Multimedia editor

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The multimedia editor is expected to work with members of the newsroom to plan, coordinate and ensure proper editorial coverage on the newspaper’s website. The multimedia editor specifically will be expected to:

  • Ensure that there is at least one online video per week
  • Conduct, edit and post podcasts for different areas of the newsroom
  • Coordinate with multimedia reporters to secure video coverage
  • Post breaking news stories and extra content packages when needed
  • Work to develop new website features
  • Coordinate with the online editor to ensure coverage
  • Monitor the Internet for media trends
  • Write text for the paper that teases the multimedia content online
  • Work with news reporters and the news editor to develop packages for online and print
  • Attend required staff meetings
  • Monitor the news daily to keep abreast of all issues that need to be covered, and see that no pertinent news is missed
  • Set individual goals each term to improve journalistic skills

Direct supervisor: Managing editor