Managing editor

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As second-in-command of the newsroom, the managing editor is expected to assist the editor-in-chief in all decisions. In particular, the managing editor will work with the newsroom staff to ensure complete, fair and accurate coverage; will work to ensure that the overall quality of the newspaper remains high; and specifically will be expected to:

  • Assist and advise the editor-in-chief in decisions of newsroom policy and procedure, in the hiring of staff members and in the exercise of staff discipline and rewards
  • Coordinate and monitor all newsroom desks to ensure communication between those desks
  • Work with reporters and editors to generate story ideas
  • Help organize larger news projects, such as a series of articles on a subject by one or more writers, a photo essay with an accompanying article or a major front-page package with photos, graphics and text
  • Help keep track of all stories in progress
  • Meet weekly deadlines and ensure all staff members meet deadlines
  • Assist staff members in improving their work and reaching their potential
  • Line edit all stories prior to publication to identify problems, such as libel, inaccuracy, wordiness or lack of clarity
  • Write stories as needed or desired
  • Take on or delegate additional duties, as needed
  • Attend required staff meetings
  • Monitor the news daily to keep abreast of all issues that need to be covered and see that no pertinent news is missed
  • Monitor article comments on TLR Web site
  • Issue blog posts and/or Twitter alerts as needed
  • Be available to line edit stories throughout the day as breaking news emerges and stories are posted to the Web site
  • Monitor equipment and be in charge of checking in/checking out
  • Keep a list of all freelancers with contact and pertinent information and update as necessary

Direct supervisor: Editor-in-chief